The Breakout Space Founder on Building and Shipping API products

In this webinar, Archie Agrawal shares insights on building and shipping API products.

Meta Product Lead on How To Influence Without Authority

Meta Product Leader Satish Mummareddy shares insights on cultivating the right mindset and developing interpersonal skills to influence without authority.

Boston University Associate Professor on Transforming Products into Platforms

Boston University Associate professor Andrei Hagiu shares insights on three key methods for transforming products into platforms.

Tribevest Product Leader on the First 90 Days as a Product Manager

Tribevest Product Leader John Franck shares insights on how to navigate your role as a new product manager, and discover the information necessary to be successful.

Blink UX Chief Creative Officer on Inspiring Teams with Design-Led Product Development

Design-led processes and elements of good product design that help teams prioritize features and bring brands to life.

Grammarly Global Head of Product on User-Centered Product Development

Grammarly Global Head of Product, Rahul Roy-Chowdhury, speaks on user-centered product development and shares examples of implementation.

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Indeed Fmr Product Director on Balancing Product Tradeoffs

Indeed Fmr Product Director Matthew Bostwick shares ways that product leaders can balance product tradeoffs while staying mission-driven.

BCG Digital Ventures Fmr Product Lead on Positive Product Values

BCG Digital Ventures Fmr Product Lead Vish Srivastava speaks on how to align around positive values and embed them into a product.

OneClass Product Director on the Ramp Framework to Solve User Roadblocks

OneClass Product Director Katherine Chong walks attendees through the ramp framework to better identify user roadblocks.

STRIVR CPO on being a Generalist or Specialist

STRIVR CPO Yelena Drabkin speaks on product management career choices and how to navigate the journey from generalist to specialist. Sr. Product Director on Maximizing Product Resources Sr. Product Director Barron Caster speaks on empowering product teams and how to maximize your product resources.

Roblox Product VP on Building Product Teams from the Ground Up

Roblox Product VP Matt Kaufman joins Products That Count to discuss how to build product teams from the ground up.

Zonar Systems Sr. Director on The Era of the Multilingual Designer

Zonar Systems Product Design Senior Director speaks on the multifaceted value that multilingual designers brings to the larger tribe.

Ro Product Head on How Telemedicine Advances Healthcare

Recently, we spoke to Ro Product Head, Jessica Prager, who used her time at Ro to discuss how telemedicine advances healthcare

Miro Head of Self Serve Business & Growth on Adapting to a Virtual Workspace

Milo Head of Self Serve Business & Growth, Yuliya Malysh, joins the Product Talk podcast to discuss adapting to a virtual workspace.

Nordstrom Fmr Product VP on Product Strategy Fundamentals

Nordstrom Fmr Product VP Josh Platt joins Products That Count to share the core fundamental concepts of a successful product strategy.

Substantial CEO asks: Are We Ethically Building Products?

Substantial CEO Carey Jenkins joins Products That Count to inquire on one of the toughest questions: are we ethically building products? Product Director on Building v1 of a Product Director of Product Management, Parul Goel, shares insights on the challenges product managers face when building v1 of a product.

Amazon fmr Product Lead on How To Do Customer-Focused Product Management

Karthik Sankar recently spoke at a Product That Count hosted webinar and discussed how to do customer-focused product management.

Microsoft Outlook Product Lead on Product Launch: Getting 100M Users

Michael Palermiti discusses the product launch for Outlook Mobile and what it means to have to win product users by choice.

Microsoft Product Director on Customer Experience Insights (Part 3): 3 Big Questions

Microsoft Product Director discusses how she would fix the Tesla experience, and what questions PMs need to ask the customer.

Microsoft Product Director on Customer Experience Insights (Part 2): Customer Journey

Gail Giacobbe, Microsoft Product Director, discusses her methods for creating a customer journey map as well as her Tesla experience.

Microsoft Product Director on Customer Experience Insights for PMs

Microsoft Product Director, Gail Giacobbe, speaks on retention as the most important metric and mapping the customer experience.

Growth Products: Applying Your Pillars & Flywheel

Learn how to scale growth products while making an impact with the use of your product pillars and flywheel with Aceable CPO Erin Defossé.

Growth Products: Knowing Your Pillars & Flywheel

Aceable CPO Erin Defossé on the impact of the flywheel effect and company pillars on enabling teams to scale growth products effectively.

Aceable CPO on Scaling Growth Products From V1

Aceable CPO Erin Defossé on how to lay the foundation for scaling growth products, starting with company vision and connecting with customers

Authentic Design Founder on Swarm Design

Swarm design aims at transforming our world. What can it do for your product or company? Learn about its origins from a design innovator.

Microsoft fmr Product Lead on Product Research

Product managers use of product research based on the maturity of their core product and available budget for research projects

Alexa fmr UX Product Lead on Building Voice Products

The adoption of voice products is impacted by more than tech sophistication - they need to provide relevant content based on cultural norms.

Nordstrom Tech SVP on E-Commerce

There are opportunities for retailers to leverage in-store experiences that complement online transactions, in addition to eCommerce

Expedia fmr Product VP on Design Thinking

In Design Thinking, product managers must give people enough options to make informed decisions without affecting conversion.

Rover CTO on Product Management

Implementation plans help product management teams prioritize use cases for new features to ensure that business goals are achieved.

Snapchat Product Lead on Product Management

There is a debate within product management over defining products as platforms or services, instead of focusing on how they work together.

WEconnect CEO on Mobile Product Design

Inspiration for mobile product design comes from personal experiences that lead to innovative products to serve more people in need.

Google UX Lead on Design Thinking

Ethical practices are influencing product managers in the design thinking process to think critically about how products are used.

Amazon Music Leader on Product Design

Digital product design has made music more accessible than ever to enhance how people listen to their favorite songs or discover new music.

Technical Debt in Product Development

Ziad Ishmail leads the product team at Convoy, using cutting-edge data science and product design to optimize freight delivery. Over the course of the product development process, your decisions create technical debt that factors into the profitability of a product initiative. As Ziad outlines, product teams must be mindful of technical debt to prioritize projects and involve cross-functional teams to mitigate its effects.

Evaluating Product Development Costs

Ziad Ishmail leads the product team at Convoy, using cutting-edge data science and product design to optimize freight delivery. Every business decision carries costs – some of which are obvious in the present, but less obvious in the future. As Ziad explains, product managers must have a clear picture of the costs associated with decisions made throughout the product development process.

Convoy CPO on Product Development

Product development teams must evaluate the potential impact of a product with a commitment to experimentation and risk assessment.

Expanding The Footprint of Virtual Products

Adam Sheppard is a leading expert in virtual technology – leading one of the most successful VR/AR agencies with cutting-edge products across industries. Daily use for virtual products continues to increase in our personal and professional lives. As Adam outlines, near-term enhancements to VR/AR capabilities will provide enriched content on several platforms – and “sci-fi” innovations are not too far behind.

AR Virtual Products: The Future Is Now

Adam Sheppard is a leading expert in virtual technology – leading one of the most successful VR/AR agencies with cutting-edge products across industries. Augmented reality (AR) is the fastest-growing segment within the virtual products space. As Adam explains, the increase in mobile-first experiences has expanded the application for AR – from fun-first games to everyday tasks.

8Ninths CEO on Virtual Products

Virtual products provide a range of immersive experiences across platforms to reach users with a variety of interactive content.

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