Looking to the future and customer behavior

Instead of reacting in real-time to how a customer is behaving right now, I’m trying to figure out if there’s a way for our technology to predict customer behavior.

An example is that what I’m trying to do is build a machine-learning model around location data that comes into the SDK. We are trying to understand the patterns of the behavior of an end-user.  

Predicating Your Needs 

Imagine going through a drive-through and the food establishment already knows your order based on your name.

It cuts down on the queue times at a drive-through and creates a frictionless experience.

This technology is not out yet, but it’s coming to a customer powered by us soon.

I’m trying to build a machine-learning model that can understand the behavior of customers and predict future behavior.

If we can understand that you’re never going to enter the drive-through or location then we can lower the frequency that we use to establish your location or make those points disappear even ahead of the time.

This is something I’m passionate about at the moment. It’s something I’ve not seen anywhere else and will come out in the next period.  

Forming a Partnership With Mighty Capital 

For me, what makes a good investor is the value they bring to you as a business and as a company.

After an investment is completed, many are not supportive. Some investors are passive, which is also good, but you also need investors to help get you to the next level.

With Mighty Capital, we found that its responsiveness is near immediate, we get ongoing support, and there are knowledge and experience contained within Mighty Capital.

I can’t say enough good things in terms of how much day-to-day operational help we get.

About the speaker
Filip Eldic Bluedot Innovation, Co-Founder, Executive Director Member

As the Co-Founder and Executive Director of Bluedot it is my mission to grow our organisation into a dominant figure in location based services by challenging what is considered possible in location technology. By revolutionizing the way we think about location based services we aim to introduce a new era of hyper accurate, scalable and personalized location based experiences. At Bluedot Innovation we place the team at the forefront and as such have developed a team of driven and talented individuals into a highly professionally and efficient organisation. Check out our careers page to see what roles we have open at https://bluedot.io/careers

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