The 2021 Product Awards brought together the very best in digital products, highlighting the market leaders that are taking the product world by storm in this new Age of Product. How can product leaders take their digital acceleration to the next level? Join us in The Winners Circle with UserLeap CEO Ryan Glasgow where we break down what makes an award-winning product, and the ways product leaders can resolve issues during the product lifecycle.

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Get to know the best tools for product managers in our guide to the best products of 2021

The Collaborate Stage of the Product Lifecycle can be one of the most challenging parts of product management. Between juggling teams, features, and stakeholders, roadblocks will inevitably occur. It’s up to product managers to resolve those issues and quickly get back on track. UserLeap is not only a crowd favorite of the product community, they also won the Resolve Issues category at this year’s awards. Ryan Glasgow, CEO of Userleap, sits down with Awards Advisory Board Member and Universal Electronics Product Director, Nikki Ahmadi, to discuss user feedback and how to turn feedback loops into forwards-driving motion.

On what makes an award-worthy product

“For me, it’s a product that helps the user, customer, or person really complete the job that they’ve hired that product to do.”

Each time a customer chooses to use a certain product, they are really deciding to hire that product to do a specific job. Ryan elaborates on the customer jobs theory and shares examples of the favorite products he likes to “hire”.

“The customer jobs theory is really around thinking, everyone hires a product to complete a job. Maybe we’re in the car driving around and we’re just looking to get from point A to point B. Google Maps is a really, really great solution. They just nailed that job and help that customer achieve that job. So when we look through all those patterns of those products that have been truly groundbreaking, it has been products that were easy to use, and had a high customer jobs completion rate.”

On award-winning product management characteristics

“Looking at the product management role and the ‘jobs to be done framework’, it really is looking at what your customer wants to accomplish.”

Product managers excel at solving customer pain points. In fact, it’s the cornerstone of being a PM. Ryan shares his thoughts on what it takes to manage award-winning products like Useleap.

“Most people will boil that down to three areas. One; the functionality of the product. Are you offering the right features, do you have the right feature mix, and does that functionality allow that user to complete what they’re looking to do. Two – probably the most important, in my opinion – is that it’s an accessible and usable product.”

“Then three, is reliability; does it work as expected? Those are the three areas that you can categorize, summarize, and score products in. Award winning products are the ones that really excel in all those areas.”

On leading award-winning product organizations

“I often like to challenge product teams: you have a great set of business KPIs, and maybe you’re measuring revenue and things like people coming back every day. But are you really measuring user success? Are you really measuring user sentiment?”

Each company is going to define success by different KPIs, but ultimately, a customer that loves your product is going to use your product. Ryan shares the importance of ensuring that the customer truly being heard.

“I really encourage orgs to make sure that they have a business metric, but also a user metric. Then as you’re building those products, you have to think about both of those together.”

“We always want our businesses to grow and our revenue to grow up and to the right. But the award winning products are the ones that also really value the customer, what the customer wants, and that customer sentiment. That is usually the missing piece for a team building an award winning product.”

Watch the entire video above to see a full demo of UserLeap’s award-winning platform, learn ways to resolve product issues, and discover how user feedbacks keep that tell-tale line going “up and to the right”.

Get to know UseLeap, the winner of the Resolve Issues category and learn how to build award-winning products.

UserLeap enables product teams to know, in real-time, what motivates customers to sign up, engage, and remain loyal to their product.

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Get to know UseLeap, the winner of the Resolve Issues category and learn how to build award-winning products.


About the speaker
Ryan Glasgow UserLeap, CEO Member
About the host
Nikki Ahmadi Universal Electronics, Director of Product - Cloud & Software

Nikki is a cloud and software product Director who works with a global team of talented engineers and architects in designing and implementing innovative solutions from product inception to production. After spending over a decade working in product engineering and management for multimillion dollar technology and start-up companies, Nikki believes what truly drives innovation is not only a commitment to technological breakthroughs but also people’s passion in improving everyday lives by building products that leave a lasting impact, disrupt the industry, and are vehicles of change, while providing the best user experience. When Nikki isn’t working on her next big product release or entrepreneurial endeavors she is spending much needed time with friends and family discussing the latest politics, or simply the meaning of life. She’s an adventurous traveler who also enjoys capturing moments through photography. Nikki also holds a B.S. in Computer Engineering , M.S. in Electrical Engineering and has a corporate innovation certificate as part of the LEAD program.

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