How can product managers utilize strategic intent to ensure long-term growth? In Episode 11 of the CPO Rising Series, our host Renee Niemi meets with SoSafe CPO Gonçalo Gaiolas to speak on his experience at OutSystems and the importance of developing a product strategy. Discover how he adapted to the changing economic landscape, fostered a customer-centric culture, and redefined product leadership. Learn from his experiences in hiring talent, managing product strategies, and building strategic partnerships, all while keeping an eye on the emerging trends in AI.

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Show Notes

  1. Gonzalo served as the Chief Product Officer (CPO) of OutSystems.
  2. OutSystems is the pioneering company behind the local movement, known for visually building software and delivering custom software 10 times faster.
  3. OutSystems is considered a core company in its field.
  4. The company primarily sells its products to developers.
  5. OutSystems has adapted to the current economic environment, particularly in terms of talent strategy and team structure.
  6. The company recognized product management as a crucial discipline, especially in Europe.
  7. OutSystems has increased its hiring efforts, expanding into the US and Asia while focusing on strategic hires.
  8. A framework has been established to ensure the success of their employees.
  9. The company has navigated the talent shortage during the pandemic and continually evaluates its roadmap.
  10. Culture plays a pivotal role in shaping the company, influencing hiring decisions and attracting talent.
  11. Company culture begins with a customer-centric approach, working backward from the desired customer experience.
  12. The role of a product leader differs significantly from a sales leader, particularly in dealing with long-term customer relationships.
  13. Product managers in the field assist with deals, roadmaps, adoption patterns, and act as trusted advisors to strategic customers.
  14. The field product manager’s role revolves around strategic intent and operational strategy.
  15. Product drives both the company’s strategy and its ability to scale efficiently.
  16. OutSystems, historically a make-type company, is exploring partnerships with companies offering strategic access to markets.
  17. Great product leaders possess adaptability, a beginner’s mindset, and the ability to solve core problems while demonstrating empathy, business acumen, and effective communication.
  18. The company engages in strategic partnerships, such as with AWS, to enhance its infrastructure.
  19. OutSystems is developing competencies in acquisitions to further its growth strategies.
  20. The emerging field of AI is becoming a significant focus in the industry.
About the speaker
Gonçalo Gaiolas OutSystems, Chief Product Officer Member

I am an experienced leader in the B2B technology and app development space, with a special focus on high productivity (e.g. low-code) platforms. I’ve dedicated my career to building products, teams, and systems that have allowed thousands of customers to accelerate their innovation through “one-of-a-kind” software solutions built in ways that defy traditional paradigms. I personally believe that, in the next few decades, the act of building and running software will be akin to basic literacy. We’ll witness a Cambrian explosion of new software being built – from simple apps that help a few people be more productive to very complex systems that run entire markets – by a diverse set of talent profiles with varying skill sets. At OutSystems, we are architects of this future. Having played many different cross-functional roles before, I currently lead product vision and strategy for OutSystems. I started at OutSystems 15 years ago because I stumbled upon the product and understood it would profoundly change the way software was built and, by direct consequence, how the world operated. Today, we are seeing the result of all that work come to fruition. But we are only getting started. People I work with are kind enough to highlight my evergreen, boyish enthusiasm about challenges, my compelling communication, and my direct-yet-kind demeanor in interacting with everyone. All of this comes bundled with a passion to build thriving teams that stand the test of time by adapting and growing together to face new, unprecedented challenges. My biggest reward in life is being a parent. The second one is to hear from customers how we transformed their businesses, their careers, and their lives by allowing them to say “Yes, we can!” more often than not.

About the host
Renee Niemi Products That Count, Reisdent CPO
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