ProfitWell Strategist on Pricing Models as a Strategic Lever

As Profitwell Strategist Rob Litterst states right off the bat, “between the no and low code tools, it's never been easier to start a

Big Health CPO on Digital Health and Behavioral Therapy Product Models

If you caught our newsletter today, we took a moment to highlight an ongoing series by our host, Capsule Product Director Samantha Scott,

Building Secure Products: An Introduction to Cybersecurity for Product Leaders

Back in the day, cybersecurity was the exclusive domain of your IT team.  Today, that’s changed. Thanks to the widespread adoption

Cisco SVP on Well-Being, Productivity, and Opportunity in the Remote Office

This week on Product Talk we hand the hosting chair over to our very own Founder, and Managing Partner of Mighty Capital, SC Moatti. Her

Transformco Fmr Ops VP on PM Approaches to Balanced Operations Success

Sometimes the most difficult part of product development is achieving a balanced operations approach that ensures success across all

2021 Guide to the Best Products for Product Managers

The Product Awards were created to identify and honor the best products for product managers. These tools were celebrated at the 2021

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Royal Bank of Canada Sr. Product Director on Driving Product Innovation at Large Organizations

Here at Products That Count, we don’t do anything half-way and March is a perfect representation of how much we love driving forward the

Ramp Product Head on Building FinTech in the Age of Product

As our host, Patrick Blute, succinctly puts it in his opener, “we love products for people who are building products”. This week on

Embedded Analytics Series – Data Monetisation at ICIS

In the next installment of the Embedded Analytics Series from global data metrics leader Tableau, we dive into a roundtable on Data

Biden Campaign Fmr Sr. PM on the 2021 Inauguration as a Digital-First Experience

What happens when a once in four years live mega-event meets a once-in-a-lifetime pandemic? Ask Andrew Yu, former Senior Product Manager

Recap of the 2021 Product Awards, The Age of Product

With a packed zoom audience full of winning product leaders, incredible product discussions with leading industry executives, and a killer

Meet the Winners of the 2021 Product Awards, the Age of Product

In a packed celebration attended by the most high-caliber product crowd to be found at a product event, the winners for the 2021 Product

We’re hiring!! Enterprise Sales Executive

Products That Count is seeking a highly motivated, forward-thinking Enterprise Sales Executive in San Francisco, CA.  Do you enjoy

Indicative CEO on Building Product from a Data-Driven Perspective

This week on Product Talk, it’s all about data. We welcome to the mic Indicative CEO, Jeremy Levy, for a fantastic discussion with our

Adapting to the New Standard for SMS in the US: Inside the Massive 10DLC Product Build at Vonage

As product managers, we find ourselves needing to suddenly throw our product roadmaps out the window at times due to unexpected market

STRIVR CPO on being a Generalist or Specialist

In an interactive session, STRIVR CPO Yelena Drabkin gets to the heart of career management, encouraging audience members to reflect on CPO on Adaptability as a Product Leader

According to CPO Navya Rehani Gupta, the key skill that differentiates a good product leader from a great one is adaptability. In

Safetrust CEO on How to Pivot Product Market Fit

There's no doubt that strategy has been at the forefront of the minds of product leaders in the past year. When the pandemic hit, many

Design Stage Finalists – 2021 Product Awards

The Product Awards bring together the best performing and most elite product management tools on the market today. In the new Age of

Build Stage Finalists – 2021 Product Awards

The Product Awards bring together the best performing and most elite product management tools on the market today. In the new Age of

Operate Stage Finalists – 2021 Product Awards

The Product Awards bring together the best performing and most elite product management tools on the market today. In the new Age of

Collaborate Stage Finalists – 2021 Product Awards

The Product Awards bring together the best performing and most elite product management tools on the market today. In the new Age of

Conceive Stage Finalists – 2021 Product Awards

After the year we all went through, we knew that this year's celebration was going to be huge, but we didn't realize just how big. Over the

Accenture Fmr Strategist and Stanford Advisor on Competitive Product Strategy

On this week's Product Talk, host Nikki Ahmadi sits down with one of the top Strategists to ever walk the halls of tech. With a career

Spring Health Head of Product on Product for Mental Healthcare

Healthcare is living at the forefront of many people's minds in the last year, for obvious reasons. However, even before the pandemic

Awards Advisory Board Spotlight: Leading the Collaborate Stage, Nita Maheswaren

It seems like just yesterday that we announced the theme of the 2021 Product Awards, The Age of Product, yet we're nearly at the event

2021 Product Awards – Operate Stage Nominees

Despite all the challenges that came with last year, digital acceleration is at its peak. That's why the 2021 Product Awards, sponsored by

2021 Product Awards – Collaborate Stage Nominees

We can't believe it either, but it's only a few short weeks until we announce the best products of last year at the 2021 Product Awards.

2021 Product Awards – Build Stage Nominees

The product life cycle is our inspiration for the 2021 Product Awards and each stage holds its own superpowers that product managers engage

2021 Product Awards – Design Stage Nominees

In just one month we award the best products of last year at the upcoming 2021 Product Awards, and the competition is outstanding, to say

Exclusive Access to the Convo Americas Ebook from Vonage

VidMob Product VP on Creative Data in Ad Tech

Carving out a new category of in ad tech is hard enough to pull off. Add data metrics to the mix and you have a project worthy of a product

2021 Product Awards – Conceive Stage Nominees

The 2021 Product Awards, sponsored by Heap, Bluedot, and Mighty Capital, are just one month away! Over the last two months, we reached out

Cassiopeia CEO on Managing Distributed Teams

This week's Product Talk addresses a topic every single company in the world had to reckon with in 2020; working in distributed teams. With

Brave VP of Services & Operations on the Rewards of Online Advertising

As a digital consumer, ads probably aren’t a favorite part of the online experience. However, as Brave VP of Operations and Services

Products That Count Founder on The Product Awards

The first few months of the year have always been known as Awards Season and here at Products That Count it’s no different. This year’s

Embedded Analytics Series – Turning Data Into Product with Experian

Did you know that it's entirely possible to transform your business data into a marketable product that uses visual analytics to help Sr. Product Director on Maximizing Product Resources

Our 2021 Speaker Series continues with Barren Castor, the Sr. Product Director at Rev, a leader in speech-to-text services with a focus on

JourneyApps CPO on Product Management for Developer Platforms

One PM’s product can look drastically different from another. That’s one reason why we have a passion for product management; the scope

Top Books Every Product Manager Should Read

Are you looking for product management books? Here are the top books every product manager should read according to the product executives

Splunk Product Management Director on Cloud Product Adoption

This week we kicked off our 2021 Speaker Series with a fantastic session by Splunk Product Management Director, Siddharth Bhai. Pulling

The Shubert Organization Digital Product Director on Broadway Tech

Happy New Year and welcome to another year of product conversations with industry leaders on our podcast, Product Talk. We start this month

Awards Advisory Board Spotlight: Leading the Operate Stage, Bryce York

The bell has rung on the new year and a sense of hope hangs in the air. As we leave a tumultuous year behind and look to a promising Q1,

AI Beyond the Hype: Download the eBook

Products That Count lives by the code of driving product conversations within digital technology. One of the mediums we do this by is our

The Best of Product Talk 2020

With the new year right around the corner, it’s the perfect time to reflect back on an interesting and at times tumultuous year.