Sr. Product Director on Maximizing Product Resources

Our 2021 Speaker Series continues with Barren Castor, the Sr. Product Director at Rev, a leader in speech-to-text services with a focus

Welcome to 2021: A Note from Products That Count Founder, SC Moatti

AI Beyond the Hype: Download the eBook

Products That Count lives by the code of driving product conversations within digital technology. One of the mediums we do this

The Best of Product Talk 2020 With the new year right around the corner, it’s

The Power of Markets

Markets are the most powerful man-made force shaping human civilization. There are no better means to manage the human exchange of ideas,

Roblox Product VP on Building Product Teams from the Ground Up

Mindset and structure are two things that automatically come to mind when thinking about scaling organizations. What's the best way to

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Introducing our new 2021 Chapter Heads!

Products That Count is all about community, and our Heads of Chapter are an invaluable part of driving that mission. With chapters in 6

Canela Media CEO on How to Scale Product Globally Introduction Scaling product for the global

H&R Block Product VP on Building Customer-Focused Teams

It's easy for product teams to claim they're customer-focused, but doing the grind to get to know your user takes time, flexibility, and

Airbnb Former Chief Ethics Officer on Integrity in Tech Introduction The internet leveled the

Airbnb Product Lead on Turning Regulations Into Innovation

We won't be shy about it - the navigation of industry regulations can be one of the more complicated parts of managing a product. At

GoodRX Sr. Product VP on the Role of Head of Product

Introduction Product Talk is a podcast series produced by Products That Count that drives product conversation through elevated

Zonar Systems Sr. Director on The Era of the Multilingual Designer

The world of product is comprised of hundreds of tribes, and they all come with their own jargon, colloquialisms, and language. Whether

Google Product Lead on Growing Customer Loyalty

Shilpa recently joined us at Products That Count to present a wonderful webinar on how organizations can grow customer loyalty. The

Instapage|Postclick VP of Product on How to Grow a Successful Product Team

Building teams for effective product execution is truly an art form. If we’re being completely truthful, how a product leader

Anheuser-Busch Product Director on Product Building Variables

Product leaders are present in every company, but the way they function within an organization can vary widely. Possessing the ability to

Rakuten Kobo Product Leader on Using Lessons to Build Frameworks

As designers and innovators, we sometimes find ourselves living in the depths of our products, focusing on the most intricate levels of

Reef Technology CTO on Evolving Product Strategy in a Time of Crisis

There’s no doubt about it, 2020 has been full of curveballs. With markets yo-yoing and the rules of business operations changing by the

Verizon Board Director talks Taking Risks Introduction We recently sat down with Verizon

Turning Product Insights into Product Actions

During the fireside chat, Products That Count founding CEO, SC Moatti, hosted Heap Co-Founder and CEO, Matin Movassate, and had a lively

The Age of Product Has Come: A Path to CPO

Recently, product veteran and Products That Count founder SC Moatti was joined by product leaders for an in-depth conversation on what

Customer Discovery with fmr Calendly VP of Product Introduction We recently sat down with fmr Calendly

fmr Tinder CPO on AI Products Introduction We recently sat down with fmr Tinder

Product Leaders: Level Up to Reach the C-Suite

Great product leaders have a keen vision about how to drive business outcomes to the next level. Unfortunately, they are often tied down

Skylar Founder & CEO on Startup Products Introduction We recently sat down with Skylar

Personalization vs. Community Products Introduction We recently sat down

How Product Leaders Can Earn Their Seat at the Executive Table

Teachable VP of Product, Tommi Forsström, had a lot of valuable wisdom to share with product leaders who have the ambition to take their

Distributed Product Teams Introduction We recently sat down

The Product Mindset Required for Greatness

Qubole SVP of Products, Mohit Bhatnagar, shared about how great PMs are polymaths and so much more about the product mindset you need to

We’re Hiring! Sr Product Marketing Manager/Director

Products That Count is one of the largest and undoubtedly the most influential global network of product managers in the world. Over

The Mental Health Impact of COVID-19 on PMs, Everybody Introduction We recently sat down with

How Product Managers Can Dissect Data

The presentation from Katie van Zyl focused less on numbers crunching and was more focused on how to set yourself up to be successful

Product Management for Subscription Products

The original presentation on subscription products that Baxter planned to give took on a new life in the face of a global pandemic.

