Top Books Every Product Manager Should Read (2022)

Here are the top books every product manager should read according to the product executives that drive our network's product conversation.

Top 4 Product Episodes from the 4 Seasons

Relive insights from product leaders at Ramp, Dolby, and Cox Communications, as well as Silicon Valley icon Geoff Moore.

Shipt Director of Product on Surge Pricing: 0 to 1

Shipt Product Director on building a surge pricing system that includes machine learning, operations research, and behavioral psychology.

Summer Series – Highlights: Making Impactful Products

Join product superstar Marty Cagan to learn about how product managers can put the customer first to build impactful products.

Summer Series – Highlights: Building Smarter Artificial Intelligence

These product leaders share their insights about the potential of artificial intelligence, along with some limitations to keep in mind.

Summer Series – Product Lifecycle Highlights

These product leaders share their insights from their experience managing product lifecycle at leading tech firms.

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Top Resources for Product Managers by 5 Product Leaders

We’ve pulled together some top resources for product managers from product leaders we’ve featured recently.

5 Product Gurus Give Their Perspectives on Product Management

Join this podcast to hear five seasoned product gurus for highlights of their perspectives on product management.

New Member Features!

Explore new member features now live on Products That Count, including enhanced member profiles and our product management jobs board.

Crew Spotlight: Meet Editorial Contributor and Vimeo Product Lead, Emma Cai

Get to know Products That Count Editorial team member, Vimeo Product Lead, Emma Cai, and learn about what makes a great product manager.

We’re Hiring! Director of Product and Marketing

Products That Count is seeking a highly-motivated Director of Product and Marketing to join the largest global network of product managers.

Highlights from the San Jose and Bay Area Chapter Speaker Series

Read and watch highlights from product leaders who joined our San Jose and Bay Area Chapter Speaker Series in the last year.

Crew Spotlight: Meet Maheep Bhalla, the San Jose/Bay Area Head of Chapter

Get to know Fmr Tramsformco Product Director, Maheep Bhalla, the new Products That Count San Jose/Bay Area Head of Chapter.

Building Award-Worthy Products: Highlights from The Winners Circle of the 2021 Product Awards

Highlights from the 2021 Product Awards Winners Circle. Learn how to build award-worthy products with Airtable, InVision, and Userleap.

New: Product Management Jobs Board!

Product Management Jobs Board now available to the Products That Count community of more than 300,000 product managers and leaders.

Exclusive Access to the Convo Americas Ebook from Vonage

Exclusive access to incredible insights from innovators on the accelerated path toward digital transformation in the new ebook from Vonage.

Top Books Every Product Manager Should Read (2021)

Here are the top books every product manager should read according to the product executives that drive our network's product conversation.

AI Beyond the Hype: Download the eBook

Read the newest ebook from Products That Count on the popular Product Talk podcast series: AI Behind the Hype, with host Nikki Ahmadi.

The Best of Product Talk 2020

The best episodes of 2020 from our podcast, Product Talk, featuring guests from industry giants like Tinder, Verizon, and Microsoft.

Inspiration from the Crew: Product Reads for Product Leads

Each week we release new articles from different members of our Editorial team- where our product leaders go to fuel their a growth mindset

Introducing our new 2021 Chapter Heads!

Welcoming to Products That Count the new Heads of Chapter for New York City, Seattle, and San Francisco.

The Top 5 Webinars of 2020 from Products That Count

Catch up on the Top 5 Webinars of 2020 here at Products That Count and gain insights about product management in the year of all years.

Bharat Manglani: Products That Count Crew Member Spotlight White Ops Product Manager

Meet the crew of Products That Count, with a spotlight on editorial contributor, White Ops Product Manager Bharat Manglani.

How Fast Do Product Managers Learn and Grow

Products That Count surveyed it's network with a Growth Mindset Assessment to identify where the average product team stood.

5 Most Popular Episodes of Product Talk So Far in 2020

A list of the most popular 2020 episodes of the Product Talk podcast, a top 500 tech podcast on Apple Podcasts. Thanks for listening!

