mParticle Founder on Product Design (Part 2)

When you start your own business, your team can’t only focus on the outcome or the end result. You need to focus on the processes that will help produce the outcome that you want to achieve through product design.

Using basketball as an example, you want to win more games by scoring more points. Before you can do that, you need to know which offense you’re going to run. In addition you need to develop a playbook that’s going to help you score more points.

As a company, we are focusing on giving ourselves as many options as possible to be entirely customer-centric. You can say that we are customer-obsessed. Honestly, you have to be in order to deliver value for all of your stakeholders. Customers are always the top priority – followed by your employees, partners, vendors and investors.

We try to build a culture of maniacal execution within our team. Likewise, our focus is centered on customer success. I like to say that we’ve built a startup for adults – we care deeply about our customers and about each other. Our focus is always on doing what’s right for our customers through product design. As a result, we are able to deliver mutual success across the board.


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About the speaker
Michael Katz mParticle, Chief Executive Officer Member

Michael Katz is the Co-Founder and CEO of mParticle. Under Michael’s leadership, mParticle has become one of the leading mobile data solutions in the world. Prior to launching mParticle, Michael launched Interclick - which was acquired by Yahoo in 2011 and served as its VP of Analytics and Optimization.