Product Awards Series: PandaDoc SVP of Product on the Diplomats of Product

Bernard Desarnauts shares why he thinks a good product leader is more like a diplomat than a president – or CEO.


Artificial Intelligence and Product Management (eBook)

This eBook is all about the current state of AI in the field of product management, from jobs, to roadblocks, to ethics.

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Product Awards Series: Co-Founder on Talking to Users in the Digital Era

This is episode 6 in the 2022 Product Awards series. Here, Mike Korba talks about live chatting with customers for better digital platforms.

What Can TikTok Learn From Douyin?

Douyin has become more advanced than its global counterpart, particularly with respect to eCommerce.” With 600 million daily active users, Douyin is one of the biggest social commerce platforms that allows brands not only to advertise their products, but also create detailed brand pages

SignalWire Founder and CEO on Transforming Telecommunications for the Next Generation

SignalWire founder Anthony Minessale shares telecommunications as a software platform, its role in remote work, and what to expect for the next generation.

The Future of In-App Purchases

Emma Cai investigates mobile app monetization and how app stores can improve IAPs to encourage more innovative content in the long run.

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Livestreaming: Viable as a Product or Distribution Channel

If you think livestreaming is a fleeting fad in which kids just watch each other play video games, you are in for a surprise.

Big Health CPO on Digital Health and Behavioral Therapy Product Models

Big Health CPO Kelvin Kwong shares insights on the exciting world of cognitive behavior therapy and digital health products.

Biden Campaign Fmr Sr. PM on the 2021 Inauguration as a Digital-First Experience

Biden Campaign Fmr Sr. PM Andrew Yu shares insights on the product transformation of a live event into a digital-first experience.

Cognizant Product VP on Product Management Driven Digital Transformation

Cognizant Product VP Jeremy Horn joins Products That Count to share how product managers can be the driving force behind digital transformation.

Brave VP of Services & Operations on the Rewards of Online Advertising

Brave VP of Services and Operations speaks on the future of online advertising with a focus on user rewards.

The Shubert Organization Digital Product Director on Broadway Tech

The Shubert Organization Director of Digital Product Kyle Wright speaks on Broadway tech and the evolution of digital in theater.

Ro Product Head on How Telemedicine Advances Healthcare

Recently, we spoke to Ro Product Head, Jessica Prager, who used her time at Ro to discuss how telemedicine advances healthcare

Bluedot Co-Founder on Creating A Geofencing Product (Part 3)

Filip Eldic, Co-Founder of Bluedot, speaks on technology to predict customer behavior. Learn more in the Products That Count blog.

Defining Personalization in B2C Software Products

Personalization in B2C Software Products has been a hot topic in Product Experience and Marketing for many years.

Bluedot Co-Founder on Creating a Geofencing Product (Part 2)

Filip Eldic, Co-Founder of Bluedot, talks about the solution-oriented approach to creating a geofencing product that centers on user behavior.

LearnVest Director of Product on Building Through Digital Transformation

Roman Geyzer, LearnVest Director of Product, talks about his career path and how a company can evolve, yet stay true to its legacy.

Building For The Gig Economy: Part 3, Focusing On The Needs

PJ Tanzillo, Favor Product Lead, talks about focusing on the needs of your users while working on a gig economy based business.

Building For The Gig Economy: Part 2, Software and Service

PJ Tanzillo, Favor Product Lead, reveals the many services Favor provides and how a software company can always put the customer first.

Favor Delivery Product Lead on Building For The Gig Economy

PJ Tanzillo, Product Lead at Favor Delivery, discusses his start in product by building apps which led to a position at Favor Delivery.

Bioengineering Products, Part 2: Environmental Challenges in Product Management

Gingko Bioworks Head of Product, Zsofia Magarian, talks about how product management at Ginkgo is different from other product companies.

Products Meet Culture: Changing Legacy Systems

Sharon Plasser shares her experience in transitioning the business out of a legacy system and the consequences that result from doing so.

Scientific Products: Healthcare Quality Standards

For a healthcare startup, quality assurance is vital for scientific products. You must set the bar high to ensure your customer remains the primary concern.

Digital Marketing: Monetize Your Attention

Pandora Product Lead William White shares digital marketing practices for monetizing customers' attention to provide a new take on personalized content.

Digital Marketing: Impact of Deep Value Advertising

Pandora Product Lead William White breaks down how digital marketing practices are tailored to meet the demands of the emerging gig economy.

Pandora Product Lead on Building Digital Marketing Products

Pandora Product Lead William White presents opportunities & challenges for building digital marketing products to enhance traditional marketing practices.

Disney Product Lead on The Future of Digital Products

Introduction   Digital Products: The Evolution of Entertainment For most of my career in product, I've worked on digital products for

Data Product Management: Your Data Is A Product (Part 2)

The key to every successful data product is a function of how you collect the data that ultimately drives your product roadmap forward.

Data Product Management: Your Data Is A Product (Part 1)

Data product managers must draw from a number of sources to analyze and verify data that will drive product development strategies.

Data Products Solving Long-Term Challenges

Data products provide new approaches to long-term challenges by applying predictive analytics to processes that normally require manual testing.

The Essential Drivers of Voice Technology

There are four essential components that have increased adoption for voice technology - from greater accessibility to security solutions.

Voice Technology: Speed, Accuracy, Everywhere

Increased speed and accuracy with voice technology is driving adoption across multiple product categories - including emerging tech, home appliances & more.

Doppler Labs fmr CEO on Wearable Technology

Wearable technology presents a unique challenge for product managers to build great tech into a device that is culturally acceptable to wear in public.

Hinge CPO on Mobile Dating Apps

The Present & Future of Mobile Dating Apps Today, the ways in which people find love are changing rapidly through mobile dating apps.

Product Management: Moving to SaaS

The SaaS model requires product management teams to be focused on gross margin and competitive advantage to maximize sellability and customer retention.

Design Thinking For Crypto’s Future

Jeremy Henrickson is a product leader committed to making a difference for people through pioneering disruptive innovation. We are starting to see the potential that crypto platforms bring to improving transactional processes and decentralize information. As Jeremy outlines, there is still work to be done in driving mass adoption for crypto technology. Most importantly, crypto’s impact goes far beyond currency solutions – it can give people control over their identity.

Design Thinking: Today’s Cryptocurrency

Jeremy Henrickson is a product leader committed to making a difference for people through pioneering disruptive innovation. Breakthroughs with blockchain and crypto technologies have transformed the landscape for commerce and transactions. While cryptocurrency is very much in its early stages, Jeremy explains the solutions it provides for today’s financial system. In addition, he talks about the role that Coinbase plays in building consumer confidence in cryptocurrency.

Expanding The Footprint of Virtual Products

Adam Sheppard is a leading expert in virtual technology – leading one of the most successful VR/AR agencies with cutting-edge products across industries. Daily use for virtual products continues to increase in our personal and professional lives. As Adam outlines, near-term enhancements to VR/AR capabilities will provide enriched content on several platforms – and “sci-fi” innovations are not too far behind.

Warby Parker fmr CPO on Personalization

Personalization drives greater connectivity with customers, but the methods for doing so do not follow the same rules in all industries or categories.

Pandora Head of Product Mgmt Katherine Kornas on Personalization

Introduction About the podcast: In this interview, Katherine Kornas talks about Pandora's commitment to both culture and innovation. She

Code For America product lead Alan Williams on bringing government into the 21st century

Introduction About the podcast: Code for America product lead Alan Williams shares the great work he and his team are

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