We recently sat down with Universal Electronics SVP Product & Technology, Arsham Hatambeiki, to discuss building AI products for the home. It’s an interesting discussion on how AI can improve your home life and the concerns that can arise with AI products.

You can listen to the entire conversation on building AI products for the home in Arsham Hatambeiki’s episode of Product Talk. Otherwise, the highlights are detailed below:

On the factors to consider when building AI products for the home

It’s important to consider this point when building AI products for the home.

“So like every other technology, it’s usually not the hype that’s making meaningful change. It’s actually the implementation of technology. And overlooked areas, things as simple as when you buy a new device and you bring it home. How’s your experience? How much time are you working to get the system working versus the system is they’re trying to help you get to do what you want to do? 

Whether it’s watching your favorite show, or it’s making the home a little bit warm or saving a little bit of energy, or just securing your home, or these simple use cases. It’s a question of how much of your time can be saved for you and if you save enough time, and for big enough portion of the population and starts becoming meaningful.”

On the advice he’d give anyone building a product

This is great advice whether you’re building AI products for the home or any other product.

“Highlight differentiators. Iterate the key points of the product and stay away from work that can be achieved through partnerships. Try to focus on what makes you different in the long run. That’s where your value is. That’s where the equity is.” 

On what makes a great product

You really have to believe in your product for it to become great.

“A great product is something that you believe in that’s scaling and increasing revenues and recognition. All the hype is great, but that fades quickly. You’ll fail more than you’ll succeed. The only way to push through that is if you wake up thinking, alright, this is worth it.”

On what makes a great product manager

The ability to listen is a recurring theme in the world of product and great product managers. Listen to your team, to your customers, just stop talking and listen.

“A product person needs to be able to communicate with many different backgrounds. Listen more than you communicate, always. Listen more than you say, always. Listening is not just hearing it’s listening with context with what their background is. Read between the lines on what their actual need is versus what they’re asking for, which is usually not representative of what they really need.”


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