How do you create a customer-centered product experience? In this episode, StockX Product Lead Josh Sklar discusses the company’s approach to product management, which emphasizes listening to customers to create an experience that reflects the brand’s values. StockX’s product detail pages consider usability, design, legal regulations, and buyer behavior. Pricing is determined by analyzing market trends, and customer feedback is used to improve the user experience and maintain trust and loyalty.

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Show Notes

  • Josh Sklar, Senior Product Manager at StockX, started his career in engineering, creating apps for friends and family. Then he worked at a small agency called Detroit labs.
  • He discovered his passion for working with clients and customers to figure out how software should achieve goals through various experiences.
  • At the beginning, he was self-taught. But as he started working with more teams, he learned from mentors and influencers.
  • The company’s product management processes have evolved as the organization has grown. But a strong focus on listening to customers has remained constant.
  • StockX is a marketplace for current culture that offers products that are driving and at the center of culture.
  • The focus is on creating an experience for consumers that reflects the brand’s values, authenticity, and trust.
  • The product detail pages (PDP) are crucial in this experience. StockX approaches it by creating a framework that considers multiple factors such as usability, design, legal regulations, and buyer behavior.
  • The PDP’s design should reflect the brand’s values, and the information presented should be relevant, clear, and comprehensive.
  • The legal regulations of each region where StockX operates are considered, and the pricing of each product is determined by analyzing market trends and data.
  • To optimize conversion rates, StockX also analyzes buyer behavior and continuously tests and optimizes the PDP’s design and content.
  • Communication with customers and feedback is crucial to improve the user experience, and StockX strives to provide excellent customer service to maintain customer trust and loyalty.

About the speaker
Josh Sklar StockX, Senior Product Manager Member
About the host
Jonathan Ozeran Director of Product, Director of Product

Jonathan is a product and operations leader, company builder, investor and advisor. He has assembled, scaled and led product, design, software engineering, hardware engineering and machine learning teams across numerous financing stages (pre-seed through Series G).

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