Meta VP of Social Impact on Building Mission-Driven Products

Meta VP of Social Impact Emily Dalton Smith shares insights on building mission-driven products that change the world.


Wayfair Sr. Product Leader on a Growth-First Methodology for Product Management

Wayfair Sr. Product Leader Gabriel Rothman shares insights on the growth-first methodology and key inputs to topline growth.

Ahead of Product Co-Founder on Scalable Leadership Frameworks

Ahead of Product co-founder and coach, Katerina Suchkova, on scalable leadership frameworks to start thinking like a leader

Fanatics Betting & Gaming VP of Data on Learning from Others’ Product Mistakes

Fanatics VP of Data Maddy Want shares insights on multiple product launches and each company’s product mistakes that lead to their failure.

ROOM Product Manager on Infusing Agile to Hardware Roadmap

Jayoon Yi from ROOM will explore how to infuse agile with waterfall mindsets and maximize the impact of hardware roadmaps.

Arkadium Fmr Product VP on Product Management for Gaming Products

Arkadium fmr Product VP, Tanya Zuger, shares critical skills that product managers need to develop for a career with gaming products.

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IdeaCloud Product VP on Escaping the Feature Factory

IdeaCloud Product VP Deedee Olsen on introducing data-driven frameworks into your workflow to close the door on the Feature Factory for good.

Navigating the Product Metrics Maze

White Ops Product Lead Bharat Manglani shares how to measure key product metrics, extract insights, and refine your product strategy.

Fivetran Product Director on Managing Product Managers

Fivetran Product Director Alexa Maturana-Lowe speaks on PM career growth and the transition from product builder to product leader.

VidMob Product VP on Creative Data in Ad Tech

VidMob Product VP Bethany Gostanian speaks on creative data and the challenges faced when carving out a new category of ad tech.

The Shubert Organization Digital Product Director on Broadway Tech

The Shubert Organization Director of Digital Product Kyle Wright speaks on Broadway tech and the evolution of digital in theater.

H&R Block Product VP on Building Customer-Focused Teams

H&R Block Product VP Vanessa Jupe explores how data, research, and ingenuity can help build creative, customer-focused teams.

Etsy fmr VP & Head of on Organizing Product Teams

Etsy Fmr VP Jay Bergesen discusses the impact that the organization of product teams can have on the success of a team and company.

Patrick Blute: Products That Count Crew Member Spotlight with Head of Product Marketing

This month, our crew member spotlight is on Patrick Blute, one of our incredible Product Talk podcast hosts and the Head of Product Marketing.

Diversity Software CEO on Entrepreneurial Startup Lessons

Diversify Software CEO Roger Barlow joins Products That Count to review entrepreneurial lessons from building software at a startup business.

Ripple Sr. Product Director on Bootstrapping New Ecosystems Using Blockchain

Ripple Sr. Product Director Craig Dewitt joins Products That Count to speak on bootstrapping new ecosystems using blockchain.

Shutterstock fmr VP of Product Management on How Product Leaders Can Earn Their Seat at the Executive Table

Shutterstock former VP of Product Management speaks on what it takes for product managers to gain a seat at the executive table.

Etsy Product Director on Building Products in Ambiguity

Etsy Product Director, Sonia Kedzierski, joins Products That Count to shares insights on how to build products in ambiguity

Dell EMC fmr Product VP on Blue Ocean Product Strategy

David Noy talked in great detail about blue ocean product strategy and even defined what a blue ocean is during his webinar.

Pager fmr Product SVP on Managing Product-Focused Bosses

Andrew MacGill, former SVP Product at Pager, discusses lessons from his experience partnering with product-focused bosses.

Conceive Products: 2020 Product Award Nominees

ClimateAI Head of Product & Growth, Anthony Atlas, is the Awards Advisory Board member representing the Conceive stage of the product lifecycle.

Yelp Data Science VP on What You Need To Know About Data Science Products

Yelp Head of Data Science, Justin Norman, on Data Science Products, including what they are and why we should care about them.

Building Product Teams, not Products

Alex Diaz recently spoke at Etsy HQ in New York and discussed the importance of building product teams, not products, for being a great Product Manager.

Product Awards: Collaborate Category Nominees

For the Product Awards, Twitter Senior Product Head, Laura Burkhauser, is the Awards Advisory Board member representing the Collaborate stage.

