Roku Product Director on Building Great Products in Media & Entertainment

How can we build great products in the media & entertainment space? In this webinar, Roku Senior Product Director Neala Gollomp speaks about what makes the media & entertainment space unique, how we build products that solve core needs for our customers in a way that also entertains them and how to drive value for […]

LEGO Fmr. Product Design Leader on Designing Playful Product Experiences

In this podcast, Steve Geist discusses the art of designing playful product experiences and prioritizing the user experience.

SeaWorld Chief Product & Digital Officer on Leading Successful Digital Turnarounds

SeaWorld Chief Product Officer Kousthub Raghavan shares insights on how to build a foundation to successfully lead digital turnarounds.

Reflecting on Great Products and Great Product People

We’re taking a look back at some of our favorite conversations that have taught us what it takes to build great products.

Flutter Entertainment Sr. Product Leader on Building A Product Career

Flutter Entertainment Sr. Product Leader Vinay Aradhya shares his experiences and how to build a successful product career.

Fmr Executive VP at Viacom/CBS on Physics, Music, and Products: Journey to CPO

Product leader Shampa Banerjee jillustrates how embracing her training in physics and music helped map her journey as a CPO.

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VP of Product at Disney Streaming on Inclusivity and Storytelling

VP of Product at Disney Streaming Dave Lankford talks about inclusivity and true listening, and how this relates to product development.

Arkadium Fmr Product VP on Product Management for Gaming Products

Arkadium fmr Product VP, Tanya Zuger, shares critical skills that product managers need to develop for a career with gaming products.

GameClub COO & Head of Product on Discovering Value

GameClub COO and Head of Product Britt Myers shares strategies and tools that aid in discovering value before team handoffs.

Biden Campaign Fmr Sr. PM on the 2021 Inauguration as a Digital-First Experience

Biden Campaign Fmr Sr. PM Andrew Yu shares insights on the product transformation of a live event into a digital-first experience.

The Shubert Organization Digital Product Director on Broadway Tech

The Shubert Organization Director of Digital Product Kyle Wright speaks on Broadway tech and the evolution of digital in theater.

Roblox Product VP on Building Product Teams from the Ground Up

Roblox Product VP Matt Kaufman joins Products That Count to discuss how to build product teams from the ground up.

Canela Media CEO on How to Scale Product Globally

Canela Media CEO Isabel Rafferty Zavala discusses their recent funding from Mighty Capital and how to scale product for global markets.

Build vs. Buy – A Product Manager’s Guide to Not Building Things

Tatari Senior Technical Product Manager Bryce York establishes how to make a build vs. buy decision while mitigating the risks and costs.

Quibi Fmr Head of Product on How Content Meets Product

Recently, we spoke to Quibi fmr Head of Product on where content meets product and how it works into creating software experiences.

Netflix fmr VP of Product Management on Product Strategy

Netflix former VP of Product Management, Gibson Biddle, joins Products That Count to share frameworks on product strategy.

Shutterstock fmr VP of Product Management on How Product Leaders Can Earn Their Seat at the Executive Table

Shutterstock former VP of Product Management speaks on what it takes for product managers to gain a seat at the executive table.

Samsung NEXT Head of Product Enablement on Distributed Product Teams

We recently sat down with Samsung NEXT Head of Product Enablement, Danny Carvajal, to discuss distributed product teams in a global pandemic.

Facebook Sr. Product Director on 3 Ingredients of Awesome PMs

Former Verizon Media Product VP, Guy Levit, joins Products That Count shares the key ingredients needed to be a great product manager.

3 Things I Learned From Developing Mobile Games

Britt Myers, GameClub COO, shares what he has learned about product management from developing mobile games over the years.

3 Ways that Products Help Product Managers Operate

We recently sat down with COO and Head of Product of GameClub, Britt Myers, to discuss how products help product managers operate.

Product Launch: A Day One Guide

A product launch is highly anticipated, the moment of truth, but also just the beginning of the marathon. Learn more in this Day One guide.

Products That Count Crew Member Spotlight: Britt Myers

An introduction to the Products That Count community of Brit Myers, GameStop COO, and the newest member of our team of editorial contributors.