Innovating Products for a Pandemic Introduction We recently sat down with

Finding Product-Market Fit

The webinar focused not only on finding product-market fit but discussed what is happening with product-market fit amidst a global

Building AI Products

Chitrang Shah ran through many lessons learned from building the first generation of AI products. It’s worth checking out the entire

Product Design Meets Product Management

As product design matures as a discipline, it has the potential to partner or conflict with established product management disciplines.

Interviewing for Product Management Jobs Introduction We recently sat down

We’re Hiring! Community Partnership Director

Are you an established consultative sales leader with a passion for technology products, and looking for an opportunity where your

Defining the Modern Product Executive

Naomi Allen talked at great length about Modern Product Executives and the evolution of product leaders. You should watch the entire

Heap CEO & Co-Founder on Product Management and more Introduction We recently sat down with Heap

2020 State of the Union for Products That Count aka Trying Not to Brag When There’s a Lot to Be Proud Of

Products That Count started because I asked myself: what makes a great product? I founded Products That Count after spending a dozen

3 Ways that Products Help Product Managers Operate Introduction We recently sat down with COO and

The Steps to Improve Customer Retention as a Product Manager

What are the steps to improve customer retention? Good retention is the result of customer obsession. You have to talk about customer

Mozilla Chief R&D Officer on Creating People Focused Tech Products Introduction Creating People Focused

Juniper Networks Head of Product on AI & ML Product Design, Development, and Adoption Introduction   AI & ML Product

Former Homer CPO & Co-Founder on 3 Mistakes and How We Overcame Them

3 Mistakes and How We Overcame Them As Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer of Homer Learning, I was at the table for many strategic

Building Startups vs Products: Focusing on Capital

Blue Apron Fmr Product VP on Building Startups vs Products (Part 3) Understanding Capital and Raising It The final focus that a founder

Building Startups vs Products: Focusing on Product and Customers

Blue Apron Fmr Product VP on Building Startups vs Products (Part 2)  Getting Products Made For Your Customers Founders need to focus

Blue Apron Fmr Product VP on Building Startups vs Products

Building Startups vs Products: Product Management Start and Picking Your Team (Part 1) Building A Startup and A Product I want to talk

Building From Idea To Business: Finding TAM and Building an MVP

Amperity fmr Product Lead on Building From Idea To Business (Part 3) Find Your TAM With Customers Now, let's talk about TAM (Total

Building From Idea To Business: Creating Your Team and Validating Your Idea

Amperity fmr Product Lead on Building From Idea To Business (Part 2) Creating Your Dream Team For Your Idea The concept of team fit

Amperity fmr Product Lead on Building From Idea To Business

Building From Idea to Business: Starting the Journey and Knowing Yourself (Part 1) Reality Check on Building a Business Last year I

We’re Hiring! Operations Manager

Products That Count is one of the largest and undoubtedly the most influential global network of product managers in the world. Over

GameClub COO on Product Manager Leadership In Growing Startups

Product Manager Leadership In Growing Startups: Know The Product Story and Communicate As a product manager, your goal is to have a

Company Pivot: Navigate It Like A Pro

Lyft Product Lead on How To Ship During A Company Pivot (Part 3) It helps to practice what you are going to say when you announce a

Company Pivot: Skillful Change Management

Lyft Product Lead on How To Ship During A Company Pivot (Part 2) During any company pivot, your circle of influence can affect people’s

Lyft Product Lead on How To Ship During A Company Pivot

Company Pivot: Dealing With Change How do you deal with chaos? How do you lead when everything is falling apart? We all like to imagine

We’re Hiring! Content Marketing Associate

To apply: send resume and cover letter to [email protected] with "Content Marketing Associate: <your name>" as

Homer Co-Founder on Driving Business Value With Data

Product Data: Calculating Lifetime Value Following up on my first post on ERPI, it’s time to dive further into analyzing your data to

Jobs To Be Done: Story Mapping

Microsoft Product Lead on Jobs To Be Done (Part 3) After gathering customer research, you can initiate story mapping via jobs to be done.

Brilliant Product Director on Product Growth: Do What It Takes

Doing What It Takes To Drive Product Growth It’s commonly said that the Product Manager is the “CEO” of the product. In the context

Jobs To Be Done: Disruption Strategy

Microsoft Product Lead on Jobs To Be Done Transformation (Part 2) WAZE is a great example of how to apply jobs to be done theory.

Microsoft Product Lead on Jobs To Be Done Transformation

Jobs To Be Done Theory & Product Transformation When I joined Bing Ads about six years ago, it was a fairly dark time for the

Product Guru Bruce Cleveland on Bridging The Traction Gap

Introduction   Traction Gap: Patterns That Drive Success For Startups As is the case with any set of guiding principles, the framework

JUUL Labs fmr CPO on Board Deck Best Practices

How To Build The Perfect Board Deck As a product leader, the executive team requires you to understand the business strategy.

