How do you go about building a great product? Being today’s “Uber for X” works great, some of the time. But following the path of someone else’s success doesn’t always get the results you want or expect. Dropbox product head Olivia Teich shares stories from the front lines of trying – and often failing – in applying someone else’s business model, product strategy, and management style. There’s a lot to learn from and be inspired by in others’ success when you know how to apply it the right way.

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About the speaker
Olivia Teich Blend, Director, Product Member

Olivia Teich leads the collaboration product teams at Dropbox. She is responsible for unlocking end-user creativity by simplifying how initial ideas become shared, finished work. Prior to Dropbox, she built the Innovation Team at AltSchool, creating a personalized school experience. Olivia was also the VP of Product at Jive, a leader in communication and collaboration. While there, she scaled the product and team through successful IPO and reinvigorated Jive's product vision to inspire confidence and win top analyst rankings.