Building an Innovative Culture: The DEL Model

Gibson Biddle, Fmr Netflix Product VP, on the DEL model in order to create a unique company culture that you can maintain.

Building an Innovative Culture: Netflix Culture Deck

Read Gibson Biddle's, Fmr Netflix Product VP, article that discusses Netflix culture- how it was developed, maintained, and reinforced.

GameClub COO on Product Manager Leadership In Growing Startups

Britt Myers on leadership in growing startups, the importance of knowing the story of your product, and building relationships with your CEO.

GameClub COO on Measuring Qualitative Data

GameClub COO Britt Myers continues his series by reviewing best practices for collecting and analyzing qualititative data.

Customer Personalization Methods

Better customer personalization provides more opportunities to drive revenue. Personalization makes it easy to choose to become customers

Shutterfly Product VP on The Power of Personalization

Personalization improves marketing metrics. Find out how to leverage individual customer identities at scale.

Disney Product Lead on The Future of Digital Products

The new trendsetters for digital products in entertainment don't have to deal with technical debt. No "the way things have always been done".

E-Commerce: Building Long-Term Loyalty

Building customer loyalty involves driving repeat visits for purchasing customers and lowering acquisition costs.

E-Commerce: Moving Through The Funnel

Driving users on e-commerce platforms to become customers requires planning to build purchase confidence through engagement milestones.

Product Lifecycle: Jobs To Be Done

Identifying problems through the "jobs to be done" framework enables PMs to focus the product lifecycle on holistic solutions for their users

Shutterstock Product VP on E-Commerce Growth

The business of e-commerce is a funnel that utilizes a variety of channels to maximize purchase opportunities for a wide range of customers.

Product Lifecycle: PMs Own The Problem

Product managers must start their lifecycle management by focusing on the primary problem - rather than the primary solution or future steps.

Instagram Product Lead on Product Lifecycle Impact

Big changes enhancing the product lifecycle do not always come from complete revamps. Instead, make a huge impact by tweaking small details.

Doppler Labs fmr CEO on Wearable Technology

Wearable technology challenges product managers to build great tech into a device that is culturally acceptable to wear in public.

Product Design: Putting In The Work

From constant ideation to trial and error, product design is a grind that requires patience and creative inputs to keep designers focused

Product Design: The Right Equation For Product Results

Along with focusing on the final deliverable, product design must be viewed as a process that requires ample time to produce the best results

Facebook AR/VR Lead on Effective Product Design

Product design is often misunderstood by product managers and viewed as a "mystery." In reality, the two departments have plenty in common.

Instagram Stories: Product Design & User Habits

Adapting product design to match user needs can be achieved by monitoring how users alter the product experience to produce specific results.

Evolving Instagram’s Product Design

Putting users first is essential for optimizing product design to meet the needs of users and advertisers to create more value.

Instagram Product Head on Product Design

Ad content must be optimized to connect brands with more users, creating relevant content that drives business results.

Product Management: Customers & MVP

Ash Wahi has led product teams that manage many of the largest service platforms. Unlike other consumer products, the customer expectations and MVP requirements for platform products are completely different. As Ash explains, it’s important to align your customer’s needs with your business focus and always to be mindful of who’s in charge.

Platform Product Management

Ash Wahi has led product teams that manage many of the largest service platforms. Managing a platform product shares many common themes with other product management functions. However, as Ash explains, there are key differences in defining the strategy for platform products and how feedback is collected to enhance the product experience.

Effective Language For Team Building

Communication skills and effective use of language in team building are critical for positive reinforcement and continuous learning.

Snapchat Product Lead on Product Management

There is a debate within product management over defining products as platforms or services, instead of focusing on how they work together.

Team Building With The Growth Mindset

The growth mindset drives effective team building to create lifelong learners who are dedicated to continuous improvement.

YouTube Product Lead on Team Building

Creating a culture of humanity is the foundation for effective team building, driving success and resilience in your product team.

AI Product Design: Flickr to Google Photo

Community engagement has enhanced AI product design to engage users with meaningful content that is powered by social connectivity.

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