Stitch Fix Product VP on Product Roadmap (Part 3)

Creating a product roadmap has always been a challenge. As product managers, you need to maximize the value and make an impact in the shortest amount of time.

If you think about working backward, you can find the pieces that are most critical in getting your product roadmap where you need it to go.

The “jar of life” is a time management concept that works in the roadmap process. It’s about managing what’s important in your life more productively. In your jar, you try to balance your “big rocks” (faith, family, friends) with your “gravel” (everything else).

If you put all your gravel into the jar first, then your big rocks won’t fit on the top of the jar. But if you put your big rocks in first, then they will fit better because they’re not stuck with a lot of gravel around them.

On your product roadmap, the big rocks are your strategic bets. They may not fit into your current matrix, but they could transform your business. These are the ideas that will move the needle with confidence.


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