The 2024 Product Awards from Products That Count are going to be bigger than ever. The past 5 years have seen a 10x increase in the nominations pool for the Product Awards. The product stack is undeniably expanding across industries, geographies, and specialties. As a result, instead of celebrating the Product Awards just once, in 2024 we are breaking things up. There will be celebrations for three industries and two geographic regions. These will be spread out over Q1, Q2, and Q3 of 2024.

Additionally, the Product Awards are each year led by an independent group of product leaders. We call them the Awards Advisory Board. This independent group of volunteers is responsible for everything from scoping categories to choosing winners. But this year, in order to pull off this massive event, we knew we were going to need a very special team. In fact, we needed a Dream Team. And that’s exactly what we have assembled.

So who is this Product Dream Team? They are product leaders from world-changing organizations like Amazon, NASA, and Google. At the same time, they represent the cutting edge of startups safeguarding intellectual property and implementing emerging technologies like AI. They have demonstrated expertise in everything from executing 0 to 1 products to building and scaling enterprise products. And they are also committed product community builders, both within their local communities as well as globally.

In the paragraphs below, meet the members of the 2024 Product Awards Advisory Board – our Product Dream Team. Learn more about each one of these product leaders to watch, and get ready for a Product Awards to remember. It’s time to get excited!

The Product Dream Team

The 2024 Product Awards Advisory Board

Andrew Zavattero

Awards Advisory Board Member Name: Andrew Zavattero, Ticketmaster Fmr VP of Product

Andrew Zavattero

In Andrew’s Own Words: “A great product is one that solves a customer problem in an elegant way – and is also easy to use! – while also driving customer engagement and, ultimately, brand affinity.”

About Andrew: Andrew is an inclusive, innovative, action-oriented B2B2C SaaS/Marketplace product strategist and leader with an extensive track record of successfully defining and executing 0 to 1 products with multi-million dollar ROI’s for world class brands including Chase, FTD, Fanatics, Groupon, and Ticketmaster. He lives each day to build game changing products in order to solve customer problems leading to increased engagement and revenue growth.

Archana Arunkumar

Awards Advisory Board Member Name: Archana Arunkumar, Expedia Group Platform SVP of Product

Archana Arunkumar

In Archana’s Own Words: “Great PMs do two things well: they can spot a problem worth solving, and they articulate the problem in a manner that can be easily understood, so that the solution derived addresses the problem as intended.”

About Archana: A global technology and product strategy executive who delivers multi-billion dollars in revenue by identifying and building new markets while strengthening the platform foundation and gravitas of organizations. She brings value to Boards, the C-Suite, and Shareholders through her 20 years in B2B, B2C, and B2B2C markets, by strategically transforming business models, being an industry thought leader, acting as a change agent, creating new product offerings, and building enterprise platforms that both scale up and scale out. Archana is also recognized for her strong ability to strategize, conceive, develop, promote, and deliver her product vision to drive business in high-growth phases of Fortune 500 companies. She is also passionate about education and believes in empowering today’s youth.

Charlie Whicher

Awards Advisory Board Member Name: Charlie Whicher, Unito Senior PM

Charlie Whicher

In Charlie’s Own Words: “What makes a great product manager? Having curiosity, empathy and the ability to listen.”

About Charlie: Charlie is a senior product manager at Unito, with over 8 years of product management experience in software, AI, and life sciences. Charlie started out as a Biologist before discovering the fast paced world of startups. She has also worked in in startups in all stages of their growth, from raising their first investment round to becoming unicorns. Charlie is passionate about supporting the product community, she is involved in various PM mentoring schemes and is the co-organiser of the Montreal Meetup Product Circle, aka Product Therapy.

Christine Dupuis

Awards Advisory Board Member Name: Christine Dupuis, Heyday Fmr VP of Product Management

Christine Dupuis

In Christine’s Own Words: “The best product managers understand the mindset and language of the other functions of the company – sales, marketing, customer success, tech. They craft sound strategies through critical thinking and then are able to rally the organisation around the plan through effective communication and influence.”

