Microsoft Health AI Product Lead on How to Create the Right Team for Success

Microsoft Health AI Product Lead Arun Ravi shares insights on how to create the right team to drive success in your company.

Uprise Co-Founder & CEO on Breaking into Fintech

Uprise Co-Founder & CEO Jessica Chen Riolfi shares insights on career growth and breaking into fintech.

Tribevest Product Leader on the First 90 Days as a Product Manager

Tribevest Product Leader John Franck shares insights on how to navigate your role as a new product manager, and discover the information necessary to be successful.

WorkStep CPO on Embracing Chaos to Better Predict the Future

WorkStep CPO Tommi Forsström shares tactics on using data and good agile principles to better predict the future in a chaotic world.

Fmr Oracle Product Lead on Building Products in the Cloud Era

How can companies incorporate the cloud? Sarbjeet Johal shares experiences related to planning, building, and marketing cloud products.

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We’re Hiring! Director of Product and Marketing

Products That Count is seeking a highly-motivated Director of Product and Marketing to join the largest global network of product managers.

A Path to the C-Suite – A Conversation with One of the 1st Ever CPOs

One of the first CPOs, fmr Plantronics, Google, Logitech, now Products That Count CPO, Renee Niemi, on the path to the C-suite

Miracle Messages Founder & CEO on Building Products For Impact

Miracle Message Founder & CEO, Kevin Adler, speaks on activism through tech and how to build products that make a positive impact.

The Product Awards Winners Circle w/ Userleap

Join us in The Winners Circle with UserLeap CEO, Ryan Glasgow, to discuss why user metrics are imperative to building award-winning products.

Curology Fmr Head of Product on Stakeholder Management and Product Strategy

Curology fmr Head of Product speaks on navigating common product management challenges such as stakeholder management and product strategy.

DFINITY Product VP on the Key Product Trends of the Future

DFINITY Product VP Brendan Foley joins Products That Count to gives an overview of the key product trends driving the future.

Cognizant Product VP on Product Management Driven Digital Transformation

Cognizant Product VP Jeremy Horn shares how product managers can be the driving force behind digital transformation.

Slack Product Director on Resilience as a Product Manager

Slack Product Director Ellie Powers shares how products, teams, and product leaders themselves can adapt in strange times to build resilience.

Calendly fmr Product Head on a Career in Product Management

Recent insights from Calendly fmr VP of Product, Oji Udezue, on digitial acceleration and building a career in product management.

Box Product VP on the Product/Market Fit Journey

Box Product VP Alok Ojha shares methods for product managers on how to evaluate and optimize product-market fit.

Netflix fmr VP of Product Management on Product Strategy

Netflix former VP of Product Management, Gibson Biddle, joins Products That Count to share frameworks on product strategy.

Apple Head of Product on The Product Mindset Required for Greatness

Apple Head of Product , Mohit Bhatnagar, joins Products That Count to speak on the product mindset needed for greatness.

Shopify Sr. Product Lead on Finding Product/Market Fit

Shopify Sr. Product Lead, Nickey Skarstad, recently spoke at a Product That Count to discuss how to define product-market fit.

Dun & Bradstreet CPO on Building AI Products

Chitrang Shah discusses lessons he learned from building the first-generation B2B AI products on this webinar

Smartsheet Product VP on How to Make Product Decisions

Nitin T. Bhat recently spoke at a Products That Count hosted webinar and discussed making product decisions as a product leader.

Bluedot Co-Founder on Creating A Geofencing Product (Part 3)

Filip Eldic, Co-Founder of Bluedot, speaks on technology to predict customer behavior. Learn more in the Products That Count blog.

Nira CEO on Steps to Improve Customer Retention as a Product Manager (Part 2)

When it comes to the short-term of improving customer retention, there are two lenses—learn more from Hiten Shah in this blog.

Nira CEO on Steps to Improve Customer Retention as a Product Manager

What are the steps to improve customer retention? You have to talk about customer needs and benefits if you want to be customer-obsessed.

Fmr Rent The Runway Product Director on The 2020 Product Awards and Product Insights (Part 2)

There are a few key traits that Laura Burkhauser, Fmr Rent the Runway Product Director, tends to look for in a great product manager.

