Product Awards Series: Sprig Product Lead On Researching The Why

Learn how Product Managers can leverage end user research at scale to make really good product decisions.

Knowing when to pivot in developing a new product

Knowing when to pivot is tough. A strong product development process can chances you’ll make a bad pivot according to David Prentice of CollegeVine

Shopify VP of Product on the Power of Pivoting

Shopify Vice President of Product Mamuna Oladipo shares opportunities to pivot within your goals when faced with mistakes and failures.

Amazon Care Head of UX Design and Research On Building with Purpose

Join Amazon Care Head of UX Design and Research Dane Howard to learn about the concepts and actions necessary for building with purpose.

Oscar Health Product Lead on Understanding Product Users

Product managers must build digital applications, internal tools and platforms to meet a variety of product user needs - especially withhealthcare products.

LiveCareer Product VP on Assessing International Markets

Factors to consider when assessing international markets include customer research, localization, e-commerce, product marketing & legal requirements.

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Microsoft fmr Product Lead on Product Research

Product managers make use of product research in different ways, based on the maturity of their core product and available budget for research projects.

Economics Expert on Product Market

The middleman has provided significant value in today’s product market, but is often viewed with negativity and suspicion.

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