Asana VP on Product Design (Part 2)

There is a study that focuses on first use experiences and the factors that affect user adoption. In looking at the net promoter score (NPS) for each experience, three factors drive 75% of the score variance. Each of these factors combine to create product design “flow” for your customers:

  • Having A Benefit I Care About
  • Making It Easy
  • Experience Positive Emotion

First, I’ll focus on how we create benefits for users at Asana. It’s difficult for users to understand what they should do when using a horizontal product. With this, we buy search terms that represent a variety of use cases. For example, we buy terms like “how do I work with an agency.” Then, we provide custom templates designed for that use case. As a result, our conversion rate for new customers increased by 10 percent.

Next, let’s talk about making it easy. The goal is to figure out the actions that a user takes in a set period of time that results in conversion. In other words, this is the “time-to-benefit” or odds that a customer will convert. At Asana, we see that users who perform three actions within tasks (create, comment, assign) are 11 times more likely to convert. As a result, our first use experience is all about driving users to complete these three tasks.

Finally, the inclusion of positive emotion or “surprise and delight” makes your product experience more fun and relatable. When you complete a task using Asana, animated unicorns fly across the screen to celebrate accomplishments. In a recent survey, we asked them what made using Asana “magical.” Almost all of our customers referenced the flying unicorns.

Bringing these emotive experiences to the forefront builds flow for your overall experience. In addition, it creates a lasting impression on your customers and drives adoption for your product.


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About the speaker
Alex Hood Asana, Product VP Member

Alex Hood is the VP of Product at Asana – leading the company’s product management, design & UX research. Prior to joining Asana, Alex led product teams at Intuit / Quickbooks, TubeMogul (now Adobe Advertising Cloud) and Nasdaq.