Product Leaders To Watch: WellB Founder on What Makes a Great Healthcare Product

In this episode of the Product Leaders to Watch Series with Chenny Solaiyappan, Zachary Fleming shares what makes a great healthcare product.

CPO Rising Series: Cognizant TriZetto CPO on Transforming Healthcare through Innovation

Episode 10 of the CPO Rising Podcast Series features Renée Niemi and Diana Benli discussing transforming healthcare with great products.

Amazon Fmr. Senior PM on Developing Products That Help Patients

In this webinar, Venkat Venkatakrishnan discusses product development methodologies to implement when developing products that help patients.

CPO Rising Series: Rockwell Automation CPO on Embracing the Future of Industrial Automation

In episode 2 of the 2023 CPO Rising podcast, Renée Niemi speaks with Claudia Chandra about the future of industrial automation.

CPO Rising Series: Synapse Product Development President on Product Leadership in Challenging Times

In this first episode of the 2023 CPO Rising Series podcast, Renee Niemi interviews Jeff Hebert on product leadership in challenging times.

Product Industries to Watch: Microsoft Product Leader on AI for Voice in Healthcare

Pulse PEMF Director of Product Ryan House and Microsoft Product Lead Arun Ravi discuss the value of AI for voice in healthcare.

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Product Manager Perspective: Trends in the Life Sciences Industry

Pulse PEMF Director of Product Ryan House offers product manager perspectives on trends in the life sciences industry.

Product Strategies to Unlock the Future of Healthcare

TimelyMD Head of Product Zac Fleming offers nine recommendations for the product managers and leaders building the future of healthcare.

TimelyMD SVP of Product on Building Digital Health Products

Zachary Fleming explains what needs to be done differently when building digital health products. It goes beyond customer satisfaction.

How Having Difficult Conversations Builds Customer Relationships

Oscar Health Director of Product Management on how having difficult conversations builds customer relationships.

CPO Rising Series: Teladoc CPO on Leading by Looking Forward

In episode 20 of the CPO Rising podcast series, Donna Boyer explains why Chief Product Officers should be leading by looking forward.

Microsoft Health AI Product Lead on How to Create the Right Team for Success

Microsoft Health AI Product Lead Arun Ravi shares insights on how to create the right team to drive success in your company.

Reflecting on Great Products and Great Product People

We’re taking a look back at some of our favorite conversations that have taught us what it takes to build great products.

Product Awards Series: Bloom CEO on Mental Health after the Pandemic

The 11th episode of the 2022 Product Awards series features the CEO and co-founder of an innovative mental health app.

CareRev COO on Creating Customer-Driven Frameworks & Goals

CareRev COO Filiz Genca shares insights on how to create customer-driven frameworks and goals that align with your company’s vision.

Align Tech. Product Leader on How Digital Platforms Are Revolutionizing Healthcare

Align Technology Product Leader Lavanya Iyer shares insights on how digital platforms can help improve patients’ access to healthcare.

CPO Rising Series: Included Health CPO on The Attributes of Great Product Leaders

Included Health CPO Nupur Srivastava shares the attributes of great product leaders and how to set priorities while enabling innovation.

Exact Sciences Global Product and Strategy Leader On Moving Fast and Saving Lives

Exact Sciences Global Product and Strategy Leader Vidya Venkatesh shares what makes commercially successful and impactful healthcare products

LifeWeb 360 Head of Product on Three Ways to Position Yourself as a Product Leader

LifeWeb 360 Head of Product, Tanya Maslach, breaks down the scientific method and shares three ways to position yourself as a product leader.

ClearDATA CPO on the Post-Pandemic Impact to Healthcare

ClearDATA CPO Suhas Kelkar will analyze the innovation evolution occurring now in healthcare through a post-pandemic lens.

HomeX Product Lead on Neurodiversity in Tech

HomeX Product Lead Marton Gaspar speaks on bringing awareness to neurodiversity in tech and how product leaders can empower team innovation.

Big Health CPO on Digital Health and Behavioral Therapy Product Models

Big Health CPO Kelvin Kwong shares insights on the exciting world of cognitive behavior therapy and digital health products.

Spring Health Head of Product on Product for Mental Healthcare

Spring Health Head of Product, Alexandre Sitbon speaks on the mental health crisis, and what lies ahead for product in the healthcare space.