About Christine: Christine is an experienced Product executive with diverse experience in both corporate and startup environments. She spends her time advising with growing companies, building out their product strategy and setting their teams up for success. With a background spanning McKinsey, Google, nonprofits and startups, she is known for her analytical, structured and adaptable approach to product management, as well as her skill in building high-performing, diverse teams.

In her recent role as Vice President of Product Management & Growth at Heyday, a conversational AI solutions company based in Montreal, Christine led the product strategy and efforts leading to an acquisition by Hootsuite for 60$M in 2021. Later, after Heyday’s acquisition by Hootsuite, Christine spearheaded the integration of the product team into Hootsuite’s structure, taking charge of AI products across the company.

Dan Feusse

Awards Advisory Board Member Name: Dan Feusse, Segmed Product Manager

Dan Feusse

In Dan’s Own Words: “A great product provides value greater than its cost, and a positive experience to a specific user group.”

About Dan: Dan Feusse is at the forefront of product leadership, currently spearheading initiatives at Segmed (YC W20). His extensive background includes successful stints as the head of product at MagicBell (YC W21), overseeing product portfolios and teams at Google, consultancy roles for tech giants Apple and PG&E, and also valuable contributions to a Silicon Valley startup.

Dan’s academic pursuits include an MBA from Cornell University with a specialized focus on Product Management. Before venturing into the realm of product development, he made significant contributions as a developer at a renowned data visualization studio and embarked on his professional journey in advanced analytics.

Hira Dangol

Awards Advisory Board Member Name: Hira Dangol, Bank of America VP, AI/ML and Automation Platform

Hira Dangol

In Hira’s Own Words: “A great PM is someone who can help build great products and wear multiple hats in delivering and shipping products on time.”

About Hira: With over 15 years of experience, Hira Dangol is a seasoned professional in infrastructure-led hardware, software, and cloud products. Having led a global team in the development and launch of a 0.5 billion-dollar robotic process automation platform, Hira currently manages a diverse global team focused on creating cutting-edge AI/ML and automation-powered platforms for enterprise users worldwide. Actively engaged in thought leadership discussions and networks, Hira contributes to the CIO and CDO executive leadership network in San Francisco, the AI/ML community, and technology forums such as MIT. Additionally, Hira plays advisory roles and collaborates with investors, contributing to Silicon Valley’s VLAB, VC funds, and the broader network of founders and entrepreneurs.

Ishan Amin

Awards Advisory Board Member Name: Ishan Amin, First National Bank of Omaha Fmr Head of Product

Ishan Amin

In Ishan’s Own Words: “A great product manager is created – by a great product leader! Product leaders need to constantly take PM’s to the next level with empathy. Also, a great product manager understands the customer and why they are building a certain product or a certain feature. A great product manager is a person that knows how to say ‘no’ tactfully. PM’s have a difficult role as they have to manage upstream and downstream.”

About Ishan: Ishan Amin was honored as a nominee for the 2023 Top 20 Chief Product Officer by Products that Count. With a robust professional background spanning 18 years, Amin is a seasoned senior product leader. His expertise extends across various domains, including Product Management, Product Development, Roadmaps, Strategy, and Innovation, and also UX/UI. Amin’s proficiency lies in navigating the intricacies of Mobile, SaaS, Cloud, and Platforms. His hands-on experience encompasses HealthTech, FinTech, B2B/B2C, and Gaming, establishing him as a versatile and accomplished figure in the realm of product leadership.

Jamie Matlin

Awards Advisory Board Member Name: Jamie Matlin, S&P Global Executive Director of Product Management

Jamie Matlin

In Jamie’s Own Words: “A great product is a customer-centered solution that addresses a need in an elegant, intuitive, and meaningful way.”

About Jamie: Jamie Matlin is a passionat Fintech product leader renowned for crafting and overseeing high-value content and data products across desktop and mobile platforms. With a proven track record, Jamie champions a product development culture centered around customer needs and a design-first approach.

