How can product leaders create and use product metrics? In this webinar, EQ Bank VP of Product Rahim Daya speaks on what product metrics are, how to create and leverage product metrics to make your products better, common challenges with product metrics, and how to apply product metrics in your product management job. Tune in for insights on the basics, execution, and common issues of product metrics.

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Show Notes:

  1. Product metrics are important for measuring progress towards goals, tracking performance, and creating feedback loops for learning.
  2. Good metrics should align with goals, be measurable, frequent (ideally daily/weekly), and sensitive to change over time.
  3. Set clear product strategies and prioritize work based on metrics to achieve goals incrementally.
  4. Consider both top-down metrics for new initiatives and bottom-up metrics for optimizing existing work.
  5. Qualitative and quantitative metrics both have value but qualitative ones are harder to measure.
  6. Regularly observe and make metrics easily accessible for the whole team.
  7. Set goals and baseline metrics in context of broader plans/strategies.
  8. Forecast metrics to account for non-linear trends and seasonal patterns.
  9. Avoid conflated metrics that create noise and distract from understanding.
  10. Contextualize metrics with real-life impact examples rather than just numbers.
  11. Start simply before expanding metrics to prevent analysis paralysis.
  12. Revisit metrics regularly to make them more challenging over time.
  13. Raw data quality and transformation to metrics is important for problem-solving.
  14. Prioritize metrics collection over launching minor features without them.
  15. System metrics can indicate issues with customer/business metrics.
  16. Keep metrics collection and analysis simple rather than over-engineering.
  17. Learn from failures by having metrics that provide feedback.
  18. Make clean metrics data easily accessible in dashboards, etc.
  19. Tell stories with metrics to demonstrate customer value.
  20. Get experience actually using metrics to improve predictions.
About the speaker
Rahim Daya EQ Bank, VP of Product Member

Rahim has over 15 years of product experience and over 20 years of experience working on technology teams across search, recommendations and finance products. Recent companies include Groupon, LinkedIn, Pinterest. Rahim is currently the head of product at EQ bank, Canada's largest digital-only bank where he leads a team of 25 across product and design. Rahim has a Bachelor's degree from the University of Waterloo, a Masters of Engineering from the McCormick School at Northwestern University and an MBA from the Kellogg School of Management.

About the host
Jonmichael Moy AppDirect, Senior Director

Toronto Chapter Head for Products That Count I am a digital product executive with over 20 years of experience in retail, digital media, and e-commerce. I’ve held both strategic and operational leadership roles at Canadian Tire, Torstar, Postmedia, eBay, and PayPal as well as start-ups. I am a servant leader who is humble, self aware, always learning, and excels at collaborating with stakeholders. I am a graduate of Carnegie Mellon University, a father of two, pancreatic cancer awareness advocate, moved to Canada 13 years ago, and grew up in Boston, Massachusetts. I currently sit on the Product Management Program Advisory Council for York University which offers Canada’s first post-secondary product management program.

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