ClearDATA CPO on the Post-Pandemic Impact to Healthcare

ClearDATA CPO Suhas Kelkar will analyze the innovation evolution occurring now in healthcare through a post-pandemic lens.

Microsoft Product Director shares Enduring Frameworks For Product Leaders

Microsoft Product Director Joe Cepollina shares lessons that transcend industries to help product leaders build products that matter.

ProfitWell Strategist on Pricing Models as a Strategic Lever

ProfitWell Strategist Rob Litterst shares how product managers can use pricing models as a strategic lever to drive monetization.

Safetrust CEO on How to Pivot Product/Market Fit

Safetrust CEO Jason Hart discusses how using a startup mindset can help product leaders successfully make a pivot in product market fit.

Brave VP of Services & Operations on the Rewards of Online Advertising

Brave VP of Services and Operations speaks on the future of online advertising with a focus on user rewards.

Airbnb Product Lead on Turning Regulations Into Innovation

Airbnb Product Lead Colleen Graneto joins us to speak on how product leaders can turn industry regulations into product innovations.

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Reef Technology CTO on Evolving Product Strategy in a Time of Crisis

Reef Technology CTO Matt Lindenberger joins Products That Count to discuss how to accelerate and evolve product strategy in a time of crisis.

HomeAway fmr Engineering VP on Data-Driven Product Management

HomeAway fmr VP of Engineering, Jon Loyens, joins Products That Count to explain the ins and outs of data-driven product management.

Datasite CPO on Making Winning Products

Thomas Fredell recently spoke at Favor Delivery/H-E-B Eastside Tech Hub in Austin to help PMs understand how to build winning products.

Blue Sky Partners CEO on How Product Marketing and Product Management Can Work Together

Blue Sky Partners Co-Founder & CEO, Nathan Ryan, discusses the partnership and symbiotic nature of product management and product marketing.

TechStars Managing Director on Early Stage Sales as Product Development (Part 3)

Are early stage sales simply an opportunity for product development? Learn more from Amos Schwartzfarb, Managing Director at Techstars.

TechStars Managing Director on Early Stage Sales as Product Development (Part 2)

Learn about product development from Techstars Managing Director and Austin speaker, Amos Schwartzfarb, in our latest blog.

TechStars Managing Director on Early Stage Sales as Product Development

Amos Schwartzfarb led a discussion in Austin in November highlighting how early-stage sales are merely product development.

Snap Kitchen fmr Product Lead on Managing Complex Products

When managing complex products, product teams must focus on building strong brands to stand out from the competition & resonate with users.

RetailMeNot fmr Product VP on Product Strategy

An effective product strategy begins with addressing a business need your product will solve through forward-thinking vision and a final goal

Bazaarvoice Product VP on Problem Solving

Design Thinking gives product managers a framework for problem-solving, focusing on customer needs and redefining how to create prototypes.

Doppler Labs fmr CEO on Wearable Technology

Wearable technology challenges product managers to build great tech into a device that is culturally acceptable to wear in public.

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