Anheuser-Busch Product Head, Kurt Williams, will be speaking to us via webinar on Oct. 21 to shares ways product managers adapt to their environment effectively and manage product building variables.

During his talk, Williams will discuss how product managers can adapt to the changing environment of products effectively. Additionally, Williams will go into detail about the variables building variables that can arise during product creation. He’ll also provide tips on turning information into insight.

The talk will be held virtually on Oct. 21 at 6:00 PM EDT. Ticketing will be complimentary, but guests can also opt-in for a $25 donation towards Products That Count.

Williams is Anheuser-Busch’s InBev product head and works directly with global customer interaction and transactions. Before working with Anheuser-Bush, Williams worked in the B2C space, specifically in small, digital environments. He graduated from Columbia University and has used his education and experience to help fine tune Anheuser-Busch’s customer experience.

In preparation for this exciting event on product building variables, Williams answered a few questions regarding product management and being a great product manager.

What is Your Favorite Product and Why?

My favorite product is Airbnb’s app. It’s the embodiment of “less is more” with the right amount of functionality and a minimalist design that facilitates focus.

Why Does Product Management Matter to You?

This topic is important to me because organizational context plays a significant role in the nature of product management and the responsibilities of a product manager. It’s something I’ve learned firsthand in my experience while facing product building variables.

What Makes a Great Product?

A great product does enough to solve a specific user need (or two), in a way that alters the user’s subconscious perception of the product’s necessity.

What Makes a Great Product Manager?

A great product manager consistently displays curiosity, empathy, grit, a deep love of tinkering, and an understanding of product building variables.

As for reading material Williams thinks all product managers should read, he suggests Stratechery by Ben Thompson. Williams also recommends The Beautiful Mess by Amplitude’s Product Head, John Cutler.

Tickets are currently available on Eventbrite.

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