GoodRX Sr. Product VP on the Role of Head of Product

GoodRX Sr. Product VP discusses the role of Head of Product, and how efficient execution and versatility play into a strategic role.

Ro Product Head on How Telemedicine Advances Healthcare

Recently, we spoke to Ro Product Head, Jessica Prager, who used her time at Ro to discuss how telemedicine advances healthcare

Cedar Co-Founder on Building Industry-Disrupting Healthcare Products

We recently sat down with Cedar Co-Founder, Arel Lidow, to discuss what goes into building an industry-disrupting healthcare product.

The Mental Health Impact of COVID-19 on PMs

=Psychotherapist Toni Brooks discusses the mental health impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on product managers and everyone else.

Butterfly Network Product VP on Democratizing Healthcare Products

Butterfly Network VP of Product, Matthew de Jonge, on democratization of healthcare products and making a difference

Give Oxygen Co-Founder on Innovating Products for a Pandemic

We recently sat down with innovator, strategist and Give Oxygen Co-Founder, Chris Higgins, to discuss innovating products for a pandemic.

Oscar Health CPO on Building Healthcare Products

We recently sat down with Oscar Health CPO, Sara Wajnberg, to discuss what goes into building healthcare products and what makes them great.

Brightline CEO & Founder on Defining the Modern Product Executive

Naomi Allen recently spoke at SVI Hub in San Jose to discuss how to succeed in the new role of the modern product executive.

Understanding How Data can Drive Positive Customer Experiences (Part 3)

How can product managers leverage data for success? Learn more from Nicolas Chikhani of Feelmore Labs in our latest blog.

Understanding How a Data can Drive Positive Customer Experiences (Part 2)

Nicolas Chikhani, the Head Product Officer at Feelmore Labs, shares his tips on keeping consistency across customer touch-points.

Understanding How Data Can Drive Positive Customer Experiences

As product managers, we often focus on user-experience. However, very often an area of business that gets neglected is customer experience.

Working Through Distractions With Super Focus: Using Tools and Pacts To Your Advantage

Bestselling Author Nir Eyal discusses how to work through distractions by using tools and pacts to keep you focused while you're working.

Product Manager Skills: Master Prototyping

Product managers benefit from building prototypes that satisfy common user demands and provide essential value that resonates with customers.

Product Manager Loops: Development vs. Emotional

Mastering the art (and science) of managing the product development loop is a great opportunity to hone product management skills

Fitbit fmr Product Lead on Product Manager Standouts

Product managers who take risks and push boundaries stand out from a crowded field of PMs who often can't find a way to make an impact.

Building Trust: It’s Not About You

Checking your ego at the door is key to establishing long-term relationships with customers to drive sustainable growth.

Building Trust For A Startup

Startups face demanding circumstances for building trust, as entrepreneurs need to build value for every aspect of their business from scratch

Flatiron Health Product VP on Building Trust

Building trust is key to maintain long-term relationships with key members of your network - including customers, managers & investors

The Essential Drivers of Voice Technology

There are four essential components that have increased adoption for voice technology - from greater accessibility to security solutions.

Voice Technology: Speed, Accuracy, Everywhere

Speed and accuracy with voice technology is driving adoption across multiple product categories, including emerging tech, home appliances

Biodigital CPO on Revenue Growth Products

Optimize Growth products with early user adoption with emphasis on maintaining engagement and retention to drive sustained revenue growth.

BioDigital CPO on Product Design Philosophy

Every aspect of the product design process must be focused on the end user, providing customers with clear value in solving a clear use case.

Headspace Product VP on Voice Technology

Adoption of voice technology is outpacing the most successful tech products, harnessing human interaction to enable intuitive interactions

BioDigital CPO on Product Management Evolution

There are many entry points product management careers, with future product leaders starting out in business, engineering or design functions.

Ovia Co-Founder on Prototype Testing

Prototype creation starts with figuring out the lessons you want to learn through testing by users who have a vested interest in your product

Ovia Co-Founder on Growth Products

The success of growth products is driven by customer engagement and retention in order to create a sustainable base of active users.

Ovia Co-Founder on Customer Empathy

PMs must exhibit customer empathy at every stage of product development by hosting numerous user interviews to create effective solutions.

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