About the guest:

Marie Perruchet is the founder of One Perfect Pitch, a consulting firm based in San Francisco. One Perfect Pitch specializes in helping business executives shape their stories and deliver perfect pitches. A former journalist and news correspondent for the BBC and other international media outlets, she is a communications and media expert with extensive experience in pitching, storytelling and public speaking. Marie counts among her clients multinationals, startups founders, portfolio companies and MBAs. She also coaches C-level executives from renowned international institutions.

About the podcast: Are you afraid of public speaking? Have no fear–Marie Perruchet, Founder and Director of One Perfect Pitch and former journalist, helps people overcome this fear with plenty of tips and tricks on how to become a better speaker. Storytelling does not only apply as an identification tool to helping children understand the real world; storytelling is essential in business, and for people of all ages. How do you exemplify the values of your company and talk about turning points of your products and services, so that others can connect to what you say? Perruchet gives us insight in communicating true, authentic experiences that come from the heart to engage any audience. Create your pitch so that you not only communicate your message, but others feel compelled to tell your story as well.