Jean-Sébastien Chouinard

Awards Advisory Board Member Name: Jean-Sébastien Chouinard, Fmr VP of Product and Growth

JS Chouinard

In Jean-Sébastien‘s Own Words: A successful product must have three key components: a great fit with a large addressable market, enough customers who love it, and a viable business model.

About Jean-Sébastien: Jean-Sébastien Chouinard, an executive in the technology and innovation sector, has a history of notable achievements. He transformed product portfolios for companies like Moment Factory, LANDR, Wavo, and Adviso, resulting in substantial revenue growth. His growth-focused product strategy boosts user acquisition and engagement, converting innovation projects into lasting revenues. Committed to innovation and excellence, Jean-Sébastien extends his innovative spirit to philanthropy, co-founding the “28 Days Sober Challenge” in Quebec, raising over 5 million dollars in 10 years for alcoholism prevention. Additionally, he mentors professionals and founders in technology and AI, sharing expertise as a compelling speaker and author on topics such as user research and digital marketing. Jean-Sébastien Chouinard is a visionary professional, dedicated philanthropist, and mentor, respected in the technology industry for his transformative impact.

Jennifer Rochlis

Awards Advisory Board Member Name: Jennifer Rochlis, Teledyne FLIR Defense Fmr Vice President, Products & Solution Architecture

Jennifer Rochlis

In Jennifer’s Own Words: “A great product is one that is designed with a Human Systems Integration philosophy in mind such that for its entire life-cycle, it is in service to the operators, trainers and maintainers of the system.”

About Jennifer: Dr. Jennifer Rochlis is the Vice President of Products and Solution Architecture at Teledyne FLIR Defense Systems. With nearly two decades at NASA, she served as Chief of the Human Systems Engineering & Integration Division. Dr. Rochlis, holding a B.A. in Physics and an M.S. and Ph.D. in Aeronautics and Astronautics from MIT, is an expert in human factors engineering and human systems integration. She has received awards for her contributions to research and development. Additionally, Dr. Rochlis is a certified coach and a board-certified Holistic Health Practitioner and Alternative Medical Practitioner.

Karen Hsieh

Awards Advisory Board Member Name: Karen Hsieh, ALPHA Camp Director of Tech & Data

Karen Hsieh

In Karen’s Own Words: “A great product manager embodies perpetual learning, drawing insights from users, market trends, and technology. They drive the team towards the product’s fullest potential by fostering a harmonious blend of diverse perspectives and skills. Playing a pivotal role, they sustain the cycle of great products, ensuring continuous evolution and profitability.”

About Karen: Karen Hsieh, a data-savvy Product Manager, drives growth by fostering a user-centric approach. Specializing in data literacy, she optimizes user journeys through reports and self-served tools. Karen’s track record includes launching a SaaS project to 25% of annual revenue, achieving a 4.8 rating with 150K votes.

Her collaborative approach quickens feedback loops, empowering teams to make data-informed decisions. Karen also aligns product strategies with executives based on insights from user interviews and data analysis. Passionate about user delight and monetization, she seamlessly combines behavioral data with user interviews for impactful outcomes.

Laura Di Costanzo

Awards Advisory Board Member Name: Laura Di Costanzo, Unito Fmr Director of Product

Laura Di Costanzo

In Laura’s Own Words: “A successful product stems from understanding user needs and delivering a seamless, enjoyable experience. While stability and quality build trust, the ever-evolving landscape of subscription services like SaaS requires continuous innovation. Users may switch to the next big thing without ongoing value. Ultimately, a business thrives on users. Continuous improvement and adaptability to user preferences are crucial for sustained success.”

About Laura: Laura Di Costanzo, a seasoned product leader in Montreal’s startup scene, excels in guiding ventures from Seed to Series B in SaaS B2B. Specializing in product-led growth, she builds high-performing teams, fosters innovation, and optimizes operations. Committed to the Product Community, Laura also actively contributes through ProductTank, APM Montreal, and organizing the inaugural Product4good conference with Techaide, aiming to drive positive change in the startup landscape.

