How is Veba Baby revolutionizing parent tech? In this episode, Kaboo Founder Neha Shah meets with Veba Baby Founder Veon Brewster to discuss her advancements in parent tech and the intricacies of working and building products within this sector. Explore the role of UX research, startup entrepreneurship, and data-driven product development, and learn about Veba Baby’s impact on data brokerage and the democratization of parenting insights. Join us for an insightful journey into the future of parenting technology.

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Show Notes

  1. The podcast episode focuses on B2C (business-to-consumer) tech, particularly in the parenting technology sector.
  2. Veon is developing a smart baby bottle monitor.
  3. Veba Baby is a postpartum app that attaches to any baby bottle, notifying parents when breast milk or formula is expiring.
  4. Three key factors affecting breast milk and formula are time, temperature, and baby feeding habits.
  5. Immersion in the tech world reshaped the Veon’s approach to solving problems for busy moms.
  6. She had a 15-year career in UX research before venturing into tech product development.
  7. Veon’s journey into tech products began when she identified the pain point of tracking breast milk.
  8. The dichotomy between working for a large company and being a startup founder is crucial for product success.
  9. Building Veba presented challenges due to limited resources to address various pain points.
  10. Recent developments include tracking personal metrics with Fitbits and Apple Watches.
  11. Engaging with moms to understand their Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) was an early step in building Veba.
  12. Veba aims to provide data to parents and corporations for valuable insights.
  13. Veba disrupted the data broker industry and connected with a major diaper manufacturer.
  14. Four out of five parents were excited about Veba for its simplicity and benefits.
  15. Clinical studies lack representation for diverse parenting experiences, offering democratization opportunities.
  16. Many minoritized groups lack the resources to participate in lab observations.
  17. Anonymization of child data and its importance were discussed.
  18. Emphasized the need for a UX-driven, development-driven, and data-driven mindset, as well as the role of data scientists.
  19. There is high value in helping other businesses through data analysis.
  20. Veba expressed a wish for more confidence and self-assurance when she was in college to pursue her passion.

About the speaker
Veon Brewster Veba Baby, Founder Member

Veon is driven by understanding the needs, wants, and motivations behind the interaction of humans and technology. She has experience managing large engagements including UX and Strategy teams. Veon is a user first advocate and believer that the best way to design a digital experience is to iterate with the users themselves. She has a strong background in Digital Analytics, Social Media Listening, qualitative/quantitative analysis of data and identification of key trends necessary for decision making and improved effectiveness of design.

About the host
Neha Shah Kaboo, Founder

My experience covers the trifecta of B2B Product Management, Sales, and Marketing. I also co-founded a B2C startup focused on family and education technology. I believe technology can be a creative and powerful driving force for change, and am passionate about building products that improve every day experiences.

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