Boston University Associate Professor on Transforming Products into Platforms

Boston University Associate professor Andrei Hagiu shares insights on three key methods for transforming products into platforms.

Doist Sr. Product Marketing Manager on Aligning Product Marketing & Product Management

Doist Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Neil Vidyarthi, speaks about the X-factor when aligning product management and product marketing.

Auth0 fmr SVP Marketing & Growth on Product Marketing

Auth0 fmr SVP of Marketing & Growth, Martin Gontovnikas, on the Product Talk podcast to discuss all things product marketing.

Blue Sky Partners CEO on How Product Marketing and Product Management Can Work Together

Blue Sky Partners Co-Founder & CEO, Nathan Ryan, discusses the partnership and symbiotic nature of product management and product marketing.

Digital Marketing: Monetize Your Attention

Pandora Product Lead William White on digital marketing practices to monetize customers' attention with a new take on personalized content

Digital Marketing: Impact of Deep Value Advertising

Pandora Product Lead William White breaks down how digital marketing practices are tailored to meet the demands of the emerging gig economy.

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Pandora Product Lead on Building Digital Marketing Products

Pandora Product Lead William White on opportunities & challenges for digital marketing products to enhance traditional marketing practices

Getting Started with Personalization Marketing

For brands starting out, personalization marketing doesn’t require expensive ML tools. Begin with simple concepts. Build from there

Product Marketing: Specs vs. Aspiration

Meghan Laffey led the product team at GoPro from its early origins to an IPO that drove massive growth for the company. It’s easy to “nerd out” on specs with innovative products like GoPro cameras. However, Meghan highlights that GoPro customers aren’t buying cameras because they’re super-technical products. Most importantly, they are buying into an aspirational lifestyle.

Product Marketing: User-Generated Content

Meghan Laffey led the product team at GoPro from its early origins to an IPO that drove massive growth for the company. GoPro cameras turn every outdoor activity into an incredible video production that can be easily shared with millions of people. As Meghan explains, GoPro leverages various types of user-generated content to reach multiple audiences and showcase their product capabilities.

GoPro fmr Product VP on Product Marketing

Social media has impacted product marketing and the ways in which brands can reach customers with user-generated content.

Get Storied CEO on Product Marketing

Storytelling helps businesses with disruptive innovations connect their products to more users while humanizing their brand

Forbes top 100 VC Tim Chang on Messaging is Eating the World

Products That Count talk: Midas 100 Venture Capitalist Tim Chang shares his investment thesis for re-inventing the messaging-based interface

Brand Name Expert Alexandra Watkins on Creating Buzz

Alexandra Watkins shares real life examples and exclusive tips in creating names that people can actually spell, pronounce and understand

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