Fanatics Betting & Gaming VP of Data on Learning from Others’ Product Mistakes

Fanatics VP of Data Maddy Want shares insights on multiple product launches and each company’s product mistakes that lead to their failure.


Contentsquare VP of Product Excellence on the 4 Pillars of Product Excellence

Contentsquare VP of Product Excellence, Danny Carvajal talks product excellence teams and how to implement the best strategies for success.

SC Moatti Named a Most Admired Product Leader on the Product 50 List

SC Moatti, Products That Count Founding CEO and Founding Managing Partner of Mighty Capital was recognized as top product leader.

The State of the Chief Product Officer in 2022 (eBook)

This eBook is all about the top challenges facing today’s CPOs — as well as best practices offering solutions. Learn how Chief Product Officers attract and retain great talent in a difficult marketplace. Learn how these executives lead culture shifts and accelerate growth. Learn, too, how they handle metrics, prioritization, distributed teams, and more.

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The Rise of The Chief Product Officer: Study of the Most Important Role in Business

With the digital transformation, business rules are being rewritten. We captured the learnings of the most successful Chief Product Officers.

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CPO Rising Series: Next Insurance CPO on Scaling Product Teams

Next Insurance CPO and 2022 Global CPO 20 winner Effi Fuks Leichtag shares some truths about hiring talent and scaling product teams for accelerating growth.

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CPO Rising Series: Included Health CPO on The Attributes of Great Product Leaders

Included Health CPO Nupur Srivastava shares the attributes of great product leaders and how to set priorities while enabling innovation.

CPO Rising Series: Products That Count CPO on Inaugural Global CPO 20

One of the first CPOs Renee Niemi sits down with our founder SC Moatti to showcase the inaugural Global CPO 20 and discuss observations from the best CPOs.

CPO Rising: Evolution of the Role

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Succeeding in a Platform PM Role: Lead Cross-Product Initiatives

What is a unique advantage of Platform Product Management? Your work supports many product areas. Bharat Manglani wants you to leverage that.

CPO Rising: A seat in the C-suite

There is a revolution happening in the C-suite that has been building for some time, and we are now seeing the changes. We call it CPO Rising.

Meta Product Leader on Product Leadership at Scale

Meta Product Leader Yun-Kuan Lin shares observations of how product teams evolve as companies grow, and the difference in leadership skills at each stage.

PepsiCo Product Lead on Building Platform Products That Scale

PepsiCo Product Lead Deepika Yerragunta talks about building platforms as products and within frameworks to boost productivity and scale.

Washington Post CPO & CTO on Building a Technology Startup Within a Non-Tech Company

Can a newspaper's intrapreneur product not only delight media subscribers and advertisers, but also become a sustainable source of revenue?

Blink UX Chief Creative Officer on Inspiring Teams with Design-Led Product Development

Blink Chief Creative Officer shows design-led processes and elements of good product design that help teams prioritize features and bring brands to life.

How to Reach and Engage Product Managers at Scale w/ InVision

Products That Count Founder, SC Moatti, discusses best practices with InVision Director of Product Marketing, Lizzie Yarbrough de Canton.

Google fmr GM & Products That Count CPO on Leading Product in Transitioning Market Dynamics

Products That Count CPO Renee Niemi and shares insights on the product portfolio and leading product amidst transitioning market dynamics.

BCG Digital Ventures Fmr Product Lead on Positive Product Values

BCG Digital Ventures Fmr Product Lead Vish Srivastava speaks on how to align around positive values and embed them into a product.

Fivetran Product Director on Managing Product Managers

Fivetran Product Director Alexa Maturana-Lowe speaks on PM career growth and the transition from product builder to product leader.

Google Product Lead on Getting Executive Buy-In

Google Product Lead Ravi Gampala shares his preparation checklist and the pitfalls product leaders can sidestep when seeking executive buy-in.

Product Acceleration Platform: The Solution to Ineffective Product Management

The Product Acceleration Platform, from Products That Count, will help you and your product team build winning products.

The Ramifications of Ineffective Product Management

Ineffective product management can have significant ramifications that impact your product team and organization as a whole.

Airbnb Former Chief Ethics Officer on Integrity in Tech

Airbnb Former Chief Ethics Officer Rob Chesnut discusses conscious consumerism, company values, and the evolution of integrity in tech.

