Metron Aviation Product Leader on Creating Product Management Culture

Metron Aviation Product Leader Marcus Lowther shares what it takes to transition to a product management culture in an established industry. CPO on Adaptability as a Product Leader CPO Navya Rehani Gupta joins Products That Count to speak on how to maximize your impact as a product leader with adaptability.

Airbnb Former Chief Ethics Officer on Integrity in Tech

Airbnb Former Chief Ethics Officer Rob Chesnut discusses conscious consumerism, company values, and the evolution of integrity in tech.

Airbnb Product Lead on Turning Regulations Into Innovation

Airbnb Product Lead Colleen Graneto joins us to speak on how product leaders can turn industry regulations into product innovations.

HomeAway fmr Engineering VP on Data-Driven Product Management

HomeAway fmr VP of Engineering, Jon Loyens, joins Products That Count to explain the ins and outs of data-driven product management.

Breather fmr VP Experience on Building a Hospitality Product

We recently sat down with fmr Breather VP Experience, Packy McCormick, to discuss his experience working on hospitality products.

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Customer Feedback Loops: Acting On Mechanisms

Making decisions based on customer feedback starts with mechanisms for collecting & analyzing input, as outlined by Expedia fmr Product Lead Anne Retterer.

Customer Feedback: Using Journey Maps

Expedia fmr Product Lead Anne Retterer describes how journey maps provide a framework for customer feedback to help prioritize features.

Expedia Fmr. Product Lead On Managing Customer Feedback Loops

Explore the academic side of feedback loops with Expedia fmr Product Lead Anne Retterer by analyzing input relevance from key stakeholders.

Products That Count Crew Spotlight: Mark C. Pydynowski

Products That Count crew member Mark Pydynowski shares his perspective on hosting podcasts and talks about what goes into building great products.

PM Performance: Development Areas

Performance tracking for product managers is best categorized within four development areas - innovation, execution, leadership and technical skills.

Measuring Performance: Building The Framework

Building a framework for PM performance enables product teams to clearly establish goals across the team with clear metrics for success.

Uber fmr Product Lead on Measuring PM Performance

Measuring performance goes beyond your impact on the bottom line, as your personal growth must align with your ability to drive business results.

Design Thinking: Mobility As A Service (MaaS)

Mobility as a service (MaaS) provides an example of how design thinking can limit the paradox of choice to streamline searchability for eHailing services.

Expedia fmr Product VP on Design Thinking

Product managers must look at paradox of choice in design thinking, giving people enough options to make informed decisions without affecting conversion.

Hilton CMO Stuart Foster on How to Make Brands Stand Out

Introduction About the Podcast: Stuart Foster talks about the importance of simplicity in making your brand stand out in the marketplace.

Uber Frmr Product Exec on Building Products at Scale

What are the fundamentals of building great products at scale Former Uber product exec Frederique Dame reveals why it is critical to have a

Lyft CMO Kira Wampler on Everyday Disruption

Everyday disruption with Lyft CMO Kira Wampler. She reveals her approach and secrets to disrupt tough niches from transportation to personal finance.

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