How is AI transforming product management? In this webinar, Workiva CPO Nitin T Bhat will explore how artificial intelligence is transforming the way products are developed, launched, and marketed. He will discuss the benefits and challenges of using AI in product management and how it can be leveraged to create better products/experiences. Join us to gain valuable insights on the advantages and obstacles presented by the integration of AI in product management.

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Show Notes:

  1. AI is transforming product management across the entire lifecycle from conceptualization to development to marketing and more.
  2. AI can help product managers better measure business, customer, and product metrics through techniques like sentiment analysis.
  3. AI enables hyper-personalized recommendations and experiences for customers.
  4. Product management is evolving into a more full-stack role encompassing design, operations, and go-to-market.
  5. Centralized vs distributed decision-making is an ongoing debate, with different approaches suiting different companies.
  6. AI model accuracy and precision, algorithmic bias, data quality, and privacy are ongoing challenges to address.
  7. Tools like Amazon Bedrock and SageMaker Clarify can help overcome AI challenges.
  8. Airbnb uses AI to improve customer matching and experiences on their platform.
  9. One use case for AI is predicting growth in financial analysis.
  10. Product managers should take ownership of data accuracy rather than relying solely on other teams.
  11. Collaboration between product and engineering is important to address tensions and ensure customer success.
  12. Synthetic data and combining diverse data sources can improve early AI models before customer use.
  13. PMs can learn from courses at Stanford, MIT, and University of Washington.
  14. Getting hands-on experience with tools like AWS is important for literacy.
  15. Learn from failures to avoid simplistic views.
  16. Safeguarding customer data and privacy should be a top priority.
  17. Speaking to many experts and continually learning is important for career growth.
  18. Taking action like applying learnings is important beyond just listening.
About the speaker
Nitin Bhat Workiva, Chief Product Officer Member

Nitin T Bhat is the Chief Product Officer at Workiva. His past stints include Microsoft Azure, AWS,, Smartsheet, and Intel. Nitin is a Product Management instructor and advisor at Product School. Nitin is a board member and advisor to startups including Eagle10 Ventures and Zvolv.

About the host
Rishikesh Yardi Instacart, Head of Chapter Seattle

Rishikesh is a Sr. Product Leader at Instacart. He has 10+ years of field knowledge at some of the most prestigious product companies in the world. He enjoys working on product development from the bottom-up and seeing products come to fruition.

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