Three Product Testing Tools For Large-Scale Businesses

With new technology continuing to push disruptive innovation, the importance of impactful product testing has never been more essential. From building robust interfaces to meeting customer expectations, product managers utilize the testing phase to generate critical insights on product performance.

At large enterprise companies, product testing must yield the necessary data to make the most informed decision in reaching a large customer base. In addition, these decisions must be directed by real-world feedback and use cases from actual customers.

By carefully reviewing thousands of product submissions, we have identified three tools that provide comprehensive product testing solutions for large-scale businesses.

APPLAUSE: As Real As It Gets.

Applause delivers crowd testing, user feedback, and research solutions by leveraging a worldwide community of digital experience experts. Product testing maximizes omnichannel success across demographics, locations, operating systems, and devices. For example, Applause gives brands the closest thing to real-world product scenarios by providing the feedback and reporting required to drive development forward.

For large enterprises, new products or iterations come with a measure of angst as the brand’s reputation may become vulnerable. Furthermore, crowd testing offers a direct and rapid solution that minimizes risk while facilitating rapid development. Real-world human testing also protects against any overconfidence in development teams that might have become complacent due to past victories. Simply put, you’re only as good as your last app.


SAUCE LABS: Leave Nothing to Chance.

Sauce Labs provides the world’s largest cloud-based platform for the automated testing of web and mobile applications. Founded by the creator of Selenium, Sauce Labs shortens software development cycles and improves app quality. Products get deployed over 800+ browser / OS platforms – including Windows, Linux, iOS, Android & Mac OS X. In addition, the Sauce Labs cloud is designed for continuous integration (CI) and continuous delivery (CD).

Sauce Labs is perfect for the enterprise that insists on getting it as close to perfect as possible with the data to back it up. By enlisting a wide range of ready-now testing scenarios, brands can drive their product to market faster and with greater confidence. As the larger company may have several offerings in the pipeline, continuous testing provides the checks and balances required to shorten cycle times and minimize brand risk.


UBERTESTERS: Crowd-Based Wisdom.

Ubertesters combines a cloud management platform with crowd testing services. The Ubertesters method involves app/web testing by a large group of global quality assurance (QA) professionals who test products under real-world conditions on actual devices. In addition, testing spans across diverse geographies, demographics, devices, and operating systems. Furthermore, product managers can review test activity videos and improve products based on execution results, beta feedback, and detailed reports.

Even the largest brands need solid confirmation that their product will work in various settings. In other words, there’s no need to look for complex solutions. On the contrary, staying lean remains a challenge for every enterprise. As a result, Ubertesters fills this niche precisely. Versatile yet direct, this platform quickly answers the simple question that all product managers ask. “Does my product work well in real life?”


At mParticle, we find that top-performing product teams utilize product testing tools to gather real-world customer insights. Beyond basic functionality tests and core technology validation, the most significant insights are customers’ personal interactions with new products. In the end, the best-performing technology platforms are only as impactful as a customer’s ability to intuitively understand its value and overall usage benefits.


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David Spitz mParticle, Chief Marketing Officer Member

David Spitz is the Chief Marketing Officer at mParticle - leading the company's Product Marketing, Demand Generation, Branding, Communications, and Sales Development teams. Prior to joining mParticle, David led the digital strategy team at WPP and worked at Deloitte as a consultant. David holds an MBA from Columbia University and currently lives in New York City.

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