Top Books Every Product Manager Should Read

Are you looking for product management books? Here are the top books every product manager should read according to the product

2020 State of the Union for Products That Count aka Trying Not to Brag When There’s a Lot to Be Proud Of

Products That Count started because I asked myself: what makes a great product? I founded Products That Count after spending a dozen

Product Talk: Product Lifecycle Series

The Product Lifecycle series discusses how product managers can build products that stand out, establish a long-term product career, and

Top Speaker Series Videos Every PM Should Watch

The Best Of Products That Count Speaker Series Videos Leading product executives shape our network's product conversation by giving

Product Talk: The Best of the AI/ML Series

The Tech du Jour podcast series discusses how innovative companies are using artificial intelligence and machine learning to build better

What Makes A Great Product Manager

We asked the product executives, that drive our networks product conversation, what they think makes a great product manager. Here is

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Top 10 Blogs Every Product Manager Should Read

The top blogs every product manager should read according to the product executives that drive our networks product conversation. Nir

Brilliant Home Product Director on Building A Full Stack

Full Stack Development: Product Vision Currently, I work at Brilliant Home to create smart home solutions. When looking at our full stack

Rent The Runway Product Lead on How A/B Testing Goes Wrong

A/B Testing: Flat Tests Are Failed Tests When a product manager on my team runs an A/B Test and it wins, I am ecstatic. When they run an

AI Tech: Product Management 101

CognitiveScale Product VP on The Maturation of AI Tech (PART 3) Consider the complexity of managing the DevOps lifecycle with real

Expedia Product Lead on Building & Learning As A Product Manager

Product Manager Success: Growth & Curiosity I’ve been working in software for 30 years. I started out at Apple Computer and later

Oscar Health Product Lead on Understanding Product Users

Product Users: Start With The Journey Four years ago, I joined a young ambitious startup called Oscar that was tackling health

Lyft Product Lead on How To Ship During A Company Pivot

Company Pivot: Dealing With Change How do you deal with chaos? How do you lead when everything is falling apart? We all like to imagine

LiveCareer Product VP on International Product Metrics

Product Metrics To Watch | Managing International Products As product managers, we live and die by product metrics. For international

Rent The Runway Product Lead on Building A Stakeholder Map

Stakeholder Map: Mitigate Chaos, Stay On Target If I threw you out of a helicopter in the middle of the wilderness and you could only

Pandora Product Lead on Building Digital Marketing Products

Digital Marketing: Challenging Traditional Models Are you familiar with "deep value" advertising? Unlike early forms of digital

AI Products: Current Scenarios, Future Challenges

Casper CXO on Brand Building That Counts

How Brand Building Leads to Business Success Casper is a sleep company - designing products and experiences that help the world sleep

AI Products: Machine Learning Applications

Homer Co-Founder on Using Product Data To Build Strategy

Vrbo CPO on Using Data To Be Customer-Centric

Data + Platform = Customer-Centric To create customer-centric products and delightful experiences, data must be central to your strategy.

Product Career: Getting The Perfect Job

Brilliant Home Product Director on PM Superpowers

Asana Board Member on Building A Product Career

Aligning Your Product Career with Company Stages Product career decisions are big decisions. How do you apply a product mindset to your

Authentic Design Founder on Building With Design Swarms

Introduction   Design Swarms Methodology The foundation for design swarms focuses on the human spirit. Simply put, this approach assumes

Brand Strategy To Build Product Loyalty

Improv In Product: Uncertainty

Slack Product Lead on Product Meets Improv

Improv Hacks For PMs: Culture of Innovation As a product manager, soft skill development is essential for operating at a high level. Most

Homer Co-Founder on Driving Business Value With Data

Product Data: Calculating Lifetime Value Following up on my first post on ERPI, it’s time to dive further into analyzing your data to Founder on The Facts (and Myths) of AI

Introduction   AI: Discovery, Definition, Debunking It's safe to say that we're all aware of the impact that artificial intelligence

Product Career: Building Your Technical Skills

Slack Product Lead on Building A Non-Technical Product Career (Part 3) While applying non-technical skills is equal parts useful and

