TIFIN Product VP on The Cost of Delaying Product Features

VP Abhinav Gupta shares how to take the economic value of a product feature and quantify the cost of delay.

Software Pricing Partners MP on B2B Product Pricing Strategy

Software Pricing Partners MP Chris Mele shares insights into value and how a pricing strategy is important to product development.

Contentsquare Product Leader on Product Excellence and Enablement

Contentsquare Product Leader Danny Carvajal demystifies the role of product excellence and enablement and how to start a team in your organization.

2022 Product Awards: Informed Go-To-Market Strategy Finalists

Here are the 40 finalists in the Informed Go-To-Market Strategy category for the 2022 Products That Count Product Awards.

Dow Jones Product VP on Experimentation, Subscription, and Personalization

Dow Jones Product VP Peter Gray shares unique insights on experimentation, subscription, and personalization to create value.

Shipt Director of Product on Surge Pricing: 0 to 1

Shipt Product Director on building a surge pricing system that includes machine learning, operations research, and behavioral psychology.

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Google Product Lead on Informed Go-To-Market Strategy at 2022 Product Awards

Google Product Lead Neha Taleja on the Informed Go-To-Market Strategy category for the 2022 Product Awards.

Executive Product & Marketing Leader on Key to Collaboration with Sales and Marketing for Product Launch

Executive Product and Marketing Leader Seema Pandya will share key cross-functional milestones of collaboration pre-launch and during launch.

Doist Sr. Product Marketing Manager on Aligning Product Marketing & Product Management

Doist Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Neil Vidyarthi, speaks about the X-factor when aligning product management and product marketing.

LendingTree CPO on Engagement and How to Build a Diversified Marketplace

LendingTree CPO Sushil Sharma discusses user engagement, user insights, and the challenges to building a financial services marketplace.

ProfitWell Strategist on Pricing Models as a Strategic Lever

ProfitWell Strategist Rob Litterst shares how product managers can use pricing models as a strategic lever to drive monetization.

Take It to the Finish Line Together

White Ops Product Lead Bharat Manglani writes on how to align teams and effectively communicate with cross-functional team leadership.

Splunk Product Management Director on Cloud Product Adoption

Splunk Product Management Director Siddharth Bhai speaks on how product leaders can best facilitate cloud product adoption.

Google Product Lead on Growing Customer Loyalty

Google Product Lead Shilpa Vir shares specific examples of how companies utilize tools to leverage loyal customers for rapid growth.

Head of Product at Loop Commerce on Product-led Go-to-Market

Subha Shetty, Head of Product at Loop Commerce, a Synchrony company, discusses how to craft an effective product-led go-to-market strategy.

Ambient Strategy CEO on Product Positioning

Recently, we spoke to April Dunford, product positioning expert, who defined product positioning and its role in development and marketing.

Paper Cut Problems: The Subtle Menace Undermining Your Product and Retention

Tatari Sr Technical PM, Bryce York, discusses paper cut problems, which are the imperfections or blemishes in your product experience.

Auth0 fmr SVP Marketing & Growth on Product Marketing

Auth0 fmr SVP of Marketing & Growth, Martin Gontovnikas, on the Product Talk podcast to discuss all things product marketing.

Peninsula Strategies Founder on Product Management for Subscription Products

Robbie Kellman Baxter recently spoke at a Product That Count hosted webinar and discussed project management for subscription products.

Blue Sky Partners CEO on How Product Marketing and Product Management Can Work Together

Blue Sky Partners Co-Founder & CEO, Nathan Ryan, discusses the partnership and symbiotic nature of product management and product marketing.

Microsoft Outlook Product Lead on Product Launch: Getting 100M Users

Michael Palermiti discusses the product launch for Outlook Mobile and what it means to have to win product users by choice.

Coursera Sr. Product Director on Product Pricing as a Product Feature

Product pricing and examples of how product managers can keep pricing front and center as they build their product roadmaps.

TechStars Managing Director on Early Stage Sales as Product Development (Part 3)

Are early stage sales simply an opportunity for product development? Learn more from Amos Schwartzfarb, Managing Director at Techstars.

TechStars Managing Director on Early Stage Sales as Product Development (Part 2)

Learn about product development from Techstars Managing Director and Austin speaker, Amos Schwartzfarb, in our latest blog.

