Here are some of the series that we published in 2022 for Product professionals like you. When you reach the bottom of a post, see the Related Content section to keep reading, or come back to see more posts in the series. Enjoy binge watching, listening, & reading!

Series for Current & Future CPOs

CPO Rising Series: A collection of 20 podcasts from award-winning Chief Product Officers leading the digital transformations across the globe

Chief Product Officer Solutions: The top 8 challenges CPOs are facing, with solutions and immediate action items from award-winning CPOs.

CPO Rising: Original research on the role of the Chief Product Officer and the movement of the CPO into the C-suite.

Series from the 2022 Product Awards

2022 Product Awards: A collection of articles describing the categories, finalists, and winners of the 2022 Product Awards, which focused on identifying the best tools to help Product Managers succeed.

Product Awards Series: A collection of 20 podcasts from the Product Leaders, CEOs, and founders of the tools that enable Product Managers to deliver market-leading products & services that delight existing customers and bring in future customers across current and new markets

Product Industries to Watch: An infographic and podcast series focused on product management within key product industry verticals.

Leaders in Innovation: A 5-part series sponsored by Capgemini: Five podcast conversations with innovative leaders embracing the challenges of ideation, design, large-scale systems, engineering, and re-evaluating existing business models to capture success and increase revenue.

Series for Product Managers

Succeeding in the Platform PM Role: Various strategies a new Platform Product Manager could employ to make a soft landing, onboard efficiently, and prepare themself for ultimately leading key product initiatives.

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Our award-winning Product Talk podcast series is available on over 70 platforms, including Apple Podcasts, Overcast, iTunes, and Sp
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Podcasts about Product Essentials

Although these are not formally in a “series”, they cover related topics on the basics of product management.

Podcasts on Building Great Products

These podcasts all cover topics to help you build products that people won’t want to put down.

Podcasts on Becoming a Great Product Leader

We all want to be great at our job. These podcasts will help you be a successful Product Leader that everyone wants to work for.

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