Fmr Rent The Runway Product Director on The 2020 Product Awards and Product Insights

Laura Burkhauser discusses the 2020 Product Awards Advisory Board and provides insight on collaboration in the product life cycle.

Yammer fmr VP of Product on Operationalizing Viral Loops

Yammer Fmr VP of Product discusses the best methods for making a product go viral by first focusing on product-market fit and then growth.

Bluedot Co-Founder on Creating a Geofencing Product (Part 2)

Filip Eldic, Co-Founder of Bluedot, talks about the solution-oriented approach to creating a geofencing product that centers on user behavior.

Building For The Gig Economy: Part 3, Focusing On The Needs

PJ Tanzillo, Favor Product Lead, talks about focusing on the needs of your users while working on a gig economy based business.

Building For The Gig Economy: Part 2, Software and Service

PJ Tanzillo, Favor Product Lead, reveals the many services Favor provides and how a software company can always put the customer first.

Becoming A Product Owner, Part 3: Optimism to Drive Ownership

The series concludes with DoorDash Product VP, Rajat Shroff, delving into the importance of optimism for driving product ownership.

Favor Delivery Product Lead on Building For The Gig Economy

PJ Tanzillo, Product Lead at Favor Delivery, discusses his start in product by building apps which led to a position at Favor Delivery.

Becoming a Product Owner, Part 2: Be Customer Obsessed, Not Competitor Focused

Rajat Shroff, DoorDash Product VP, shares his key traits for product ownership and how to be customer-obsessed, not competitor focused.

Amperity fmr Product Lead on Building From Idea To Business

Mona Akmal, Amperity fmr Product Lead, on her journey building her own company and questions she needed to ask herself along the way.

Building an Innovative Culture: The DEL Model

Gibson Biddle, Fmr Netflix Product VP, on the DEL model in order to create a unique company culture that you can maintain.

Building an Innovative Culture: Netflix Culture Deck

Read Gibson Biddle's, Fmr Netflix Product VP, article that discusses Netflix culture- how it was developed, maintained, and reinforced.

Customer Feedback: Using Journey Maps

Expedia fmr Product Lead Anne Retterer describes how journey maps provide a framework for customer feedback to help prioritize features.

Expedia Fmr. Product Lead On Managing Customer Feedback Loops

Explore the academic side of feedback loops with Expedia fmr Product Lead Anne Retterer by analyzing input relevance from key stakeholders.

Full Stack Development: Finding Your Product Dharma

Learn about developing a unique professional code for building a full stack with Brilliant Home Product Director Gaurav Hardikar.

Full Stack Development: Expectations, Necessary Tools

The xpectations and tools required for building a full stack as a product manager with Brilliant Home Product Director Gaurav Hardikar.

Brilliant Home Product Director on Building A Full Stack

Brilliant Home Product Director Gaurav Hardikar describes building a full stack by outlining the touch points created by smart home tech.

UserTesting fmr Product VP on User-Centric Design

User-centric design goes beyond style and looks. At its core, design unites nearly every aspect of products, businesses and organizations.

Salesforce Health Cloud Product VP on Product Platforms

Platform products are a powerful marketplace to drive revenue for its provider and for the developers that use it to promote new products.

Uber fmr Product Lead on Measuring PM Performance

Measuring performance goes beyond your impact on the bottom line. Personal growth must align with your ability to drive business results.

TechCrunch fmr Product Lead on Legacy Products

Legacy products provide teams with access to years of user data and insights to guide product development.

Facebook AR/VR Lead on Effective Product Design

Product design is often misunderstood by product managers and viewed as a "mystery." In reality, the two departments have plenty in common.

Floodgate Founder on Building For Growth Products

Growth products are guided by driven teams that are intentionally driven by success and do not accept failure as an option.

Stripe Lead Product Manager on Managing Product Managers

Before moving into leadership positions, product managers need to understand success drivers in order to achieve specific career milestones.

Box CPO on Product Design

Silicon Valley sets the standard for best practices in product design, creating impactful solutions at scale reaching a range of customers

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