How can AI be used to transform data insights? In this episode of the PM Awards series hosted by Ticketmaster Fmr VP of Product Andrew Zavattero, Sr. Product Director Prakash Aditham speaks on applying data analytics and AI in product. As a winner of the 2023 PM Awards, Prakash shares his perspective on what makes a great product and product manager. He also discusses’s use of AI and ML to power insights for mobile apps. Tune in for an engaging conversation on using data and AI responsibly and how the future of insights may evolve.

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Show Notes

  1. Prakash won an award for growing outside his comfort zone in the 2023 PM awards.
  2. Prakash is a problem solver who has applied the scientific method to business problems over his 15+ year career.
  3. He currently works as a Senior Director of Product at
  4. provides mobile app analytics and uses AI/ML models to power over 50 metrics across the app funnel.
  5. is innovating by expanding their data set beyond mobile to other digital devices and bringing in more first party data.
  6. Ensuring AI/ML models are accurate requires techniques like model debiasing, comparing model estimates to actual data, and being conservative in estimates.
  7. Prakash sees the future of involving making insights more consumable through technologies like conversational AI.
  8. Prakash learned product management through on-the-job problem solving at companies like Cisco and Apple.
  9. He recommends books and communities like Products That Count for continuing product management education.
  10. Doing thorough opportunity assessments is one of Prakash’s “hacks” to get team buy-in for projects.
  11. Individual meetings are better than large group meetings for addressing specific concerns when getting consensus.
  12. Great product managers transform businesses while good ones optimize existing products.
  13. Leadership in tough times differentiates great from good leaders.
  14. Prakash’s favorite app is maps, his favorite streaming show is Lupin, and he prefers South Bay over North/East Bay in SF area.
  15. Meeting individual functions is better than large group meetings for addressing concerns.
  16. Great product managers discover new opportunities not visible to others.
  17. Inspire and rally teams in tough times.
  18. Individualized insights are better than one-size-fits-all reports.

About the speaker
Prakash Aditham, Sr. Director of Product Member

Fueled by curiosity and a desire to solve bigger and bigger problems, my career has taken me from being a practitioner in Analytics (Business Analyst, Data Architect, Strategy Consultant) to finding my joy in building products that customers love. As a seasoned Product Leader, I’ve a track record of delivering successful products at Cisco, Apple, Workday and a few early to late-stage startups. Beginning in 2016, I've launched 6 AI/ML led products with millions in revenue. I remind myself constantly that Product Management in general and my success is very much the result of a team effort!

About the host
Andrew Zavattero Green Dog Advisory, Founder & Product Advisor

Andrew is an inclusive, innovative, action-oriented B2B2C SaaS/Marketplace product strategist and leader with an extensive track record of successfully defining and executing 0 to 1 products with multi-million dollar ROI’s for world class brands including Chase, FTD, Fanatics, Groupon, and Ticketmaster. He lives each day to build game changing products in order to solve customer problems leading to increased engagement and revenue growth.

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