In this wide-ranging webinar, Redis CPO Tim Hall explores the evolution of technology from the past to the present, highlighting significant breakthroughs and challenges that product managers face today. Joining the conversation is Vertafore VP of Product Nand Shivkumar. The conversation includes the emergence of generative AI, the impact of web development tools on internet usage, the growth of mobile devices and the internet of things, and the need for purpose-built databases. Tim stresses the importance of ease of use, performance, and reliability in building products and encourages product managers to simplify their products. Overall, the webinar provides valuable insights into the challenges and opportunities for product managers and the future of technology.

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Webinar Notes:

  1. Tim Hall discusses the evolution of tech. And also the fallibility of humans in predicting the future of technology.
  2. Technology has proliferated, making it easier to create new solutions and solve everyday problems.
  3. Machine learning and generative AI will lead to exciting innovations in the future.
  4. Brand loyalty has been replaced by delivering joyful, engaging customer experiences.
  5. Latency is the new outage.
  6. As product managers, it is essential to ensure that products are resilient and do not suffer issues related to latency.
  7. Architectural choices and the adoption of services over the web pose challenges for scaling and performance.
  8. Netscape Navigator and the iPhone have significantly impacted the world of technology.
  9. Generative AI is the new significant breakthrough in computing.
  10. The evolution of web development tools has led to growth in internet usage.
  11. The proliferation of databases has led to a need for simplification in managing and selecting which ones to use.
  12. Microsoft’s investment in open AI and the rise of Bing may challenge Google’s dominance in search.
  13. Mobile devices have eliminated barriers to internet access.
  14. The growth of the internet of things has created a massive amount of data.
  15. Purpose-built databases such as MongoDB and Redis can handle the variety, velocity, and volume of data.
  16. Machine learning can offer unique insights and meaningful predictions to solve complex problems.
  17. Machine learning was used to predict bus failures in St. Louis and saved $200,000 per bus.
  18. Ease of use, performance, and reliability are essential when building products.
  19. Simplifying products and constantly questioning how to make them better is critical.
  20. Generative AI has the potential to create code, test cases, and documentation to accelerate solution building.
About the speaker
Tim Hall Redis, Chief Product Officer Member

Tim Hall is the Chief Product Officer at Redis and oversees the product management teams for the company’s commercial software and managed services. His responsibilities also include overseeing the technical enablement, education, documentation, and developer relations teams. Tim is passionate about building products that developers love to use and that are easy to run and manage for customers. For more than a decade in senior leadership positions, his teams have been focused on executing to make these values a reality for leading open source, enterprise and developer products and cloud-based platforms at InfluxData, Hortonworks, Oracle and HP. Previously, Tim worked in professional services, building solutions and delivering systems integration projects for a wide variety of customers, from financial services to distribution and logistics companies and more. Tim holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in science and management with a concentration in physics from Claremont McKenna College.

About the host
Nand Shivkumar Vertafore, VP, Product Development
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