Slack Product Lead on Building A Non-Technical Product Career

Product Career: Everyone Starts As "Non-Technical" Not every product career begins with a purely-technical background. In other words,

GetUpside CEO on The Business of Product Management Introduction Product Management: The Buck Stops

The Impact of Diversity & Inclusion In Product

Pivotal Labs fmr Product Lead on Increasing Diversity in Product (Part 2) When I think about diversity and inclusion in product

Instagram Product Lead on Product Lifecycle Impact Introduction Product Lifecycle: Small Changes =

Data Product Management: Your Data Is A Product (Part 1)

Data Product Management: What You Collect Startup founders, product managers, CTOs, and marketers - your data is a product. Data product

SpotHero Product Lead on Simplifying Product Management Introduction Product Management: Rules of The

Google Product Lead on Data Products Introduction Before big data was a known

Venmo Product Lead on Building Your Product Career Introduction From writing about tech to

BioDigital CPO on Product Management Evolution Introduction From defining product functions at

Hinge CPO on Becoming A Product Manager Introduction Tim MacGougan's product career

Growth Products: Value Hacking Before Growth Hacking

Floodgate Founder on Building For Growth Products (Part 3) If you're working at a startup, I'm sure that you're plotting your path for

Ovia Co-Founder on Customer Empathy Introduction Gina Nebesar is a career product

Acorns Product Director on Becoming A Product Leader

Introduction From the early days of Twitter going public to revolutionizing wealth management, Paige Conrad has experience working at

Stripe Lead Product Manager on Managing Product Managers

Success Drivers For Product Managers "How do I get to manage product managers?" This is the question that I'm most often asked by

Snapchat Product Lead on Product Management

Product Management: Platform vs. Service Within the product management world, you hear a lot of discussion about “platform.” In other

Slack Product Lead on Growth Products

Retention: Growth Beyond Acquisition Product growth is not only getting more users to try your product in the short term. We need to be

StudioRed Founder on Product Design Introduction Philip Bourgeois, Founder of StudioRed,

mParticle Founder on Product Design Introduction Michael Katz, co-founder of mParticle, talks about

Stitch Fix Product VP on Product Roadmap

Roadmap 101: What It Is, Why Your Product Needs It In simple terms, a product roadmap is a document that outlines how you get from point

Wevr VR Product Manager on Virtual Reality Introduction Sami Ramly is the Product Lead for the virtual

HR Leader on People Management Introduction Patty McCord, HR business leader and author of the

Soft Skills Every Product Manager Needs

Learn about the necessary soft skills for product managers in this guide: Table of Contents What are soft skills for product

Brand Positioning: Evolution of Netflix

Netflix fmr VP on Brand Positioning (Part 3) Through the years, Netflix’s brand positioning has remained very consistent and clear.

Box CPO on Impact at Best Scale Introduction Jeetu Patel, Chief Product Officer at Box, talks

Netflix fmr VP on Brand Positioning

The Foundation For Brand Positioning There are plenty of reasons to envy Netflix - most notably because it’s hard to copy. From

Economics Expert on Product Market Introduction Marina Krakovsky, an economics expert and

SurveyMonkey fmr President & CTO on Making a Difference with Tech Introduction About the Podcast - Making A

Product Expert David Fradin on Product Manager Skills Introduction With more than 40 years in product management,

Eventbrite Growth VP on how to Build a Billion-Dollar Marketplace From Scratch

Build a Billion-Dollar Marketplace Marketplaces are changing the way we work, buy, travel and more. Their business model could well be

Product Management Guru Marty Cagan on Making Impactful Products Introduction How can products make a bigger impact

Google AI VP on AI Products

AI Products: Using Data Effectively We live in an increasingly mobile-first world. People are using mobile technology on a daily basis in

Author Geoff Moore on Disruptive Innovation

Innovation: Scarce/Expensive to Ubiquitous/Cheap I'm sure that many people have told you, "we're living in an amazing time." While this

GrowthHackers CEO Sean Ellis on Growth Hacking

Growth Hacking: "Unicorn" Lessons In recent years, growth hacking has emerged as a top priority for modern product organizations. We all

Facebook Analytics VP on Big Data

Big Data 101: The Holistic View When I first joined Facebook, the company was not effectively leveraging data to make informed product