MOO CPO on Driving Growth Through Non-Customer Understanding


eBay European Product Development Director on How to Build Strong Agile Foundations

eBay exec and Agile Alliance board member Paul Hammond reveals how to create strong foundations for a strong agile transformation through careful consideration and selection of your team or organizational agile vocabulary.

CharlieHR Founding CEO Rob O’Donovan on Building Consumer-Centric Business Software

CharlieHR Founding CEO Rob O'Donovan explains how the consumerization of workplace software creates opportunities to redesign the tools we use at work.

Sunday Times fmr Product Head Paul Jackson on Making Anyone Use Your Product

Use product. How do you go about showing people why they must use your product when the success of a product is defined by the 'why'?

Facebook Client Council Member on Getting Your First Million Mobile Users

Facebook Client Council Member, Joel Freeman, gives a talk at Products That Count about how to launch products that attract millions of users.

Growth Hacker Vincent Dignan on Growth Hacking Best Practices

Voted best speaker on growth hacking at SXSW, Vincent Dignan discusses growth hacking best practices and how you can gain 1000 users overnight.

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