LifeWeb 360 Head of Product on Three Ways to Position Yourself as a Product Leader

LifeWeb 360 Head of Product, Tanya Maslach, breaks down the scientific method and shares three ways to position yourself as a product leader.

Highlights from the San Jose and Bay Area Chapter Speaker Series

Read and watch highlights from product leaders who joined our San Jose and Bay Area Chapter Speaker Series in the last year.

Crew Spotlight: Meet Maheep Bhalla, the San Jose/Bay Area Head of Chapter

Get to know Fmr Tramsformco Product Director, Maheep Bhalla, the new Products That Count San Jose/Bay Area Head of Chapter.

Google Fmr Product Lead on Serving Multiple Personas in Enterprise Software

Google Fmr Product Lead, Will Doolittle, speaks on developing b2b software products that serve multiple personas within the enterprise space.

Fairmarkit Head of Product on Managing People Who Manage Products

Fairmarkit Head of Product Kelly McStay to discover ways to accelerate product team development and create great product leaders.

Workday Sr. Product Director on Building High Impact, Horizontal Products

Workday Sr. Product Director Katie Holden shares insights into how product managers can lead and build successful horizontal products.

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Google Product Lead on Getting Executive Buy-In

Google Product Lead Ravi Gampala shares his preparation checklist and the pitfalls to sidestep when seeking executive buy-in. CPO on Adaptability as a Product Leader CPO Navya Rehani Gupta joins Products That Count to speak on how to maximize your impact as a product leader with adaptability.

Google Product Lead on Growing Customer Loyalty

Google Product Lead Shilpa Vir shares specific examples of how companies utilize tools to leverage loyal customers for rapid growth.

Head of Product at Loop Commerce on Product-led Go-to-Market

Subha Shetty, Head of Product at Loop Commerce, a Synchrony company, discusses how to craft an effective product-led go-to-market strategy.

Fmr Intercom Product Lead on Frameworks for Product Development

Intercom fmr Product Dead Emily Wang joins Products That Count to discuss building frameworks for product development.

Tindr Fmr CPO on The 3 Pillars of Product Decision-Making

Tindr fmr CPO Ravi Mehta joins Products That Count to speak on customer feedback, experimentation, and product management decision-making. Product VP on Featureless Product Roadmaps Vice President of Products Sam Kawtharani joins Products That Count to speak on the problems with featureless product roadmaps.

Squarespace Fmr Product Lead on Building Great Creative Products

Squarespace fmr Product Lead Asha Gupta joins Products That Count to speak on how to consider the spectrum when building creative products.

GoDaddy Sr. Director on Dissecting Product Data

GoDaddy Sr. Director, Katie van Zyl, speaks on how product managers can set themselves up for success by dissecting their product data.

Peninsula Strategies Founder on Product Management for Subscription Products

Robbie Kellman Baxter recently spoke at a Product That Count hosted webinar and discussed project management for subscription products.

mParticle fmr SVP/Head of Identity Solutions on Identity in Product

mParticle SVP & Head of Identity Solutions, Todd Schoenherr, on how identity solutions play a role in product strategy at mParticle.

Oracle SVP of UX on Product Design Meets Product Management

Oracle SVP of UX, Hillel Cooperman, discusses his experience on how product management and product design can work together for success.

Brightline CEO & Founder on Defining the Modern Product Executive

Naomi Allen recently spoke at SVI Hub in San Jose to discuss how to succeed in the new role of the modern product executive.

Coursera Sr. Product Director on Product Pricing as a Product Feature

Product pricing and examples of how product managers can keep pricing front and center as they build their product roadmaps.

Flexport Executive Damon Dean Tackles Building Your Product Strategy For Success (Part 3)

Fmr Docusign VP of Product, Damon Dean, joins Products That Count to share insights on how to set a product strategy up for success.

Flexport Executive Damon Dean Tackles Building Your Product Strategy For Success (Part 2)

Damon Dean, VP of Product at Flexport, discusses the four tenets of disruption in building a successful product strategy.

