GoPro fmr Product VP on Product Marketing (Part 2)

Great content is the foundation for GoPro’s success. Through the years, our product marketing highlights three specific types of shared content. As a result, we are able to connect with a wider range of audiences who are looking for a variety of content.

Our primary video source is pure user-generated content. For example, these are videos shot by people all over the world and shared on their own. In addition, we have curated user-generated content. This involves finding user-generated videos that can be made more spectacular with editing enhancements from our team.

For example, we found this incredible video of a pelican learning how to fly. If you’ve watched the video, I still have no idea how they mounted the camera on the bird! The filmer tagged GoPro when they shared it and our media team fell in love. As a result, we reached out and took this story to the next level. The video hit over 6 million views – and the sequel has over 7 million views.

The third content type is GoPro original productions, which are videos fully produced by GoPro. However, they look completely different than standard product marketing videos. For example, we filmed a high school pole vaulter named Alison – which provided a whole new perspective on the sport.

We released the video during the same week as a new episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians and the season finale of Better Call Saul. Incredibly, our pole vault video had higher viewership than either of those shows.

In summary, this example illustrates the impact of our product in sharing new vantage points. Furthermore, we showed the potential of short-form video – which is the new standard for online video content.


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About the speaker
Meghan Laffey GoPro, Senior Vice President Member

Meghan Laffey joined GoPro in 2010, when the company was in its early stages. She was 1 of 3 on the “product development team” and the company had fewer than 30 employees. She was instrumental in leading the development and launch of the Hero2, Hero3, Hero3+, and Hero4 camera lines during the company’s massive growth phase. More recently, Meghan helped build out GoPro’s software product lines – including the GoPro App, the award winning Quik app, and launching GoPro’s first subscription service. Today, she leads all things Product for GoPro - including Product Management, User Experience, Consumer Insights, Analytics, and Product Marketing.

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