Marc-Andre Ferguson

Awards Advisory Board Member Name: Marc-Andre Ferguson, Unity Staff Product Manager

Marc Andre Ferguson

In Marc-Andre’s Own Words: “A great PM is someone who understands growth and drives different teams with clear objectives.”

About Marc-Andre: Marc-Andre Ferguson is a seasoned leader in the realm of product management, specializing in steering and cultivating high-performing teams to achieve success. His expertise encompasses a comprehensive approach, from conducting meticulous user research to validate product market fit, crafting robust go-to-market strategies, and formulating strategic roadmaps. Marc-Andre excels in overseeing execution, implementing robust data analytics, and establishing success metrics that drive tangible results. With a professional history spanning 15 years in film and TV production, Marc-Andre seamlessly transitioned into the software industry, initially as a designer and later evolving into product management. His versatile experience includes contributions to both large corporations such as Autodesk and Unity, as well as dynamic startups like LANDR, Potloc, and Contxtful. Beyond his impactful contributions to the industry, Marc-Andre is dedicated to giving back, actively engaging in coaching and teaching within the community through his involvement with APM Canada.

Patrick Charbonneau

Awards Advisory Board Member Name: Patrick Charbonneau, MEDFAR Clinical Solutions VP Product Mangement and Strategy

Patrick Charbonneau

In Patrick’s own words: “Great products not only deliver on the promise of delighting the customer with great experiences but they also inspire users to go beyond what they believe is currently possible to reach new heights whatever their role may be.”

About Patrick: Patrick Charbonneau, a bilingual professional, is the EVP of Product Management and Strategy at MEDFAR Clinical Solutions, leading the expansion of primary care products. Formerly the SVP of Product Management at ALAYACARE, he tripled the company’s value, managing home care and R&D products. With a background in TELUS HEALTH, Patrick optimizes efficiency and contributes to system design. Armed with a Graduate Diploma in Management and a Bachelor’s in Computer Engineering, he excels in aligning innovative solutions with business objectives. Committed to excellence, Patrick makes significant contributions in product management.

Priyanka Pande

Awards Advisory Board Member Name: Priyanka Pande, Smarter Travel AI ML Product Manager

Priyanka Pande

In Priyanka’s Own Words: “A great product is something that is user intuitive, simple, and the customer doesn’t need to reach out the CS support.”

About Priyanka: Priyanka, an AI Product Manager in Cambridge, MA, excels in leading agile transformations as well as driving ARR growth for an early-stage startup. With a background in procurement and vendor integrations at Santander Bank, and experience in logistics with Staples, she brings a wealth of expertise. Passionate about mental health and mindfulness, Priyanka’s diverse skills make her a valuable asset for startup founders.

Rekha Venkatakrishnan

Awards Advisory Board Member Name: Rekha Venkatakrishnan, Amazon Head of Product – Self Service & Automation Products (Devices, Digital and Alexa Support)

Rekha Venkatakrishnan

In Rekha’s Own Words: “A great product is a blend of functional need, economical value, and emotional connect to the customer.”

About Rekha: Rekha is a product evangelist and technologist with a solid background in product management, strategy, and engineering in leadership roles. Rekha is a product leader with high energy, strategic thinking, a data-driven approach, creativity, and leadership qualities. Her experience includes but is not limited to building B2C and B2B products using the latest technology stack and managing large complex cross-functional teams. She believes in making simple yet delightful products with a seamless experience that helps win customers and business. Rekha is a strong advocate of Women in Tech, Data, and Product and runs mentor circles to advance women in different functions. She holds an MBA from the University of Arkansas, United States, and a Bachelor of Technology from Anna University, India.

Stephanie J. Neill

Awards Advisory Board Member Name: Stephanie J. Neill, Amazon’s Twitch VP of Product

Stephanie Neill

In Stephanie’s Own Words: “Grit, curiosity (especially around human behavior and technology), stellar communication and interpersonal skills. These are the qualities of a great PM.”