Flexport Executive Damon Dean Tackles Building Your Product Strategy For Success

DocuSign fmr Product VP Damon Dean joins Products That Count to discuss how product managers can set their product strategy up for success.

Building From Idea To Business, Part 3: Finding TAM and Building an MVP

Mona Akmal, Amperity Fmr Product Lead, on ways to measure and analyze TAM while also sharing the best approach to building an MVP.

Building From Idea To Business: Creating Your Team and Validating Your Idea

Mona Akmal, Amperity Fmr Product Lead, on finding the right people for your team and the correct way of validating your big idea.

Products Meet Culture: Changing Legacy Systems

Sharon Plasser shares her experience in transitioning the business out of a legacy system and the consequences that result from doing so.

Products Meet Culture: Product Goals and Establishing Value

Sharon Plasser on the importance of knowing your goals as a PM and how to use those goals to help you navigate through the company.

Customer Feedback Loops: Acting On Mechanisms

Make decisions based on customer feedback with mechanisms for collecting & analyzing input says Expedia fmr Product Lead Anne Retterer

LiveCareer Product VP on The Localization of Product/Market Fit

LiveCareer Product VP David Grayson shares perspective on how to localize product/market fit for international products in new territories.

Shutterfly Product VP on The Power of Personalization

Personalization improves marketing metrics. Find out how to leverage individual customer identities at scale. Product VP on Driving Product Velocity

Driving product velocity requires analysis of features that aren't delivering at max capacity, eliminating them to focus on what's working

Fitbit fmr Product Lead on Product Manager Standouts

Product managers who take risks and push boundaries stand out from a crowded field of PMs who often can't find a way to make an impact.

Zillow fmr Product Lead on Low-Velocity Products

Look beyond usage rate to understand the impact of low-velocity products, as they provide meaningful solutions to complex/expensive issues.

Headspace Product VP on Voice Technology

Adoption of voice technology is outpacing the most successful tech products, harnessing human interaction to enable intuitive interactions

Crossing The Chasm Leader on Product Launch Planning

Product teams must create a launch strategy in phases that leverage customer insights and market trends to determine effective positioning.

Medium Product VP on Skills For Product Managers

PMs must exercise curiosity every day, from engaging with peers across disciplines to developing a deep understanding of their customers.

Gainsight CPO on Product Management

Traditional enterprise licenses have shifted toward SaaS subscriptions, requiring product management teams to think differently about structuring services.

Instagram Product Head on Product Design

Ad content must be optimized to connect brands with more users, creating relevant content that drives business results.

YouTube Product Lead on Team Building

Creating a culture of humanity is the foundation for effective team building, driving success and resilience in your product team.

Fitbit fmr EVP on Product Manager Skills

The best way fto develop skills is through real-world experience, while taking an economist’s view to deliver value for customers.

Google Product VP on AI Product Design

AI product design has made content more accessible, from photo and video scaling solutions to making content easier to find.

Stitch Fix Product VP on Product Roadmap

Learn the fundamentals of building a product roadmap to get your team from point A to B in developing effective product design.

Product Manager Launch Plan: New Features

Planning the launch for new features presents many challenges, from identifying new opportunities to measuring impact for customers.

Growth Products For Engagement

Mike Grishaver is a leader in building growth products to drive new revenue and engagement at category leaders. Outside of direct revenue plays, increasing engagement is a perfect opportunity for growth products to make an impact with users. Mike outlines his experience at Pandora that introduced a new way for users to listen to music that increased usage and provided an unexpected surprise.

Growth Products That Drive New Revenue

Mike Grishaver is a leader in building growth products to drive new revenue and engagement at category leaders. Growth products are developed to create new revenue streams, but they need to be tailored for the needs of target audiences. Mike shares his experience with developing LinkedIn’s advertising business to illustrate how its design was optimized for user engagement on the platform.

Etsy fmr CPO on Growth Products

Growth products are created through a comprehensive review of target customers in order to create a successful product roadmap.

LinkedIn Fmr Product Head on 5 Lessons to Fast Track your Career

LinkedIn fmr Product VP Joff Redfern shares over 20 years of product leadership experience to help you fast track your career.

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