CPO Rising Series: Elsevier CPO on the 2 Key Traits of Product Leaders

In episode 10 in the CPO Rising Series, Mikhail Vaysbukh talks about the two most important behaviors for any product leader.

CPO Rising Series: Capgemini Invent Executive VP on Becoming Successful Product Leaders

Culture drives innovation, and the CPO is the product leader for sustaining that type of workplace culture. Capgemini Invent VP Lisa Mitnick shares her insights about creating a safe environment to fail and succeed with innovation.

Peek.com CPO on Adaptability as a Product Leader

Peek.com CPO Navya Rehani Gupta joins Products That Count to speak on how to maximize your impact as a product leader with adaptability.

Inspiration from the Crew: Product Reads for Product Leads

Here at Products That Count, we're not shy about our love for accelerating the mind through continuous knowledge. From our webinars to our

Brightline CEO & Founder on Defining the Modern Product Executive

Naomi Allen recently spoke at SVI Hub in San Jose to discuss how to succeed in the new role of the modern product executive.

Acorns Product Director on Becoming A Product Leader

Becoming a product leader starts with being your own advocate by creating a personal story that builds your brand while being able to actively listen.

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Netflix fmr Product VP on Career Hacks for Product Leaders

Product leaders seem to have it made. But, how does a newcomer start and hack their way into a fulfilling product management career?

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