CPO Rising Series: Mighty Capital Managing Partner on Accelerating the CPO With AI

In this episode hosted by Renee Niemi, SC Moatti speaks on accelerating the CPO role with AI and digital transformations.


Product Leaders to Watch: Caribou CPO on Transitioning From Corporate to Startup

In this episode hosted by Chenny Solaiyappan, Laura Di Costanzo shares insights on leading in the startup ecosystem.


Genesys Cloud Senior Product Director on Why the Best Product Managers Are Not the CEOs of the Product

In this webinar, Leslie Chau will be speaking on why the best product managers are not the CEOs of the product.

Harmonic Health CPO on Executive Presence in Product

In this webinar, Christopher Young will be shares insights on navigating the complexities of product leadership at the executive level.

All Paths Lead to Product

In this editorial, MEDFAR Solutions Cliniques VP of Product Management Patrick Charbonneau shared tips on how all paths lead to product.

Facebook Fmr. Product Lead on Acing Interviews With Leadership Communication & Storytelling

In this webinar, Facebook Fmr. Product Lead Nancy Chu speaks on acing interviews with leadership communication & storytelling.

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Atlassian Data Science Lead on Navigating a Non-Linear Career Path

In this podcast, Nisha Lyer discusses non-linear career paths, the power of continuous learning, and the significance of product-market fit.

Xyndata CPO on Moving from Business to Software Product

Xyndata Chief Product Officer Rob Peterscheck shares insights on the right mindset needed to move from business product to software product.

Indeed Director of Product on Extreme Ownership as a PM

Indeed Director of Product Parul Goel shares strategies and mindsets that PMs can adopt to continue to demonstrate extreme ownership.

Bill.com Chief Product Officer on Developing a Product Career

Bill.com Chief Product Officer Irana Wasti shares insights on best practices for developing a career in product.

Intuit Director of Product on the Move from B2C to B2B Product Manager

Rosa Gonzalez Welton shares insights on what it takes to make the move from B2C to B2B product manager.

Flutter Entertainment Sr. Product Leader on Building A Product Career

Flutter Entertainment Sr. Product Leader Vinay Aradhya shares his experiences and how to build a successful product career.

Leading the Way for Sustainable Products & Services: A Capgemini-Sponsored eBook

From PM priorities, to key metrics, to relevant action steps you can take today, this eBook is about sustainability in products and services.

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Ahead of Product Co-Founder on Scalable Leadership Frameworks

Ahead of Product co-founder and coach, Katerina Suchkova, on scalable leadership frameworks to start thinking like a leader

Root Insurance Fmr CPO on Career Development in the Product World

Root Insurance fmr CPO takes us on a journey through career development and into product leadership.

Artificial Intelligence and Product Management (eBook)

This eBook is all about the current state of AI in the field of product management, from jobs, to roadblocks, to ethics.

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Contentsquare VP of Product Excellence on the 4 Pillars of Product Excellence

Contentsquare VP of Product Excellence, Danny Carvajal talks product excellence teams and how to implement the best strategies for success.

Docusign Senior Product Lead on Mistakes and Successes in a PM Career

Docusign Senior Product Lead Gayathri Venkataraman shares how you can improve by learning from mistakes and successes in your PM career.

CPO Rising: Evolution of the Role

As we see a need for better customer experience, it makes sense for product managers to rise through the business ranks and gain a seat at the C-suite table.

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The Ambitious PM: How to Advance in a Product Career

e have a series of four eBooks with some of the best information from our internal and external research on PM career advancement.

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We’re hiring!! Enterprise Sales Executive

Products That Count is hiring a highly motivated and forward-thinking Head of Product Partnerships. Apply now to join our growing team!

Fmr Livemocha Co-founder on How to Plot Your Exit Strategy

Fmr Livemocha co-founders talks about how to plan your exit strategy and build relationships with potential acquirers.

Fmr Executive VP at Viacom/CBS on Physics, Music, and Products: Journey to CPO

Product leader Shampa Banerjee jillustrates how embracing her training in physics and music helped map her journey as a CPO.

Experian Sr. Product Director on the Journey of a PM

Experian's Senior Product Management Director provides an overview of the PM journey and useful frameworks they should know

We’re Hiring! Senior Growth Product Manager

Products That Count is seeking a highly motivated, forward-thinking Senior Growth Product Manager.

We’re Hiring! Director of Product and Marketing

Products That Count is seeking a highly-motivated Director of Product and Marketing to join the largest global network of product managers.

LifeWeb 360 Head of Product on Three Ways to Position Yourself as a Product Leader

LifeWeb 360 Head of Product, Tanya Maslach, breaks down the scientific method and shares three ways to position yourself as a product leader.

The Trajectory of a PM Career

First-ever PM at Asana, Jackie Bavaro, shares lessons learned from writing two books on product management, plus experiences in her career.

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You’re Hired! Advice for PMs From an Executive Search Firm Managing Director

In this eBook, executive search firm managing director Monica Bua offers PM career advice for those individuals looking to level up.

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Getting That Senior PM Dream Job

We asked some amazing product leaders to share stories and advice on how they earned the new roles they’d recently accepted.

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Getting That PM Promotion

This eBook, part of our PM career content series, features product leaders offering advice on how to earn a promotion.

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Calendly fmr Product Head on a Career in Product Management

Recent insights from Calendly fmr VP of Product, Oji Udezue, on digitial acceleration and building a career in product management.

Gainsight CPO on Paving a Career in Product Management

Gainsight CPO & EVP of Engineering, Karl Rumelhart, on how he paved his way into a career in product management.

Twitter fmr Product Lead on Navigating New Product Jobs & Challenges

Twitter fmr Product Lead, Boris Logvinsky, on navigating new product jobs and challenges. How do you know when it's time for the next step?

Amazon fmr Product Lead on Interviewing for Product Management Jobs

Fmr Amazon Sr. Product Manager, Mark Tan, discusses finding and interviewing for product management jobs on the Product Talk podcast.

5 Soft Skills Every Product Manager Needs

Here are 5 soft skills you'll need to be a standout product manager; question authority, adapt and grow, have customer empathy, and more.

What Makes A Great Product Manager

Product executives that drive our network's product conversation describe what they think makes a great product manager

Expedia Product Lead on Building & Learning As A Product Manager

The process of continuous learning is critical for personal & professional success. Move across vectors & seek growth at all times.

Leaders Take Product Managers To The Next Level

Product managers benefit from great managers who are respected within the organization and exercise personal empathy.

Product Design Roles & Responsibilities

Alignment on product design roles and priorities requires a structured approach with clear responsibilities.

Soft Skills Every Product Manager Needs

Soft skills help product managers go from good to great. Here are soft skills every product manager needs, according to a VIP product leader.

Branding Yourself as a Product

Kirsten Butzow explains why branding yourself as a product is crucial today because your job simply doesn’t come with a guarantee anymore.

Leadership Coach Dorie Clark on Personal Brand

Defining your personal brand is an essential leadership attribute that uses peer input to create a profile that represents your best qualities

Silicon Valley veteran Rich Mironov on moving up the career ladder

Rich Mironov discusses his experience in the product manager role and shares some tips to be successful and move up the ladder in your career

Slack head of growth Merci Victoria Grace on constantly beginning

Merci Victoria Grace reveals the secrets behind Slack new user experience including building a culture of shoshin (the “beginner’s mindset”)

Bestselling author Dorie Clark on how to stand out

Bestselling author Dorie Clark, on best practices on identifying what makes you unique, what to build a personal brand on, and more.

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