Patrick Blute: Products That Count Crew Member Spotlight with Head of Product Marketing

Our crew member spotlight is on Patrick Blute, one of our incredible Product Talk podcast hosts and the Head of Product Marketing.

Building Products in a Pandemic

The Building Products in a Pandemic eBook features interviews with product leaders from companies such as Samsung NEXT, Butterfly Network.

5 Most Popular Webinars of 2020

Our five most popular Products That Count hosted webinars of 2020 so far with best practices shared by great product leaders.

Nita Maheswaren: Products That Count Crew Member Spotlight with Pivotree Director of Product Management

This month, Products That Count puts a spotlight on Pivotree Director of Product Management, Nita Maheswaren, our Toronto chapter head.

James Gray: Products That Count Crew Member Spotlight with Graymatter Strategy Founder

Products That Count brings you stories from our crew members across the country. The spotlight is on James Gray, our Austin chapter head.

What was your Product Management Training?

We often find that each job that led product managers to becoming a PM served as the perfect product management training for them.

Neha Taleja: Products That Count Crew Members Spotlight with Prezi Director of Product

The crew member spotlight is on Neha Taleja, our San Jose chapter head and 2020 Product Awards Advisory Board member for the Design stage.

5 Most Popular Recent Episodes of Product Talk

With the Product Talk podcast, learn from some amazing product leaders. Here’s a primer of our most popular recent episodes.

Products That Count Crew Member Spotlight with Thomas Daly Samsung NEXT Product Lead

A valued member of the Products That Count Crew and Product Talk host, Thomas Daly is the Principal Product Manager at Samsung NEXT. 

2020 State of the Union for Products That Count aka Trying Not to Brag When There’s a Lot to Be Proud Of

Almost 300,000 product managers attend 100 local events and listen to 3,000 podcasts and videos featuring product leaders.

Products That Count Crew Spotlight with Tim Holley, Vice President of Product at Etsy

Learn a couple of the traits that make a great product manager from Tim Holley, VP of Product at Etsy in this spotlight

Products That Count Crew Member Spotlight: Britt Myers

An introduction to the Products That Count community of Brit Myers, GameStop COO, and the newest member of our team of editorial contributors.

Product Talk: Product Lifecycle Series

The Product Lifecycle, a Product Talk series, discusses building products that stand out and the importance of solving the right problem.

5 Soft Skills Every Product Manager Needs

Here are 5 soft skills you'll need to be a standout product manager; question authority, adapt and grow, have customer empathy, and more.

Top Speaker Series Videos Every PM Should Watch

The Products That Count Speaker Series every PM should watch. Product execs shape the product conversation by giving insightful talks.

Products That Count Crew Member Spotlight: Michael Paulson

Michael Paulson, Austin Head of Chapter and CPO of Jungle Scout, shares his background and how he likes to help people and businesses.

Product Talk: The Best of the AI/ML Series

The Tech du Jour podcast series on how innovative companies are using artificial intelligence and machine learning to build better products. 

What Makes A Great Product Manager

Product executives that drive our network's product conversation describe what they think makes a great product manager

Top 10 Blogs Every Product Manager Should Read

The top blogs every product manager should read according to the product executives that drive our networks product conversation.

Products That Count Crew Spotlight: Mark C. Pydynowski

Crew member Mark Pydynowski shares his perspective on hosting podcasts and talks about what goes into building great products.

Rent The Runway Product Lead on How A/B Testing Goes Wrong

Rent The Runway Product Lead Laura Burkhauser reviews the keys to success for A/B testing and what to avoid in generating actionable results.

AI Tech: Product Management 101

For AI tech & product management to work together, certain demands & limitations must be recognized. Business value comes first.

Expedia Product Lead on Building & Learning As A Product Manager

The process of continuous learning is critical for personal & professional success. Move across vectors & seek growth at all times.

Digital Marketing: Monetize Your Attention

Pandora Product Lead William White on digital marketing practices to monetize customers' attention with a new take on personalized content

Lyft Product Lead on How To Ship During A Company Pivot

How should PMs respond during a company pivot? Some things are under your control & others aren’t. Keep focus & lead your team forward.

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