Homer Co-Founder on Measuring Success With Data

Product Data Metrics: Expected Revenue Per Install (ERPI) “Data just doesn’t sit in our mind as much as stories do. More

Brilliant Product Director on The Dharma of Product Management

Product Management Dharma: Your Code For Success It has been a crazy yet amazing year at Brilliant. I’ve already seen the company

Product Strategy: Building Something New

RetailMeNot fmr Product VP on Product Strategy (Part 3) As product managers, we all love building new things. However, these great ideas

Shutterstock Product VP on E-Commerce Growth

Fill The Funnel: The Business of E-Commerce During my career, I've been fortunate to work on some of the largest e-commerce platforms -

Product Strategy: Ideation 101

RetailMeNot fmr Product VP on Product Strategy (Part 2) When you set out to build a new product strategy, it's critical to give yourself

RetailMeNot fmr Product VP on Product Strategy

The Definition of Product Strategy Let's be real - it's hard to produce consistent results without a clear product strategy. In my

Five Principles of Product Design fmr VP on Product Design (Part 3) While it’s important to understand what not to do with designers, there are also plenty of

Product Design: Avoid These Mistakes fmr VP on Product Design (Part 2) Through the years, I’ve asked product designers to share horror stories about business

Product Leadership in Distributed Teams

While this can be advantageous for many disciplines that require “being in the zone,” or having long focused periods of uninterrupted fmr VP on Product Design

Product Design For Those In Need In the spirit of talking about “products that count,” my current role at Crisis Text Line is all

Great Expectations: What Should You Expect From Your Product Team?

This article was originally published on Pragmatic Marketing’s blog by instructor Steve Gaylor  Communication is

How to Organize Your Product Team Around Your North Star

This article was originally published on Amplitude's blog by VP of Product Justin Bauer  How to organize your team is one

LinkedIn Fmr Product Head on 5 Lessons to Fast Track your Career

Smart people learn from their mistakes. Wise people learn from the mistakes of others. Hear what LinkedIn fmr Product VP Joff Redfern

General Assembly CPO on Product Management

Product Management: Friction In the end, mitigating friction and understanding pain points for customers will add a human touch to your

The Secret Weapon Product Teams Can Use to Make Tough Decisions

I love a good debate. You know that saying “playing devil’s advocate?” I’m pretty sure it applies to me. The instant I’m

Team Building as a Product Manager

Your Guide To Team Building 101 The answer is anything and everything that is needed to get the product out the door and keep your users

7 Ways to Know That You Need a Head of Product

This article was originally published on by product leadership guru Rich Mironov in May 2017. This article explains why

PMs Drive Decisions, but EQ Drives Leadership

Would you want to be the smartest person in the room? What if you had the choice between that and having the most emotional intelligence

Leadership Coach Dorie Clark on Personal Brand Introduction Dorie Clark is an accomplished leadership coach and author of

Virta Health Founder on Product North Star

Product North Star: Work With Purpose When setting your product north star, it's easy to think about the size of the prize in dollars.

Code For America product lead Alan Williams on bringing government into the 21st century Introduction About the podcast: Code for America

Pricing guru Madhavan Ramanujam on Designing Products Around Price

Companies invest billions of dollars in designing new products every year, but more than 70% of those products fail to monetize

Monster fmr-exec Anne Dwane discusses the future of work Introduction About the Guest: As a founder,

Author Geoff Moore on Disruptive Innovation

Innovation: Scarce/Expensive to Ubiquitous/Cheap I'm sure that many people have told you, "we're living in an amazing time." While this

Leadership guru Sydney Finkelstein on "Superbosses"

Leadership: Inspire Greatness In Others Through the years, I have studied the leadership habits of executives and top professionals. My

Why Internet mega-mergers are back in vogue

This post originally appeared in the Harvard Business Review. A growing number of publicly traded consumer internet companies are

Facebook Analytics VP on Big Data

Big Data 101: The Holistic View When I first joined Facebook, the company was not effectively leveraging data to make informed product

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Facebook Head of Mobile Jocelyn Goldfein on How to Create Great Tech Teams

Create Great Tech Teams Facebook's ex-head of mobile development Jocelyn Goldfein shares best practices in building great software

Building AI Products for the Home Introduction We recently sat