About Stephanie: Stephanie Neill is a Product Executive with almost 20 years of experience across some of the internet’s biggest brands. These include Lions Gate Entertainment, The New York Times, InterActiveCorp (IAC), and Amazon’s wildly popular Additionally, Stephanie is a big believer in sharing Product Management best practices and building communit. She has founded multiple Product communities across the United States, including Women in Product DC Chapter, ProductCamp San Francisco, and UXNY.


Tara Holwegner

Awards Advisory Board Member Name: Tara Holwegner, Life Cycle Engineering Product and Intellectual Property Manager

Tara Holwegner

In Tara’s Own Words: “A great product has a purpose. It has the right problem to solve, makes a person’s life better, and delivers on its value proposition (product-market fit).”

About Tara: Tara D. Holwegner, CPM, CPTD, PMP, CMRP, is the Product and Intellectual Property (IP) Manager at Life Cycle Engineering. Tara transforms LCE’s reliability and asset management IP into market-leading products that accelerate a customer’s ability to meet performance objectives. When not developing and managing transformative products, Tara hosts industry podcasts, like GetSmartr by LCE and Leadership Connections. Tara is regularly published in cross-industry media. She is a frequent speaker at conferences, and sits as an editorial advisor for several publications.

Varun Krovvidi

Awards Advisory Board Member Name: Varun Krovvidi, Google Cloud Product Marketing Lead, API Management and Integration products

Varun Krokkvidi

In Varun’s Own Words: “A great product continuously evolves to user needs, influences behaviour, and adapts to technology changes/dependencies.”

About Varun: Varun Krovvidi, with 12+ years of experience, is dedicated to propelling B2B SaaS product growth through Product-led strategies. His diverse background includes roles in product development, technology strategy consulting, and product marketing across industries like financial services, B2B technology, and EdTech. Varun additionally excels in bringing transformative value to diverse consumer backgrounds. He collaborates seamlessly with cross-functional teams to drive effective go-to-market strategies.

Yasir Liaqatullah

Awards Advisory Board Member Name: Yasir Liaqatullah, Amazon Product Leader

Yasir Liaqat

In Yasir’s Own Words: “A great product manager, akin to a mini CEO, deftly aligns with the diverse needs of multiple stakeholders. They understand and empathize with customers and their pain points while ensuring alignment with broader business objectives and the company’s strategic vision, whether focused on growth or profitability. This necessitates a keen understanding of the needs of product development and support partners.”

About Yasir: Product management leader with over 18 years of experience in leading product strategy, revenue growth, and market expansion. Proven track record in driving cross-functional alignment and narrowing customer focus to achieve exceptional revenue results. Also recognized for thought leadership through industry engagements, conference representation, and securing strategic partnerships. Expertise in shifting product portfolios to software and SaaS. Enhancing gross margins. And creating multiple 0 to 1 products with accelerated release cycles. Consistently achieved significant revenue growth by identifying market trends and optimizing product portfolios.

Zachary Fleming

Awards Advisory Board Member Name: Zachary Fleming, TimelyMD Fmr SVP of Product

Zac Fleming

In Zachary’s Own Words: “A great PM is someone willing to challenge the status quo and own the experience. That means everything, from A to Z.”

About Zachary: Zachary Fleming is a catalyst for change, spearheading digital transformation within highly-regulated industries. His expertise lies in reimagining technology, business models, and experiences to develop innovative products and services that enhance our daily lives. With a focus on growth-oriented innovation, product strategy, design, and operations, Zachary navigates emerging technologies. These include AI, chatbots, automation, CRM, and cloud solutions. His comprehensive skill set also extends to consumer experience management, business and strategy planning, enterprise architecture design, financial forecasting and planning, market and competitive intelligence, digital marketing, and the meticulous use of execution performance scorecards.

What’s Next?

Stay tuned for a closer look at the quarterly breakdown of the 2024 Product Awards. In the meantime, submit your nominations for the 2024 Product Awards at The Dream Team, aka the Awards Advisory Board, is ready to review your submissions!

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