How is Gen AI transforming the role of product managers? As the Gen AI wave transforms software development, product managers must rapidly adapt to this fast-changing landscape and harness its potential to drive innovation within their organizations. In this webinar, Freshworks SVP of Product Strategy & Operations Siddhartha Agarwal shares insights on how product managers need to redefine their roles by accelerating product roadmap delivery, rethinking architectures to reduce switching costs, and reinventing user experiences. He highlights the importance of drawing down technical debt, leveraging QA in production as LLM models drift, staying ahead of the rapid innovation curve, and building trust with customers.

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Webinar Notes:

  1. Generative AI (Gen AI) is creating opportunities and excitement but also a sense of urgency and fear of being outrun by competition.
  2. Product leaders need to reimagine customer demands as expectations are changing with exposure to tools like GPT-3.
  3. Think about both new capabilities with Gen AI and enhancing existing capabilities.
  4. Instrument everything related to Gen AI from an adoption and impact lens for product analytics.
  5. The ideation process is changing with ability to rapidly experiment and generate prototypes with Gen AI.
  6. Gen AI requires flexible architecture that can change underlying models.
  7. Consider leveraging not just Gen AI in product but also semantic search and knowledge bases.
  8. Gen AI is not a magic bullet and needs to consider constraints like tokens and latency.
  9. The entire product lifecycle is impacted including ideas, architecture, engineering throughput, UX, CI/CD
  10. Engineering allocation can work down technical debt faster.
  11. Leverage code generation capabilities of Gen AI in product.
  12. With AI, you can build integrations and connectors faster without learning APIs.
  13. Monitor for model drift in production and have benchmarking.
  14. Implement guardrailing to prevent errors and inaccuracies.
  15. Rethink monetization moving from user-based to consumption-based pricing.
  16. Provide value in insights, copilots, deflection instead of just capabilities.
  17. Address security, privacy, and data concerns clearly with customers.
  18. Attend conferences, read research, and talk to startups, VCs, and analysts.
  19. Start by reimagining customer experiences and value with Gen AI in product.
  20. Keep user needs and scenarios as the starting point.
About the speaker
Siddhartha Agarwal Freshworks, SVP Product Strategy & Operations Member

As SVP, Product Strategy and Operations at Freshworks, Siddhartha is responsible for product strategy including multi-year product planning, pricing/packaging, ISV partnerships, product analytics and field product management, and product/engineering operations. Siddhartha brings 30+ years of experience driving product and company transformation initiatives at startups and large enterprises, creating innovative subscription-based products & selling models, and building go-to-market strategies to maximize revenue. Most recently, as VP of Product Management at Databricks, he built the outbound product management function across its data, analytics & AI product portfolio. At Google Cloud, he led Google’s product led growth strategy with top SaaS companies (including salesforce, workday, anaplan, and servicenow). Prior to Google, he was responsible for Product Management & Strategy across Oracle's $5B+ middleware and PaaS portfolio (including application development, app to app integration, data integration, security, analytics, content and experience and management from the cloud). He has held leadership roles in both engineering/product management, and sales, channels & field operations. Prior to Oracle, he served as VP WW Field Operations at Zend, VP of Sales at Solidcore Systems and Regional VP of Sales at Totality. He also founded companies such as Contractor Online as VP of Engineering/CTO. He started his career at Oracle in development. Siddhartha holds a Master’s in Computer Science from Stanford University, a bachelor’s in computer science from California Institute of Technology, and a bachelor’s from Grinnell College.

About the host
Denise Hemke NEOGOV, CPO

As the Chief Product Officer at NEOGOV, Denise leads the strategy for public sector HR and Public Safety software, driving innovation, customer satisfaction, and excellence. Her experience at Checkr as Chief Product Officer saw her delivering customer-focused products and promoting a fairer future. Denise’s notable career spans over two decades, with significant roles including GM for Analytics at Workday, where she launched new products and grew the business to over $200 million in ARR. Her background includes leadership positions at Platfora, Salesforce, HSBC, and AT&T, showcasing her expertise in enterprise product development and a commitment to technological advancement and customer success.

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