Build vs. Buy – A Product Manager’s Guide to Not Building Things

Tatari Senior Technical Product Manager Bryce York establishes how to make a build vs. buy decision while mitigating the risks and costs.

Reef Technology CTO on Evolving Product Strategy in a Time of Crisis

Reef Technology CTO Matt Lindenberger joins Products That Count to discuss how to accelerate and evolve product strategy in a time of crisis.

Incentivizing Trust Through Transparency

The most powerful means for products and businesses to establish trust and resist the temptation of negative incentives is transparency.

Sam’s Club VP Product Management on Adaptable Retail Products


Customer Discovery with fmr Calendly VP of Product

We recently sat down with fmr Calendly VP of Product, Oji Udezue, on the Product Talk podcast to discuss customer discovery.

Product Leaders: Level Up to Reach the C-Suite

Products That Count Founder and Managing Partner of Mighty Capital, SC Moatti, breaks down being a product-first product leader.

The Design Gym Co-Founder on The People Part of Product

Co-Founder of The Design Gym, Jason Wisdom, joins Products That Count to share various strategies regarding the people part of product.

Nita Maheswaren: Products That Count Crew Member Spotlight with Pivotree Director of Product Management

This month, Products That Count puts a spotlight on Pivotree Director of Product Management, Nita Maheswaren, our Toronto chapter head.

A Guide To Managing Your Product Portfolio

There are many ways to leverage product portfolio thinking in your product strategy and roadmaps, and this is an important starting point.

CreditKarma fmr Product Director on How Product Leaders Inspire Confidence in Their Teams

CreditKarma fmr Product Director Jonathan Chao speaks on how Product Leaders are tasked with inspiring confidence in their teams.

Betterment Product Lead on Managing Products With Conviction

Betterment Product Lead breaks down why data should be used as a checks-and-balances system for strong conviction statements.

Rent The Runway Product Lead on Mario Kart Roadmaps: A Cautionary Tale

Rent the Runway Director of Product Mgmt, Laura Burkhauser, discusses the concept of Mario Karting and how it can be avoided.

Netflix Fmr Product VP on Building an Innovative Culture

Gibson Biddle, Fmr Netflix Product VP, on what company culture is, what it means, and how companies can start to create innovative cultures.

GameClub COO on Product Manager Leadership In Growing Startups

Britt Myers on leadership in growing startups, the importance of knowing the story of your product, and building relationships with your CEO.

Lyft Product Lead on How To Ship During A Company Pivot

What are the product managers should use during a company pivot? Some things are under your control & others aren’t. Keep focus & lead your team forward.

Microsoft Product Lead on Jobs To Be Done Transformation

The jobs to be done frame work enables brands to create solutions that are better, cheaper, faster to ultimately win marketshare.

JUUL Labs fmr CPO on Customer Personas

Customer personas help product managers tackle challenges that come from demanding customers as opposed to focusing solely on "best case" scenarios.

PM Performance: Development Areas

Performance tracking for product managers is best categorized within four development areas - innovation, execution, leadership and technical skills.

Building Trust: It’s Not About You

When it comes to building trust, checking your ego at the door is key to establishing long-term relationships with customers to drive sustainable growth.

Building Trust For A Startup

Startups face even more demanding circumstances for building trust, as entrepreneurs need to build value for every aspect of their business from scratch.

The Fundamentals of Quality Voice Products

While many product best practices apply to creating voice products, the user expereince must be refined to connect with users on a personal level.

Voice Products: Modern Innovation, Opportunities For More

The explosion of voice products is being fueled by increasing tech innovation and rising user expectations - accelerating adoption and overall capabilities.

Flatiron Health Product VP on Building Trust

Building trust is key for product managers to maintain long-term relationships with key members of your network - including customers, managers & investors

Headspace Product VP on Voice Technology

The adoption of voice technology is outpacing the most successful tech products, harnessing basic human interaction to enable intuitive interactions.

Alexa fmr UX Product Lead on Building Voice Products

The adoption of voice products is impacted by more than tech sophistication - they need to provide relevant content based on cultural norms.

Ovia Co-Founder on Customer Empathy

Product managers must exhibit customer empathy at every stage of product development by hosting numerous user interviews to create effective solutions.

Acorns Product Director on Workplace Equality

Committing to diversity and inclusion in the workplace brings a broader perspective to product teams, while making a positive impact on product culture.

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