In this Age of Product series, Microsoft former Product Lead and Products That Count CPO James Gray sat down with Bryce York, Tatari Sr. Product Lead and Product Talk Host here at Products that Count. Bryce also serves as a member of the Awards Advisory Board for the upcoming Product Awards occurring in March 2021.

This is the second in a series hosted by James Gray on the specific superpowers needed by product leaders at different stages of the product lifecycle. The full episode can be heard here at Products At Count and through iTunes and Spotify. Tune in next week, 10/28, for the next episode in the series. For the 2021 Product Awards, Tatari Sr. Product Lead, Bryce York, is at the helm of the Operation stage of the product lifecycle and its categories.

On products in the operation stage 

Bryce’s clarity on the operation stage of the product lifecycle is why he’s the perfect person for the job.

“The operation stage is all about taking something that’s validated and then innovating on top of it. So in a way, it’s kind of like the game Operation or upgrading the engine of a moving car. So it really just sort of drew my attention. 

“The operation stage is all about using initial success as a launchpad for rapid growth and expansion. Getting that right is vital to sustaining success and competitive advantage.”

On operation as a product superpower

There are four superpowers within this stage of the product life cycle.

“In terms of what those superpowers look like, there are four key ones. The first is to observe. Research is second. Documenting knowledge is third. Measuring impact the fourth.”

On why he’s excited to be a part of the Awards Advisory Board

Great product leaders like Bryce know that leveling up your skills requires taking actions to join, shape, and drive the product conversation. We’re lucky to have him representing the operation stage of the product lifecycle.

“I was really excited to get the opportunity and jumped on it. I’ve always been a geek for great tools. I’ve been that go-to guy when someone would need something like a product that’s really good for managing emails or how to automate this or that. So, I felt like it was a really good fit. 

We’re entering a new age for product management as a career. So, I’m really excited to be able to support something that encourages and rewards building awesome tools for product managers and product management at large.”


About the speaker
Bryce York Tatari, Director of Product Management Member

Bryce York, Tatari Director of Product, is a strategic product leader with over ten years experience successfully leading in-house and outsourced product, engineering, and design teams. After founding, scaling, and selling his original startup, Seed The Change, a SaaS platform that helped eCommerce companies grow profits by planting trees, he now drives Product at Tatari, an ad-tech startup democratizing TV advertising across linear and streaming TV. Bryce continues to share his product expertise with the next generation of Product Leaders as an editorial contributor and New York Head of Chapter at Products That Count, the largest global product acceleration platform and networking community for product leaders.

About the host
James Gray Reef Technology, Head of Data Operations

Seasoned executive with three decades of experience envisioning, building, and operating software products and mission-critical platforms at startups to large organizations such as Microsoft. Throughout his career, James has held a diverse set of roles and developed expertise across leadership, product management, data science, IT operations, consulting, software engineering, and sales. As Chief Product Officer at Products That Count, he leads an online platform to help organizations learn the craft of product management and win as a market leader. As a coach, he leads mastermind circles to facilitate peer-to-peer learning across product management executives. As a podcast host, he interviews CEOs of companies held within Mighty Capital’s portfolio. Creator of the Career Strategy Framework and an online platform that teaches and coaches professionals how to reach their full career potential. Learn more at

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