How can product leaders scale B2B businesses? In this episode of Product Talk with Sid Shaik, Skyflow CPO Amruta Moktali shares approaches for scaling B2B product businesses. She speaks on her experiences at Microsoft and Salesforce and discusses key topics including diversifying teams, partnering, automating processes, and anticipating customer needs as a company rapidly grows. Tune in for valuable insights on scaling to enterprise levels.

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Show Notes

  1. Know who you are scaling for and who you are scaling with.
  2. Start with the product – understand your core value and ensure it is scalable.
  3. Scale with your customers by expanding use cases and customer size.
  4. Build a diverse team with different experiences and perspectives.
  5. Hire people who can grow into different roles as the business scales.
  6. Maintain transparency and set clear goals and objectives for the team.
  7. Consider native, hybrid, and partner approaches for features and functionality.
  8. Partner for discovery, go-to-market, and payment integration opportunities.
  9. Automate processes to gain efficiencies and visibility as you scale.
  10. Anticipate future needs of growing customers and functionality requirements.
  11. Know what to do when things go wrong and learn from failures.
  12. Maintain honesty and set expectations around challenges of rapid growth.
  13. Give growth opportunities through challenging on-the-job experiences.
  14. Expose team members to different functions for a well-rounded perspective.
  15. Balance experience with fresh perspectives on the team.
  16. Stay close to commercial and customer-facing teams.
  17. Consider specialist roles as needed based on product and market.
  18. Self-serve can enable scaling in some cases more than pure product-led growth.
  19. Privacy and data protection should be a top consideration.
  20. Don’t be afraid to take risks but learn from mistakes.

About the speaker
Amruta Moktali Skyflow, Chief Product Officer Member

Step into the world of Amruta Moktali, where privacy is king and products have the power to change nations. She’s spent over a decade mastering the complex domains of data privacy and analytics, and amassed an impressive track record spanning agile startups and tech giants like Microsoft and Salesforce. Now as the Chief Product Officer at Skyflow, the world’s first and only data privacy vault delivered as an API, she’s harnessing her unwavering passion and deep expertise to reimagine the way businesses protect their users' most private and sensitive data.

About the host
Sid Shaik Cloudera, Head of Product, Private Cloud Data Services

Sid is a seasoned Product Leader in the Data Platforms domain. At present, he runs Product at Cloudera for its fastest growing product line, Private Cloud Data Services. Prior to Cloudera, he co-founded a Silicon Valley startup-- Performance Sherpa; his company built performance engineering workflow automation for databases and middleware. Prior to those roles, he worked at Yahoo!, Qubole, Asterdata and Oracle in various Product and Engineering roles. As a Product Manager, Sid loves the creative process of discovering, defining and solving meaningful technology problems in large markets and enjoys scaling product businesses. In his down time, he enjoys taking his kids to soccer practice, he practices yoga, and advises startups.

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