Perspective on Product Management by 5 Product Gurus

Gain insight on product manager best practices from industry gurus, including essential skills, industry trends, and building great products.

Best Practices On The PM Job Market

What do teams look for when hiring PMs? What are product leaders willing to train? What skills are non-negotiable? How can PMs showcase their talents? Are the tools available sufficient?

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The Product Manager’s Toolbox

There are many ways to look at these award-winning tools, representing many different stages in the product life cycle. Here is a virtual toolbox showcasing some of the important attributes of these products.

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Top Resources for Product Managers by 5 Product Leaders

We’ve pulled together some top resources for product managers from product leaders we’ve featured recently.

Top Books Every Product Manager Should Read

Here are the top books every product manager should read according to the product executives that drive our network's product conversation.

Tips for Acing Your Product Manager Interview Case Study

Case studies are a common component of a product manager interview. Betterment VP of Growth shares three tips to ensure yours will stand out.

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Facebook Sr. Product Director on 3 Ingredients of Awesome PMs

Former Verizon Media Product VP, Guy Levit, joins Products That Count shares the key ingredients needed to be a great product manager.

Three Tips for Succeeding in Product Management at a Startup

Looking to use all the great product management skills at a startup? Here’s what no one tells you about transitioning to a startup.

Top Speaker Series Videos Every PM Should Watch

The best of Products That Count Speaker Series Every PM should watch. Product execs shape our network's product conversation by giving insightful talks.

Becoming A Product Owner, Part 3: Optimism to Drive Ownership

The series concludes with DoorDash Product VP, Rajat Shroff, delving into the importance of optimism for driving product ownership.

Becoming a Product Owner, Part 2: Be Customer Obsessed, Not Competitor Focused

Rajat Shroff, DoorDash Product VP, shares his key traits for product ownership and how to be customer-obsessed, not competitor focused.

DoorDash Product VP On Becoming A Product Owner

Rajat Shroff, Product VP at DoorDash, discusses his mentality when it comes to becoming a product owner and the first characteristic product owners have.

Top 10 Blogs Every Product Manager Should Read

The top blogs every product manager should read according to the product executives that drive our networks product conversation.

Product Manager Growth: Self-Improvement Learning Resources

As a product manager, online learning resources provide an opportunity to up your game. Great achievement finds its roots in a deep desire to learn.

Product Manager Growth: Great Teams, Active Learning

An active learning mindset is critical for the success of any product manager. The inquisitive mind finds solutions and adapts to change faster.

AI Tech: Product Management 101

For AI tech & product management to work well together, it’s critical that certain demands & limitations are recognized. Business value comes first.

Brilliant Product Director on Demystifying Product Management

It's time to break down all the acroynms and terms that are commonly used in product management, making sense of a profession that has its own language.

Hinge CPO on Becoming A Product Manager

Every product manager can benefit from being exposed to a variety of projects early in their career, from basic daily tasks to going beyond your paygrade.

Acorns Product Director on Product Manager Tips

Every great product manager crafts their own product vision, identifying a clear customer need and infusing their brand's unique traits into the experience.

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