Understanding How Data can Drive Positive Customer Experiences (Part 3)

How can product managers leverage data for success? Learn more from Nicolas Chikhani of Feelmore Labs in our latest blog.

Understanding How Data Can Drive Positive Customer Experiences

As product managers, we often focus on user-experience. However, very often an area of business that gets neglected is customer experience.

10 Psychological Drivers that Engage Users and Support Product Growth (Part 1)

Nate Moch outlined the 10 psychological drivers that support product growth, including fear of missing out, and the herd mentality.

Products That Count Crew Spotlight with Tim Holley, Vice President of Product at Etsy

What makes a great product manager? According to Tim Holley, VP of Product at Etsy, there are a couple of traits that make a great product manager.

Resy Fmr Product Lead on Building Hospitality Products (Part 3): New Opportunities

Resy Consumer Product Lead on growing companies through 10x opportunities, product launches, and how economics helps him at his job.

Resy Fmr Product Lead on Building Hospitality Products (Part 2): General Principles

Resy Fmr Consumer Product Lead on his approach to hospitality and the general principles and criteria for building great products.

Resy Fmr Product Lead on Building Hospitality Products

Resy Fmr Product Lead, Tomer Molovinsky, discusses hospitality products and how to identify market solutions through like-minded philosophies.

Building Startups vs Products, Part 3: Focusing on Capital

Melody Koh, Blue Apron Fmr Product VP, discusses her belief on why capital is important to founders and how to raise it by yourself or through networks.

Building Startups vs Products, Part 2: Focusing on Product and Customers

Melody Koh, Blue Apron Fmr Product VP, elaborates on her methods for creating and developing products and acquiring customers.

Blue Apron Fmr Product VP on Building Startups vs Products

Melody Koh, Blue Apron Fmr Product VP, discusses the principles and strategies needed to be a success when building startups.

Rent The Runway Product Lead on Best Practices for Hiring PMs

Rent The Runway Product Lead, Laura Burkhauser, shares the importance of selecting the right people as interview candidates when hiring.

Future Development for AI/ML Solutions

Review the future of where AI/ML tech is heading in making an impact on product development with Credit Suisse Labs CEO Jacob Sisk.

Use Cases For AI/ML In Society

Learn about the best use cases for utilizing AI/ML tech to improve society-at-large from Credit Suisse Labs CEO Jacob Sisk.

Credit Suisse Labs CEO on Using AI/ML to Build Smarter Products

Credit Suisse Labs CEO Jacob Sisk defines AI/ML attributes - focusing on their similarities/differences and how they make an impact on product development.

Products That Count Crew Spotlight: Mark C. Pydynowski

Products That Count crew member Mark Pydynowski shares his perspective on hosting podcasts and talks about what goes into building great products.

Scientific Products: Going Deep Into Product Strategy

Building product strategy for scientific products requires deep knowledge of customer needs & niche context to understand motivations.

Slack Product Lead on Building A Non-Technical Product Career

Every product career can begin from any number of directions with opportunities to apply non-technical skills to expand your overall capacity as a PM.

Shutterstock Product VP on E-Commerce Growth

The business of e-commerce is a funnel that utilizes a variety of channels to maximize purchase opportunities for a wide range of customers.

Justworks Product SVP on Product Expansion

Product expansion goes beyond introducing a new feature set. Companies leverage their brand equity to launch new solutions that broaden their customer base.

Flatiron Health Product VP on Building Trust

Building trust is key for product managers to maintain long-term relationships with key members of your network - including customers, managers & investors

Vimeo fmr GM on T-Shaped Skills (Part 3)

Vimeo fmr GM, Christopher Gillet, speaks on building depth to enable product managers to become subject matter experts.

Vimeo fmr GM on T-Shaped Skills (Part 2)

Vimeo Fmr GM, Christopher Gillet, speaks on the ways to become a T-shaped product manager by developing skills outside of the PM role.

Vimeo fmr GM on T-Shaped Skills

Vimeo Fmr GM, Christoper Gillet, speaks on developing T-shaped product management skills by building soft skills supported by expertise.

One Kings Lane Product VP on Career Roadmap

Building a career road map provides a clear path for product managers to achieve their goals, which starts with building a vision for long-term success. fmr VP on Product Design

Product design delivers positive results for people who are most in need by breaking down barriers that normally prevent supportive solutions.

SoulCycle VP on Product Management

Product management teams are set up for success by identifying new talent to create a sustainable culture focused on growth.

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