Docusign Senior Product Lead on Mistakes and Successes in a PM Career

Docusign Senior Product Lead Gayathri Venkataraman shares how you can improve by learning from mistakes and successes in your PM career.

Best PM Practices in B2B

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Index Exchange Product Lead on PM Lessons from the History of Online Advertising

Index Exchange Product Lead guides us through a history of digital advertising and PM lessons learned along the way.

Three Mistakes to Avoid When Building Minimum Viable Products

CollegeVine Product Lead David Prentice latest article breaks down critical mistakes to avoid when building minimum viable products.

Building Secure Products: Top 3 Security Tips You Don’t Want to Ignore During Development

Learn how to build secure products from the ground floor in this cybersecurity series from Tugboat Logic and Products That Count.

Product Acceleration Platform: The Solution to Ineffective Product Management

The Product Acceleration Platform, from Products That Count, will help you and your product team build winning products.

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Tips for Acing Your Product Manager Interview Case Study

Case studies are a common component of a product manager interview. Betterment VP of Growth shares three tips to ensure yours will stand out.

Rakuten Kobo Product Leader on Using Lessons to Build Frameworks

Elyse Clement, Rakuten Kobo Product Leader, reveals product-first principles that help product managers to build frameworks.

Diversity Software CEO on Entrepreneurial Startup Lessons

Diversify Software CEO Roger Barlow joins Products That Count to review entrepreneurial lessons from building software at a startup business.

Product Obstacles: Prep Ahead to Avoid Future Pain

White Ops Product Manager, Bharat Manglani, discusses known or unknown product obstacles you could potentially face and how to overcome them.

Smartsheet Product VP on How to Make Product Decisions

Nitin T. Bhat recently spoke at a Products That Count hosted webinar and discussed making product decisions as a product leader.

3 Ways that Products Help Product Managers Operate

We recently sat down with COO and Head of Product of GameClub, Britt Myers, to discuss how products help product managers operate.

10 Psychological Drivers That Engage Users and Support Product Growth (Part 3)

How does product personalization contribute to product growth? Check out these tips from Zillow Head of Product, Nate Moch.

10 Psychological Drivers that Engage Users and Support Product Growth (Part 2)

Vice President, Product at Zillow, having been with the company for over 13 years, shares tips on product growth in our latest blog.

10 Psychological Drivers that Engage Users and Support Product Growth (Part 1)

Nate Moch outlined the 10 psychological drivers that support product growth, including fear of missing out, and the herd mentality.

Fmr Homer CPO & Co-Founder on 3 Mistakes and How We Overcame Them

Brit Myers, COO of GameClub, shares his biggest mistakes at Homer and what lessons he learned from them as he found product-market fit.

Vectors Behind Winning Products, Part 3: Defining Vectors of Success

Quibb Founder talks about her company’s focus on Machine Learning, how it’s perceived in the market, and the vectors of success for winning products.

Vectors Behind Winning Products, Part 2: Product Truths and Quibb Lessons

Quibb Founder, Sandi MacPherson, discusses product truths, and how good products do not always win in the real world and why

Quibb Founder on The Vectors Behind Winning Products – Environmental Science to Product

Quibb Founder on the start to her product career, startups, and how she went from studying Environmental Science to Product management

Betterment Product Lead on Best Practices For Product Launches (Part 2)

Review best practices for product launches with Betterment Product Lead, from defining your product purpose to managing dependencies.

Rent The Runway Product Lead on Best Practices for Hiring PMs

Rent The Runway Product Lead, Laura Burkhauser, shares the importance of selecting the right people as interview candidates when hiring.

Betterment Product Lead on Best Practices For Product Launches (Part 1)

Betterment Product Lead Katherine Kornas shares best practices for successful product launches, beginning with understanding your customer's needs.

Using Improv For Conflict Resolution

Improv techniques for engaging your audience can be used by teams to manage conflicts and unexpected challenges throughout the product lifecycle.

User Feedback: Best Practices For User Interviews

User interviews are essential for product success & user feedback is best collected with a strategic approach and targeted questions to collect responses.

JUUL Labs fmr CPO on Board Deck Best Practices

Creating the perfect board deck enables product leaders to communicate their priorities to board members with direct buy-in from the CEO and executive team.

Product Design Lessons: #7 – 10

Driving success with product design requires a strong team with people who have intangible qualities that go beyond hard skills.

Product Design Lessons: #4 – 6

To drive sustained growth, product design teams need to build product/market fit before moving forward with new user acquisition and adding new features.

Box CPO on Product Design

Silicon Valley sets the standard for best practices in product design, creating impactful solutions at scale that reach a wide range of customers.

Product Design: Avoid These Mistakes

Sarah Bernard is a product leader who has pioneered innovative design experiences to enhance customer engagement. One of the biggest mistakes that product leaders make is not knowing how to talk to designers. Sarah outlines five common personas that many product leaders fall into when they fail to connect with designers and create ineffective collaboration.

VR Product Manager Best Practices

Working as a VR product manager requires balance between emerging consumer preferences and traditional best practices in product design.

LinkedIn Fmr Product Head on 5 Lessons to Fast Track your Career

LinkedIn fmr Product VP Joff Redfern shares his learning from over 20 years of product leadership experience to help you fast track your career.

Productivity Guru Pierre Khawand on 15-Minute Bursts

Productivity Guru Pierre Khawand discusses how to schedule your day in 15-minute bursts in order to feel productive and fulfilled.

The Three Rules of Great Speakers

The three simple rules that great speakers follow

Mobile Growth Hacker Yann Kronberg Shares Best Practices

Mobile growth expert Yann Kronberg shares best practices in mobile ad networks, optimizing user acquisitions and navigating App Store marketing.

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