TechStars Managing Director on Early Stage Sales as Product Development

Amos Schwartzfarb led a discussion in Austin in November highlighting how early-stage sales are merely product development.

Nira CEO on Steps to Improve Customer Retention as a Product Manager (Part 3)

Hiten Shah, co-founder of several SaaS companies including FYI, Crazy Egg, and KISSmetrics, shares steps to improve customer retention.

Nira CEO on Steps to Improve Customer Retention as a Product Manager (Part 2)

When it comes to the short-term of improving customer retention, there are two lenses—learn more from Hiten Shah in this blog.

Nira CEO on Steps to Improve Customer Retention as a Product Manager

What are the steps to improve customer retention? You have to talk about customer needs and benefits if you want to be customer-obsessed.

Product Launch: A Day One Guide

A product launch is highly anticipated, the moment of truth, but also just the beginning of the marathon. Learn more in this Day One guide.

Betterment Product Lead on Best Practices For Product Launches (Part 2)

Review best practices for product launches with Betterment Product Lead, from defining your product purpose to managing dependencies.

Betterment Product Lead on Best Practices For Product Launches (Part 1)

Betterment Product Lead Katherine Kornas shares best practices for successful product launches, beginning with understanding your customer's needs.

Product Users: Ecosystem Platform Strategy

For ecosystems that serve product users, a platform strategy provides flexibility & structure deliver workable solutions at scale.

GameClub COO on Driving Conversion With Product Data

Product data can help your team measure conversion rate success by looking at factors that drive purchase decisions after initial contact with your product.

Digital Marketing: Monetize Your Attention

Pandora Product Lead William White shares digital marketing practices for monetizing customers' attention to provide a new take on personalized content.

Lyft Product Lead on How To Ship During A Company Pivot

What are the product managers should use during a company pivot? Some things are under your control & others aren’t. Keep focus & lead your team forward.

Digital Marketing: Impact of Deep Value Advertising

Pandora Product Lead William White breaks down how digital marketing practices are tailored to meet the demands of the emerging gig economy.

Pandora Product Lead on Building Digital Marketing Products

Pandora Product Lead William White presents opportunities & challenges for building digital marketing products to enhance traditional marketing practices.

Brand Building: Creative Strategies To Wake You Up

Creative brand building cultivates a vision that transcends utility. Instead, it seeks to transform & elevate culture to a new way of living & thinking.

Brand Building: Avoid Blanding, Tap Into Creative Inspiration

In the world of brand building, "blanding" causes companies to "look alike." Creative inspiration lets you break free and thrive to be memorable.

Casper CXO on Brand Building That Counts

Brand building remains a key element of success in any business sector. How can you make your brand experience memorable in a world flush with competitors?

LiveCareer Product VP on Benefits of Localization

Localization helps product teams focus their efforts on prioritizing key features in specific regions to effectively measure success for future scale.

Brand Strategy To Build Product Loyalty

When done correctly, your brand story builds product loyalty and drives every product success story through cross-team buy-in & insights-driven strategies.

theSkimm CPO on Building Product Loyalty

How do you build product loyalty? One key is to integrate it seamlessly into users' lives by operating in obvious places that keep them coming back.

LiveCareer Product VP on E-Commerce For International Markets

Creating e-commerce experiences for international requires product teams to evaluate local payment platforms & a wide range consumer preferences.

Getting Started with Personalization Marketing

For brands starting out, personalization marketing doesn’t require expensive machine learning tools. Begin with simple concepts and build from there.

Product Guru Bruce Cleveland on Bridging The Traction Gap

The traction gap model provides a framework for entrepreneurs to improve their prospects in turning a promising startup into a sustainable business.

LiveCareer Product VP on International Product Launches

International product launches are complex and require a unique playbook to ensure that your product can be used globally with a variety of customers.,

Product Launch Question 3: How Do We Move Forward?

Building your go-to-market plan is the final step in creating a product launch, from finding your target audience to determining where to go next.

Product Launch Question 2: Which Opportunity Do You Attack?

Winning your market is key for a successful product launch by building momentum from early adopters to create long-term value with new customer segments.

Crossing The Chasm Leader on Product Launch Planning

Product teams must create a product launch strategy in phases that leverage customer insights and market trends to determine effective positioning.

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