What does it take to build successful products and teams? In this episode, Jonathan Ozeran meets with FanDuel SVP Billy Turchin to discuss the art of building a successful sports betting platform, the importance of customer-centric product development, and the contrasting approaches to product development in different regions, including the US and China. From the impact of AI technology to career transitions and the thriving technology hub of Atlanta, Billy provides valuable takeaways and fresh perspectives. Dive into the world of sports betting and product leadership, and uncover the strategies that drive innovation and success in this exciting industry.

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Show Notes

  1. Billy Turchin has a background in computer science and got interested in technology through playing early video games as a kid.
  2. He worked in various roles from low-level firmware programming to enterprise architectures and cloud.
  3. Billy decided to focus more on the product side to influence the “why” rather than just the “what.”
  4. He spent over 9 years in the travel industry working on loyalty programs, marketing tech, and CRM.
  5. Billy gained international experience living and working in China for several years.
  6. The COVID pandemic and travel industry downturn prompted Billy’s career change.
  7. He transitioned to work in industrial IoT and connected building technologies.
  8. Billy then joined FanDuel as SVP of Product, overseeing areas like payments and regulatory compliance.
  9. FanDuel established a product and tech hub in Atlanta that has grown to over 450 employees.
  10. Billy discusses lessons from his various career transitions and industry shifts.
  11. Building successful products requires customers first and understanding usage.
  12. Billy advocates learning through using products yourself as much as possible.
  13. Cultivating a strong culture involves flexibility, social activities, and diversity groups.
  14. Atlanta has emerged as a thriving tech hub supported by universities and employers.
  15. Billy advises product leaders to proactively seek out learning and mentorship in order to build successful products.
  16. Understanding adjacent industries can provide valuable insights.
  17. Embracing new technologies like AI is important when building successful products.
  18. Billy is honored as an American Cancer Society Men Wear Pink campaign supporter.

About the speaker
Billy Turchin FanDuel, SVP, Product Member

Billy is a results oriented commercial & technology executive with more than 25 years of experience in technology from startups to some of the world’s largest & most iconic brands, across a variety of industries and geographies. Since September 2021 Billy has served as Senior Vice President of Core Products at FanDuel, the market leader, including brands across sportsbook, casino, racing, fantasy sports, skill games and TV. Billy also sits on the board of the Technology Association of Georgia (TAG).

About the host
Jonathan Ozeran Director of Product, Director of Product

Jonathan is a product and operations leader, company builder, investor and advisor. He has assembled, scaled and led product, design, software engineering, hardware engineering and machine learning teams across numerous financing stages (pre-seed through Series G).

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