ROOM Product Manager on Infusing Agile to Hardware Roadmap

Jayoon Yi from ROOM will explore how to infuse agile with waterfall mindsets and maximize the impact of hardware roadmaps.

Summer Series – Product Lifecycle Highlights

These product leaders share their insights from their experience managing product lifecycle at leading tech firms.

Transformco Fmr Ops VP on PM Approaches to Balanced Operations Success

Transformco Fmr Retail Ops VP, Beth Ligenza, provides product managers with working takeaways for how to achieve balanced operations.

TechStars Managing Director on Early Stage Sales as Product Development (Part 3)

Are early stage sales simply an opportunity for product development? Learn more from Amos Schwartzfarb, Managing Director at Techstars.

TechStars Managing Director on Early Stage Sales as Product Development (Part 2)

Learn about product development from Techstars Managing Director and Austin speaker, Amos Schwartzfarb, in our latest blog.

TechStars Managing Director on Early Stage Sales as Product Development

Amos Schwartzfarb led a discussion in Austin in November highlighting how early-stage sales are merely product development.

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Product Talk: Product Lifecycle Series

The Product Lifecycle, a Product Talk series, discusses building products that stand out and the importance of solving the right problem.

Bioengineering Products, Part 3: Systems and Sprints for Success

Ginkgo Bioworks Head of Product shares her thoughts on using a system of sprints for success and what makes a great product manager.

Full Stack Development: Finding Your Product Dharma

Learn about developing a unique professional code for building a full stack with Brilliant Home Product Director Gaurav Hardikar.

Full Stack Development: Expectations, Necessary Tools

The xpectations and tools required for building a full stack as a product manager with Brilliant Home Product Director Gaurav Hardikar.

Product Users: The Lifecycle For Platform Building

Platform building resembles building user applications. Instead of product users, you have data to test and validate prior to introduction.

Rent The Runway Product Lead on How A/B Testing Goes Wrong

Rent The Runway Product Lead Laura Burkhauser reviews the keys to success for A/B testing and what to avoid in generating actionable results.

AI Tech: Impact On Product Lifecycle

AI tech unleashes powerful insights and action, but real data must fuel the process. Learn how AI has impacted the product lifecycle.

Company Pivot: Skillful Change Management

During any company pivot, change management skills can be learned and help keep your product teams stay focused & optimistic.

The AI Effect on Software & Product Lifecycle

AI has transformed how new software products are developed and improved by enabling real-time feedback loops with customer responses.

Product Lifecycle: Jobs To Be Done

Identifying problems through the "jobs to be done" framework enables PMs to focus the product lifecycle on holistic solutions for their users

Product Lifecycle: PMs Own The Problem

Product managers must start their lifecycle management by focusing on the primary problem - rather than the primary solution or future steps.

Instagram Product Lead on Product Lifecycle Impact

Big changes enhancing the product lifecycle do not always come from complete revamps. Instead, make a huge impact by tweaking small details.

Design Development: Product Testing For Enterprise

Product testing tools provide teams with critical insights driven by real-world customer interactions to optimize performance, functionality.

Ovia Co-Founder on Prototype Testing

Prototype creation starts with figuring out the lessons you want to learn through testing by users who have a vested interest in your product

Product Concepts: Rapid Prototyping For Enterprise

Rapid prototyping tools enable product teams to create effective product test cases without slowing down the creative process.

Technical Debt in Product Development

Ziad Ishmail leads the product team at Convoy, using cutting-edge data science and product design to optimize freight delivery. Over the course of the product development process, your decisions create technical debt that factors into the profitability of a product initiative. As Ziad outlines, product teams must be mindful of technical debt to prioritize projects and involve cross-functional teams to mitigate its effects.

eBay European Product Development Director on How to Build Strong Agile Foundations

eBay exec and Agile Alliance board member Paul Hammond reveals how to create strong foundations for a strong agile transformation through careful consideration and selection of your team or organizational agile vocabulary.

Oculus Head of Product Design Engineering on How to Turbocharge Product Development

Product Design Engineering Head Caitlin Kalinowski shows how to master the art of prototyping with 6 core principles honed by Oculus.

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