In episode 5 of the 2023 Product Awards podcast series, Pando Founding CEO Barbra Gago speaks with Ubiety Technologies CPO Nacho Andrade on building a better future of work. Gago emphasizes the importance of taking a differentiated approach to problems and filling a need rather than automating existing workflows. Pando’s vision is to kill performance reviews and introduce just-in-time promotions, and its mission is to level the playing field for all employees. The podcast also covers Pando’s product management approach, which is agile, iterative, and opinionated, and its success in solving the pain point of career progression.

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Show Notes

  1. Pando CEO Barbra Gago has a history of building and scaling early-stage startups. She founded Pando to solve a missing product in her work as a people leader.
  2. Gago advises founders to take a differentiated approach to problems and fill a need rather than automating existing workflows.
  3. Pando’s vision is to kill performance reviews and introduce just-in-time promotions through their employee progression platform. This provides clear context and expectations for career progression.
  4. The platform reduces bias and subjectivity in evaluations and benefits organizations. It does so by making them more agile and able to understand how people are performing at any given moment.
  5. Pando’s mission is to level the playing field for all employees. It does so by creating a structure that lets people move through the organization and unlock their potential.
  6. Americans tend to promote themselves more effectively, which can lead to an advantage in career progression.
  7. Pando’s enterprise b2b product is designed for the end user and focused on career progression.
  8. Pando’s product solves the pain point of career progression, the number one reason people leave companies according to employee engagement surveys.
  9. Pando’s hyper-focus on career progression was especially helpful during the pandemic. When talent was moving around and quitting, causing disruptions for organizations.
  10. Pando’s product is very focused on career progression and productizes a specific use case.
  11. There is a shift towards continuous progression in performance management. It allows for more power for managers to track progress and provide feedback.
  12. Iterative growth is becoming more popular, with tools like Pando allowing individuals to track progress visually and receive continuous feedback.
  13. Single competency assessments reduce subjectivity in performance reviews and reduce the need for post-review recalibration.
  14. Pando’s product management approach is opinionated. It balances customer input with the team’s strong opinion of what the process should be.
  15. Pando’s product sets rules in place that enforce equity and transparency. Companies that are not willing to embrace this will not use Pando.
  16. Pando’s product management approach is agile and iterative, with continuous deployment and frequent customer feedback.
  17. Pando’s success is attributed to the unique mix of understanding the problem, innovation, experience, knowledge, and vision.
About the speaker
Barbra Gago Pando, CEO Member
About the host
Nacho Andrade Ubiety Technologies, Fmr CPO

Nacho is an Evangelist for all things product, advocating for innovation, diversity, and building amazing products. Nacho has spent over 10 years in product roles ranging from startups to enterprise in industries like education, healthcare, finance and gaming.

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