About the guest:

Sachin Rekhi is a serial tech entrepreneur and product executive based in Silicon Valley. He was most recently Head of Product for LinkedIn Sales Navigator, a new fast-growing LinkedIn premium subscription targeted at sales professionals with over $200M in revenue. Prior to LinkedIn, Sachin founded ConnectedHQ, an effortless contact management tool, which was ultimately acquired by LinkedIn. Sachin’s first foray into entrepreneurship began with founding Anywhere.FM, a web-based music player, which was acquired by imeem. Sachin recently left LinkedIn to return to his roots as a startup founder on a new venture.

About the podcast:

Serial tech entrepreneur Sachin Rekhi talks about his journey in Silicon Valley to take his products from the idea stage to being sold to a top social media company. He candidly shares his experience on the challenges of working in Silicon Valley in 2016 and gives advice on building great products by learning what type of product manager you are.