Slack Growth Strategies

Slack growth has showed no signs of slowing down. In only two short years, Slack has become one of the fastest-growing and most beloved enterprise SaaS products of all time.  But the secrets behind its growth aren’t what you might expect: it wasn’t all about analytics and A/B testing.  Slack’s ex-PM lead, Kenneth Berger, tells stories from his time there and shares three surprising principles that helped drive Slack’s success.

About the Speaker

Kenneth Berger is an independent Slack consultant and advisor/investor. As the first PM at Slack, he helped them grow 10x from 100K–1M+ DAUs. He co-founded YesGraph, another enterprise SaaS startup backed by Andreessen Horowitz and Accel. At Adobe, he helped build some of its first SaaS products, managed the $100M+ Dreamweaver business, and drove critical acquisitions including Typekit, Omniture, and Behance.