What makes a great healthcare product? In this episode of the Product Leaders to Watch Series with Cognizant Product Director Chenny Solaiyappan, WellB Founder Zachary Fleming shares his perspective. As a member of the Products That Count 2024 Product Awards Advisory Board, Zachary talks about building digital and the criteria the board will use to select award winners. He emphasizes outcome-focused design, emerging technologies, and human-centered solutions that create value beyond just introducing new tools.

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Show Notes

  1. Zachary Fleming has experience building digital health products and is now CPO at Dawn Health and CEO of WellB.
  2. He is interested in seeing healthcare products that leverage emerging technologies like AI and ML to create unique value.
  3. Human-centered design is important, especially in healthcare where products need to consider diverse user groups and behaviors.
  4. Products should aim to improve health outcomes and lower costs, not just introduce new tools.
  5. Experience is important for driving engagement with healthcare products.
  6. Different product manager personas exist, and it’s important to identify your strengths and learn new skills.
  7. Asking questions, collaborating with others, and getting hands-on experience are important for growth as a product manager.
  8. The 2024 Product Awards Board will consider a wide range of industries and how products address important trends.
  9. Healthcare is a large and growing industry with opportunities to innovate using new technologies.
  10. Delivering value and measuring outcomes are priorities in the transition to value-based care models.
  11. Adolescent mental health is an important area that needs more solutions.
  12. WellB connects people to top wellness creators and guides wellbeing journeys.
  13. Healthcare innovation is happening across multiple sectors such as pharma, insurance, and hospitals.
  14. Tools alone don’t make people healthier – experiences and behavior change are important.
  15. Different generations have different needs that products must account for.
  16. App fatigue is a challenge – solutions need to provide sustained value over time.
  17. Healthcare jargon and complexity can create barriers for users.
  18. Incentives may be needed to boost app downloads and continued usage.
  19. Asking developers questions helps product managers understand technical aspects.
  20. Constant learning and challenging oneself is important for growth.

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