Nyotron Product Lead on Cybersecurity (Part 2)

The day-to-day routine of a security product manager makes a huge impact in everyday life. For example, there are cybersecurity products that protect an organization’s confidentiality, integrity and stability. On the other hand, security products can bring businesses to a halt if you have a firewall that is not correctly set up. In addition, defective endpoint products can make operating systems unstable.

This can lead to a tug of war between the IT department and the security department. In addition, the IT team and the end-users have this perception that security products are slowing down productivity.

As a security product manager, you can’t rush a new security product into production. The consequences for doing so can be disastrous. For example, you have to account for the unique certification requirements for government contracts and other specialized industries.

Most importantly, it’s very difficult to demonstrate value with security products. For example, how do you show that your new anti-virus product will block unknown malware? If you show that your product can block malware, then you haven’t really blocked an “unknown” malware.

Finally, it can be hard to get public references for your security product. Consequently, organizations do not want to share which product they are using to protect their data.


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About the speaker
Rene Kolga Nyotron, Senior Director, Product & Marketing Member

Rene Kolga is the Head of Product & VP of Strategy at Nyotron, specializing in cybersecurity solutions. Rene has more than 20 years of experience in the software industry across several functions - managing international projects at several Fortune 500 companies and startups in Silicon Valley.

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Nyotron Product Lead on Cybersecurity

Today's security product manager builds cybersecurity products that prevent digital attacks from having a physical impact on everyday life.

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